Wednesday, March 31, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the simplest way to diminish unnecessary resistance when engaged in personal transformational activity is to keep our mouths shut about what we are up to. Consider that this is why group work hinged on 'talking' and 'discussing' only takes us to the distant borderline of the majestic vistas that quiet, contained, consistent, unspoken individual effort accomplishes.

HEART INTENT: Opposition. Consider opposition as an indicator that we are attempting to change something by engaging with effects, and not through causal impact. Consider opposition as a barometer that we are engaging victim and victor mentality, as opposed to being a vehicle. Consider opposition as a signal that we are behaving reactively, as opposed to responsively. Consider opposition as an indicator that our attention is heavily weighted upon what we want, as opposed to what is required. Consider opposition as an alert that we are using unnecessary force to accomplish something, as opposed to allowing ourselves to be moved with The Force. Consider opposition as a signal we are insisting something come to fruition prematurely, instead of it ripening organically within its appropriate season. Consider opposition as an invisible hand requesting we stop, be still, quiet, and allow ourselves time to reevaluate our current approach. Consider opposition to be the slow car in front of us deliberately placed there so that we pass through the intersection a few seconds later than the moment in which a collision would have happened. Consider opposition as valid and required. Consider opposition as a veiled blessing and disguised grace. Consider opposition the unexpected teacher of the most valued lesson.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Transformation. Consider that if we seek to transform something about our experience that our odds of accomplishing this increase exponentially for each moment we engage in transformational activity without telling a Soul what we are up to. Consider that energetically, our talking about 'our personal transformation' looks just like air escaping from a tire, and that our vocalizing our intentions and accomplishments eventually leaves our capacity for self-willed activity flattened and impotent in carrying us forward. Consider that transformation is only authentically accomplished when others comment upon the changes they perceive within our experience without us having to bring their attention to them. Consider that when we announce our intent to transform any aspect of our experience we immediately enlist and attract the energy of resistance and opposition from within all those we tell - that this is because our vocally declared intent to transform immediately awakens within them their awareness of their own resistance to and past failures experienced when attempting to tranform. Consider that transformation cannot be accomplished and maintained when it arises out of reactivity. Consider that transformation, to be authentic and irreversible, must be birthed as a response to ourselves - not as a reaction to others. Consider that the greatest secret about personal transformation is to keep it a secret. Consider that if we cannot keep it a secret - it is because we are attempting to transform reactively - that we are using the activity as a means to get the attention from others that we ought to be giving to ourselves. Consider that for every moment we engage in transformational activity without announcing what we are up to, we gain an increasing inner strength and capacity that enables us to navigate terrains of experience the sheeple shall never know. Consider that transformation of experience is always, and only, personal. Consider that authentic collective transformation only comes about through quiet, contained, consistent, unspoken personal accomplishment. Consider that this 'secret' is the reason why the masses remain forever unaltered by, unaware of, and visibly disengaged from experiential transformation. Consider therefore that those who encourage 'planetary transformation through collective effort, through collective agreement and discussion, and through group-driven activities', without first emphasising the crucial frequency of personal responsibility, to either be utterly ignorant of what autentic transformation requires, or to be deliberate detractors from its unlimited possibilites.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider what great power there is in becoming a faucet that refuses to spout fear. Consider what great service we perform when the flow of fear stops with us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Power. Consider how the reflex of running toward one experience as a means to fearfully flee another renders us not only powerless, but also willing pawns in the play of fearfulness. Consider that while we allow fear to be a means by which we navigate our experience, we behave in a manner that sows and therefore manifests fearful scenarios. Consider that anyone or anything deliberately using 'the fear of what may happen' as a means to direct our attention and decisions is misusing power. Consider that when we do this to ourselves - by telling ourselves fearful stories of 'what may happen' - that we are misusing our own power. Consider that when we open our mouths and speak to another human we are either spreading seeds of love, or fear - and that there is great power in both. Consider how responsible we are being with 'the power of the word' emanating from within us in each conversation. Consider that hearing about fearful happenings, or possible fearful happenings, and then unnecessarily passing this information on to others, is unloving. Consider that to speak about fearful events that have not yet manifest as a means to 'have an interesting conversation' is to blindly and irresponsibly sow seeds of fear into the heart of the listener.

HEART INTENT: Darkness. Consider why it is we humans have been conditioned to be afraid of 'the darkness'? Is it because there is great power in darkness that some self-appointed few feel we ought not have access to? Consider that there is a distinct difference between 'darkness' and 'ignorance'. Consider 'darkness' as the necessary friction upon which of the motion of light takes hold to move us into an awareness of love - and 'ignorance' as the manipulation of the friction inherent in darkness as a means to manifest fear. Consider that those who use darkness as a means of fearful manipulation only do so because they are devoid of any awareness of love. Consider that we have, as a consequence of the agenda of a self-appointed loveless few, been historically conditioned to deny and override the power of our own beautiful darkness, and therefore access to a vast portion of our own sovereign power. Consider that calling what we have just been through and are now awakening out of "The Dark Ages" is deceptive and subtly turns us against our own beautiful darkness. Consider that it is more appropriate to call this passing period, "The Age of Ignorance". Consider how much power there is in re-examining and integrating our relationship with darkness.

Monday, March 29, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the role or revelation is to un-shroud the seemingly forbidden mysteries, to dethrone the decoys of history, to disgrace the lucrative financial devices of self-appointed divinity, and to reinstate all life as sovereign upon the divine playing field of eternity.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Heaven. Consider what happens to a being who concludes their allotted experience of 'living in time' through the portal of physical dissolution - which we call 'death' - but who does not feel completed? Consider that the creative capacity of any being is that if something really matters to them - then it really matters - it really materializes. Consider how this creative capacity comes into play for a being who has completed a 'life in time' experience, but for whom the sense of incompleteness around that experience still matters. Consider that even though they have already shifted beyond the limiting experience of time-based polarities and into a unified multi-dimensional eternity, that they do not yet realize this, because they reflexively use their creative capacity to continually re-manifest the entirety of their already concluded experience in such a way that they are able to seemingly enter and reengage it. Consider that they continue to interact with this 'mattering mirage' until they 'see the light' - until they realize they are already 'dead' to it - and it to them. Consider that one does not have to die to go to heaven - but that one has to realize one is already dead to all past experiences in time. Consider that what Hell really is, is a perceptual condition in which heavenly beings are convinced that they still have to die to arrive where they already are. Maybe this is why we are all dying to go to heaven rather than presently resting in peace? The promise of heaven is a hell of a thing...

HEART INTENT: Breath. Consider for a moment that our breathing only exists in this present moment - that there is no breath in the past or in the future - as each breath only takes place right now. Consider how long a human being remains physically manifest without breath. Consider how powerful breath is - that even second-hand breath has the capacity to facilitate a drowned and recently departed human into returning into their physical experience. Consider how breath draws life in. Consider why we have called it, "the breath of life"? Consider that when one deciphers the historic religious terminology - Baptism of The Holy Spirit - and translates it into updated present moment vocabulary - it reads, Initiation of The Whole Breath - or - Consciously Connecting Our Breathing. Consider that the historic translation of our religious literature from Greek uses the word Spirit - whereas translation of our religious literature directly from Aramaic uses the same word as meaning Breath. Consider the difference between these two expressions: "To enter The Kingdom of Heaven one must be reborn of Spirit", and, "To enter The Kingdom of Heaven one must be reborn of Breath". Consider that the missing peace in the puzzle may be - as the expression rightly indicates - "right in front of our noses". Consider this too in relation to the expression, "The Kingdom of Heaven is now at hand".

Sunday, March 28, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Would we have it be our frantic examination of the details of the dream in a fearful attempt to understand its mechanisms that awakens us? Or, would we have it be the silent love song of the warming morning light, the beckoning of bird chatter, and the touch of the divine lover which stirs our slumber and dissolves the dancing marionettes of our fantasizing mind?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Love. Consider that all our past lovers have been momentary glimpses into the facets of a jewel that is our ultimate divine inheritance. Consider that when we stay with another out of duty, or because we fear being alone, or because we think we will not find another who will put up with us, that we are simply making do with a single dusty facet - with a semi-precious stone - instead of opening ourselves to receive our destined treasure. Consider all the different, tender, beautiful qualities we have experienced while in the arms of our lovers past, and consider the possibility of all of these becoming simultaneously embodied into one majestic, eternal, encounter. Consider all our past lovers as deliberate waves rolling in to announce and gradually prepare us for the imminent arrival of a great, passionate tsunami. Consider whether we are open to such a possibility, or whether we would rather remain safe and settle for less, or whether we would rather entertain remorse by continually turning backward and hankering for what is clearly passed.

HEART INTENT: Ancient. Consider this life in time to be a dream in which we fell asleep as if drunken with deeply hallucinogenic wine. Consider how while in a dream everything we experience appears real, possible, and as the only reality. Consider how, in a dream, when experiencing a nightmare we run without questioning, and when experiencing joy we laugh without hesitation. Consider how surprised we sometimes are when we awaken and discover that what we have been experiencing as real is but a fleeting inner hallucination - one that is completely forgotten by the time the coffee steams. Consider the possibility that there is something we are about to awaken to that is so ancient that it has no beginning, and so all-encompassing that it has no ending. Consider that although we may sometimes feel that something ancient may now be completely lost to us - that it still remains as present and close to us right now as does the body, breath, bed, lover, room, home and life that quietly contains the fleeting hallucination of any deep sleeping dreamer.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that becoming enlightened is a consequence of embracing darkness by illuminating ignorance.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Communication. Consider that our world experience is a hive of continual communication. Consider that the intent of any communication arises intimately from within the intent of the communicator. Consider that all communication is made of three layers - physical appearance, mental parameters, and felt-signatures. Consider that the causality of all intent is birthed initially from within the felt-resonance of its communicator, and that only then is it discerned into appropriate mental parameters and physical appearances. Consider therefore that one is only mislead by any communication when attempting to discern the intent of a communicator by only examining it through its mental components and physical appearances. Consider that mental components and physical appearance can be deliberately misguiding, but that felt-components are always valid. Consider that it is therefore recommended to always examine the felt-parameters of any communication to discern its true intent.

HEART INTENT: Light. Consider that the intent of light is to shine as much radiance upon what it encounters so as to freely reveal to all what is core and therefore causal. Consider that light conducts itself in this freely revealing manner because it knows that the core and causality of all is love. Consider that whatever parades itself as 'being light', but still behaves in a manner as to subtly withhold what it has, or require qualification for its imparting, or use manipulation as a means to garner attention, is not of light. Consider that such energies, though parading as light, are ignorant of what light truly is, and can only become of any value once light is shone upon them. Consider that the polar opposite of light is dark - which is beautiful in its majesty - and that the energies devoid of lightness are not of darkness, but are of ignorance. Consider that darkness works consciously in tandem with light, whereas ignorance is simply unaware of it.

Friday, March 26, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that authentic personal stability is only possible once we remain consistently in response mode toward our felt-relationship with 'what is'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Stability. Consider that experiencing stability within ourselves, and hence within the radiance of our experience, is directly determined by how we relate to the continually changing felt-aspect of our experience. Consider that 'an unstable person' is one who has lost the capacity to respond to what they are feeling in each moment, and who consequently translates the felt-aspect of their experience into a mental construct and physical behavior that is incompatible with the world around them. Consider that personal stability arises only when we embrace what we are feeling in each given moment as being valid and therefore required. Consider that stability arises not from an intent to always feel good - but from with the intent to become a good feeler.

HEART INTENT: Impact. Consider that the vibrational realm is constantly in a state of flow through us. Consider that what we are as human beings is the vibrational manifest as a constant outward flow. Consider that the purest way of personally encountering the vibration [that we are] is through feeling it flow through us. Consider therefore what the consequences are if our capacity to feel is tangled and numbed through unconscious self-control, self-sedation, and self-manipulation. Consider how this continual self-censoring may manifest as internal physical blockages and ongoing mental resistance. Consider addictions, allergies, accidents, and diseases as manifestations of such impact. Consider that the simple practice of consistently validating what we are feeling in each moment - by allowing the felt-aspect of our experience to be - whether what we feel is comfortable or not - as being a constructive step toward diffusing unnecessary impact.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider how amazing this human experience is? Consider this human experience to be like an infinite maze leading nowhere other than into more and more and more infinitely amazing corridors of shapes, colors, and textures. Consider that being amazed by it is to become lost in this infinite maze. Consider that the only way out of the maze is to cease our fascination with it, and instead to become curious about what has the capacity to contain the whole maze.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Container. Consider this organic compartment we call 'the body' to be as 'a container'. Consider that without it we cannot contain an awareness of our current human experience. Consider that for the most part we are fascinated only by the infinite facets of our human experience - as opposed to the miraculousness of this body having the capacity to contain that which has the capacity to contain an awareness of it all. Consider that we explore this fascination for our human experience by peering into everything that continually manifests around us - into the plants, animals, rocks, water, air, sky, galaxy, each other, etc. Yet, how many of us peer as curiously into that which has the capacity to contain that which has the capacity to contain an awareness of it all?

HEART INTENT: Excavation. Consider that we are ancient miners come deliberately into this point of experience because there is the rarest of treasures which can only be mined here, now, while in this. Consider a human lifetime as a fleeting moment in which something priceless - like an infinitely facetted jewel of eternal radiance - is temporarily contained. Consider that while moving through this fleeting moment we have an opportunity to excavate this jewel with our awareness, and then by wearing it upon our heart, able to eternally absorb and radiate its infinite qualities. Consider however that we all come into this rarest of experiences knowing that almost everyone who tries to accomplish this task is bedazzled into complete distraction and amazing amnesia by the endlessly dancing radiance cast by this jewel. Consider therefore, that instead of excavating it with our conscious awareness, we become completely disorientated by its breath-taking radiance and all the light and shapes it casts. Consider that we then aimlessly stagger about trying to catch and accumulate its reflections and so get caught up in the consciousness of 'what is mine, mine, mine' - rather than remembering ourselves as ancient miners mining for that which has the capacity to contain it all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that just as the words 'reaction' and 'want' are related, so are the words 'response' and 'require'. Consider that integrating the connections between these words brings greater ease, harmony, and awareness of peace into our human experience.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Response. Consider that no one else can really tell us what steps to take from this moment forward. Many can advise - and give useful insight based upon their experience - but in the final analysis, our experience already contains the crystal wisdom required to move us forward in a manner the best serves us. Consider the possibility that our life experience, in each moment, is uniquely tailored to provide us with all the insight we require to confidently take the helm of our own ship - and that one of the greatest ways we may respond to our life is to learn how to read and apply this personal wisdom. Consider the felt-aspect of our intuition as being our compass. Yes, we can ask others what to do - but let this not be a subtle mean of placing responsibility for 'outcomes' upon the shoulders of others.

HEART INTENT: Required. Consider that there is a difference between what we want and what we require. Consider that what we want arises from a charged impulse within the unintegrated patterns of our emotional body and is bent on accumulation - while what we require arises as a quiet vibrational radiance within our heart and is focused on our growth. Consider that attending only to what we want usually leads us into being self-absorbed - while consistently attending to what we require gradually absorbs us into an awareness of our highest potential. Consider that receiving what we want can be fun and wonderful, no doubt, but that aligning ourselves consistently with what we require opens us to vistas that are truly marvelous and magical.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that some of our current moments of felt-disconnection, mental confusion, and physical disorientation are not simply because creation is entering meaningless, haphazard chaos, but because by blindly riding the mechanical rhythm of the machine we have become strangers to consciously participating in the authentic energetic intent of this moment.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Inward. Consider that the whole of creation is a sentient life form which is continually breathing - in and out, in and out. Consider that when creation breathes out we experience a rejuvenating, flourishing, revitalizing flow moving through all experience. Consider that when creation breathes in we experience what appears to be a dismantling, decaying, disrupting flow through all experience. Consider the out-breath as seeding and the in-breath as harvesting. Consider that when we try to breathe out when we ought to be breathing in - we become winded, confused, and disoriented. Consider that because our current calendar is not based on a connection to the natural cycles of creation - that because it is intended to support only the continual mass manufacture of machine-consciousness - that we no longer have a clue as to whether we are breathing in or out. Consider how many millions now stumble blindly across this planet - winded, confused, and disorientated. Consider this moment of creation and ask the heart: "Are we in the midst of a great out-breath, or are we in the midst of a great in-breath?"

HEART INTENT: Harvest. Consider that a time of harvest is not a time to gather everything - but only that which has blossomed into fruiting. Consider that there is only a certain time period for the farmer to gather the harvest before it spoils. Consider that although the farmer would love to gather the entirety of the crop - that the gathering of unripe or worm-infested fruit is not only wasted time and energy - but that it serves only to bitter the quality of the overall harvest. Consider that it is time now to gaze outward upon our creations and to discern what is blossoming into juicy fruit from what is unripe and worm-infested. Consider that it is time to gather what is ripened, to carry it gently inward into the heart-space upon our harvest baskets of felt-perception, and to place it upon the altar of completion. Consider that the harvest is first completed before the dance of the celebration banquet begins.

Monday, March 22, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Sometimes we have to say a lot to bring our attention to that which requires no words to be. Sometimes words simply distract.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Ascension. The process of becoming aware of what we are.

HEART INTENT: Beingness. After everything we have gone through - what is still here and unchanged?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the rhythm of the heart conducts the ceremony of the Soul.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Rhythm. Consider that every expression of the vibrational as it is manifest in creation has a unique rhythm to it. Notice how when we focus upon any manifestation's rhythm - instead of our mental stories about why its here and what it does and what we like or dislike about it - then everything begins to reveal itself as part of a dance. Consider that although we may not be able to visibly perceive the rhythm that we are - because it is challenging to look at ourselves from an external point of view - that we can access this awareness about ourselves through 'feeling it'. Consider that the felt-aspect of our experience is our direct portal into a union with our own unique rhythm. Consider that when we let go of our own stories about why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing, and what we like and dislike about ourselves - and instead allow ourselves to sink fully into the felt-aspect of our experience - we directly enter an awareness of the dance The Dancer dances through us.

HEART INTENT: Ceremony. Consider that 'a ceremony' is any experiential vehicle we use to enter a direct awareness of, and capacity to, consciously ride not only our personal rhythms - but also those of the earth, its creatures, and of the entire cosmos that blankets us. Consider that it is through ceremony that we experientially realize the connectedness of all creation's rhythms as being a dance we are intimately part of. Consider that ceremony is also a way to individually and collectively experientially show our gratitude to The Great Dancer that dances us all. Consider that when we forget to perform our ceremonies, and hence forget why they are given to us in the first place, that we lose not only our awareness of this interconnectivity, but also a great opportunity to express gratitude experientially. Consider that one of the reasons we are such a troubled species is that so many of our ceremonies have been forbidden and forgotten, and so we now dance wearily to music that for the most part connects us to nothing more than another plug in another wall. Consider calling our ceremonies back to us, and sending out a blessing of gratitude to those who still honor The Great Dancer in this magical, experiential way.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that being graced with an intimate vibrational experience with another does not occur in our experience to cause us to cling. Consider that it comes as a gift to awaken within us the capacity for ongoing gentle release. Consider that intimacy with another comes to bless us with the realization that the state of vibrational connectedness can never truly be 'gained' or 'lost' as it is the permanent reality underlying the fabric of our every moment.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Closeness. Consider that our sexually intimate relationships with another are the ones that tend to impact us the most because when we have such an encounter we temporarily merge our shared vibrational causality. Consider that this temporary vibrational merging reminds us more of our authentic state - that of vibrational connectedness with everything - than almost any other available human experience. Consider that when we cannot let go of a past sexual companion - even though they are no longer with us - that it is not they whom we miss - but rather the energetic felt-resonance of this vibrational connectedness. Consider that as long as we yearn for such a past encounter, we remain closed to receiving another that is now knocking, seeks to be opened to, and welcomed in.

HEART INTENT: Release. It was Timothy Leary who said, "Grab hold tightly, let go lightly." Consider that within this wise expression is transmitted the reality that everything which comes, goes, and that when it is happening, we are to dive in deeply, but when it is complete, we are to gracefully continue upon our way. Consider that when we are unable to release our attachment to another with whom we shared profound closeness, it is because we entered that experience seeking to get something and therefore in an unconscious, blinkered state of wanting - rather than in an open, untangled state of receiving. Consider that while we - through our unsatisfied wanting - are unable to truly release whomever of the past we hold fast, we simultaneously obstruct an aspect of our felt-awareness of peace and completion within this moment. Consider how graceful release leads to receiving, how receiving leads to peaceful completion, and how peaceful completion keeps us vibrationally receptive.

Friday, March 19, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the moment we commit to standing - firmly yet compassionately - amidst the felt-resonance of the current condition of our heart, we are already accomplished.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Accomplishment. Consider that there are two points at which we are likely to gauge accomplishment - by how the world feels about us when we walk out our front door, and by how we feel about ourselves when we close our eyes at night to sleep. Consider that if we are only concerned with how the world feels about us when we walk out our front door - then we may not get as much rest and rejuvenation from our night’s sleep as is possible. Consider that if we are only concerned with how we feel about ourselves when we close our eyes to sleep - that we may naively leave our front door open when we go to sleep at night. Consider that when it comes to these two measurements of accomplishment, it is not either/or - it is 'and'. Consider that authentic accomplishment arises from how well we bridge our inner and outer world - but most importantly - that we bridge.

HEART INTENT: Authenticity. Consider that one of our greatest struggles when it comes to accomplishing the resonance of 'feeling authentic' is that we assume there is a preset list of moral markers that must be met for us to be declared authentic. Consider that this preset list of moral markers are passed onto us at a young age by those who also believe this, and who also received similar instruction at a young age from their parents and peers. Consider that the most accurate definition for authenticity is: "I am right now being true to what I am feeling right now". Consider that when we consistently respond to the felt-aspect of our experience as being valid - by responding as opposed to reacting to it - we remain within a resonance that is undeniably authentic. If we are afraid, angry or sad - we respond to our fear, anger or sadness by acknowledging it to be a valid experience - not mentally pushing it away because we are shackled by some pre-determined moral marker that tells us we are always supposed to behave "nice and happy". Consider that 'validation' means we do not take these feelings out unconsciously upon others or the world - instead we consciously ride these feelings into our heart and resolve them at their point of causality. Consider that authenticity only comes from authenticity.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that just as playfulness is the automatic radiance of a light heart - it too is the heart's light. Shine in, on, and out.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Enough. Consider that the one word and concept children are not introduced to in our schooling systems is the word "enough". Consider that the dire financial state of our world right now is a consequence of our capitalistic consciousness not having the word "enough" in its vocabulary. Consider that while we do not bring resolution to the fear, anger, and grief within our heart, nothing in this outer world experience can ever be "enough" for us. Consider that the lack of peace experienced by humanity is the consequence of our inability to know when we have "enough ". Consider that realizing what "enough" means necessitates our being able discern the difference between what we want and what we require. Consider that there is only enough of everything for everyone on planet earth when we each individually install and awareness and use of the word "enough" into our personal experience.

HEART INTENT: Play. Consider that when we forget we are always playing, then on some deep inner level we are sadly straying. Consider that even the most serious actor performing the most serious, tragic, dramatic interpretation, is still playing. Consider that playfulness is the frequency most vulnerable to inspiration, insight, communion, laughter, health, abundance, and personal growth. Consider that playfulness brings out the child within the adult - and that it is the child - not that adult - which is made in the image of whatever God is. Consider that it is only when we have become addicted to our drama that we experience playfulness as annoying.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that there is not one among us who does not respect, admire, and yearn to be the human who has the power to unflinchingly assert themselves when the moment calls for such resolve.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Assertiveness. Consider that when we have not resolved our imprinted emotional states related to conflict, we consciously and unconsciously are repulsed by, and so inadvertently magnetize, the resonance of aggression within our field. Consider that the manifestations of aggression around us continue until we integrate our imprinted fear, anger and grief connected to conflict. Consider that these manifestations we call 'aggression' do not simply evaporate when we integrate them - because integration does not mean, 'to get rid of' - it means, 'to embrace fully'. Consider that once we integrate aggression, the self-same energy is transformed into a capacity for assertiveness. Consider that there is zero emotional aggression in storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and tsunamis - that these are all examples of nature asserting herself when required. Consider that unless we are able to assert ourselves when required, we remain limp replicas of our intended potential.

HEART INTENT: Force. Consider the great forces that come to play upon our lives, just like the hammer of the blacksmith upon the sword that is repeatedly bathed in searing flame. Consider how these forces temper us, and that when we cannot integrate and therefore contain them - we lose our temper. Consider how some religions have made the blacksmith invisible by calling the hammer 'God' and the flame 'the Devil', and so have fractured and confused our capacity to view our experience from an integrated point of view. Consider that to become 'a sword in the hands of Love' there are moments when we are required to receive the blows of the hammer, feel the heat of the flames, to be sheathed in quiet stillness and silence, and to be willing to be unleashed to slice exposed flesh upon the battlefield. Consider that authentic power comes from realizing that every part of this great play is the body, mind and heart of what God is. Consider that power - the power that unleashes storms, shatters with earthquakes, erupts with volcanoes, hurtles with tornadoes, and flattens with tsunamis, is only placed in the heart of those who are not afraid to assert themselves when required.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: What is it that inhibits us from opening fully and receiving the awareness of what we already are?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Portal. Consider that everything we require to thrive, to evolve, and to blossom into our fullest created potential is already given - and that our task NOW is to open as a portal and receive this. Consider that receiving is the key frequency of the portal that we are. Consider that it is easy to give, because the giver has full control. Consider that every human being is a portal, already fully installed with the capacity to manifest immortality consciousness here on earth. Consider that one cannot want and receive. Consider that 'wanting' and 'controlling' are the same word. Consider that everything we believe we want is what keeps our portal from opening. Consider that the words 'portal' and 'receiving' are one and the same.

HEART INTENT: Receiving. Consider that when someone does something for us like paying for our meal, and we then say to them, "Thank you for this, it will be on me next time" - or we insist on paying them back right then or buying them a gift to show our appreciation - what it really means is we have not received. Consider that receiving fully eliminates all wanting to reciprocate - there is only felt-gratitude - and this is enough. Consider that receiving authentically is receiving - not receiving and immediately making plans to give back. Consider that making immediate plans or promises to reciprocate is a disguised way of controlling/manipulating the experience - of not allowing the other to be able to give freely and fully. Consider that this desire to manipulate the giver stems from a deep feeling that we do not deserve to be loved. Consider that if we do not allow others to give freely, that we do not even begin to open the portal we are so we may receive our divine inheritance.

Monday, March 15, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider light as the food of love.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Love. Consider that love is the only real starting and destination point - but that because it is eternal - neither of these points are fathomable. Consider that love is so big that it includes what we experience as evil, hatred, and ignorance. Consider that love patiently allows all scenarios to play themselves out because it knows that everything eventually comes home to rest in what it really is. Consider that love can be invited in like a guest but does not always arrive as 'an appropriate visitor'. Consider that love always sends in light to feed us with the awareness that we require to become its worthy hosts - so that when it arrives at our heart's door - we are ready to open up to ourselves.

HEART INTENT: Light. Consider light as being a coin whose other side is darkness. Consider the possibility that light is as full of life as an untamed, unpolluted, river flowing in an untouched part of the Amazon. Consider that we can intentionally dive into and swim in its radiant current, float upon and be carried by it, and gaze into and feed ourselves from it. Consider that light can be drunk pure like a glass of fresh water, or mixed into a variety of forms like tea, coffee, and countless other beverages. Consider that light can be bathed in to wash ourselves clean and playfully surfed upon like waves of the ocean. Consider that light can be an unexpected tsunami. Consider that light is deliberate. Consider that light is the garment in which love clothes itself so that it can be...anything.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the tenderest way for us to reveal to any other what is important to us is to be it.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Example. Consider that those who choose to keep their mouths closed and instead allow the quiet radiance of their felt-activity to be their Soul's primary communication are the ones who impact us causally. Consider that 'teaching by example' is to live according to the resonance of, 'I be the living vision I seek to transmit to others'. Consider that communicating by example is the only form of instruction that is non-interfering, non-manipulating, non-dictatorial, and non-disempowering. Consider that even though the word may be regarded as greater than the sword – that the quiet deed always dwarfs any amount of words.

HEART INTENT: Tenderness. Consider that nothing robs the experience of restful sleep and pollutes the heart's awareness of peace more than deliberately hurting another. Consider that disciplining of children through physical punishment arises from a heart devoid of tenderness, and that this approach only gives rise to hurt adults hurting each other and their children. Consider that only through the full realization of tenderness does the lion lie down with the lamb. Consider that the realization of tenderness cannot be fully embraced while meditating alone in a cave. Consider that innocent lovers wrapped in each others soft naked flesh is God's felt-portal for feeding the world' heart with the awareness, presence, and importance of tenderness.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that our lives are moved most deeply by those who witness us and our experiences as being valid - who being already at peace within the resonance of their own experience - bring only the resonance of peacefulness to embrace ours.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Containment. Consider that one of our greatest unconscious habitual addictions is reactivity. Consider that reactivity is now instinctual and accepted as normal human behavior. Consider that now, when anything happens that does not align itself with what we are already programmed to experience, we immediately make up a story about it, and after repeating this story to the point of self-hypnosis, act it out based upon this tale we tell. Consider that all behavior arising from these mental projections lead nowhere - that they only take us in repetitive circles. Consider that the bravest warrior is the one who challenges this inner madness so they may respond to creation, not continually react to it.

HEART INTENT: Alchemy. Consider that through imprinted programming and ongoing self-hypnosis we now collectively believe that transformation is only possible by deliberately changing what is happening - by first stopping whatever it is we seek to change, then redirecting its flow according to what we assume is appropriate. Consider that an alchemist is a human who discovers the consequence of radiating unconditional beingness throughout all their ongoing active interactions with creation. Consider that meeting such an individual is always a transformational experience. Consider that an alchemist is one who knows that nothing transforms through interference - that one cannot 'fight cancer' or 'fight crime' or 'fight poverty' - and accomplish anything other than more fighting. Consider that an alchemist is one who has perfected the art of participating fully and actively in all aspects of their experience - yet all the while holding as their inner intent the resonance and radiance of not-interfering beingness. Consider that having no faith in the resonance of beingness is the same as having no faith in what we are.

Friday, March 12, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that we do not have to do anything to make this moment happen - it is already and always here. Consider that we are simply invited to receive it as fully, consciously, and gracefully as possible. Consider that it is in this conscious receiving that our vitality is eternally enlivened.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Application. Consider that any healthy form of daily application simply serves to remind us of our ultimate causality - the source of all vitality. Consider that it does not matter what we choose as our daily application - but that it is beneficial we shower whatever practice it is with heart-felt gratitude for it being part of our current experience. Consider that many have no tools and are currently bouncing off the walls. Consider that to view our daily application as a 'praying of our awareness into nowness' is to bless it and to simultaneously disentangle it from our mental obsession with only doing that which brings 'results'. Consider that our daily application - our daily moment of praying of our awareness into nowness - does not have to accomplish anything - its presence within our experience is already its own reward.

HEART INTENT: Vitality. Consider that as the vitality of this entire galaxy tosses and turns into exponential increase - it is beneficial to consistently ground and center. Consider that our awakening into a day of disentangled restless discomfort does not mean something is wrong. It may simply be an indicator of increased vitality available to us that we are not yet competently containing. Consider that simply placing our attention upon the core of our planet, and then upon the majesty of our radiant sun, and then holding our awareness in these to locations simultaneously for a few moments - facilitates the balancing of our current felt-sense of our flow of causal vitality.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that whether we react or respond to any aspect of our blossoming experience rests purely upon the color and texture of our intent.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Activity. There is a great mis-conception that 'the realization of beingness' somehow negates the experience of engaging actively in the world. Many discovering and exploring spirituality declare, "I am just going to be, and let the universe make its move." For some of us this is just another way of saying, "Wow! I have now found a really good reason to justify being lazy." Consider that we are the universe - and that life calls upon us to act - to engage - and to participate fully in this grand adventure. Consider also that there are two frequencies of activity - response and reactivity. Consider that we are 'being' all the time, whether we are aware of it or not - whether we are engaged in activity or not. Being is what we are. However, it is likely that when we are not aware of our beingness - our activity is reactivity - and that when we are - our activity is responsible. Doing nothing may be responsive action too - it all depends upon our intent.

HEART INTENT: Intent. What is intent? I have people write me emails wanting to discuss in great detail what I am writing here - whether it is valid or not - or whether it is true or not. They want to analyze, criticize, and philosophize. They want to know if their 'point of you' is valid? Yet, initiating more mental distraction is not the intent of these writings. These writings are placed here as points of inspiration intended to fuel the felt-fabric of our personal intent. If we connect with them, and are inspired or moved into a different 'point of view' through them - this is wonderful. Consider that our intent is largely driven by our current 'point of you', and that whenever this shifts, we then have added colors for refining and redefining the hues of our current intent. However, if these writings mean nothing to us, this is valid too. Then, we disregard them and move on. They are presented here daily as a gift for the navigation of intent - this is all. However, this does require the realization of what intent is. So, what is intent?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that realizing the potential of our shared unity is first encountered as a deeply personal experience. Consider that unless this realization is first accomplished personally, experientially, that any outer expression of organized collective unity - no matter how cozy - remains a shallow, window-dressed facade - a fleeting reactive projection of our unintegrated discomfort.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Unity. Consider that our point of unity does not come from perceiving each other through the eyes of what we do - but through the reality of what we are. Consider that what we are is love, and that our individual expressions here in this world, no matter how seemingly devoid of love, tie us all back to this same source. Consider that love is not an emotion or a behavior or a thought form - though it may be expressed through these mediums - but that love is actually a living, breathing, eternally dancing beingness like you and I, and that our individuality simply represents one of its bodily cells.

HEART INTENT: Potential. Consider that accomplishing the art of sincerely loving all life forms comes from realizing that no matter how another sentient beingness appears outwardly in front of us - when we look at them from within - we realize we all share the same unifying potential. Consider that this resonance of unifying love cannot be realized because we think it is a good idea, or because we are told it is the right thing to do, but only through sincere, successful self-examination. Consider that the greatest potential shared by all is the capacity 'to know love' - which is the same as having the capacity 'to know thyself'. Consider that the resonance of 'intimacy' - or 'into me and see' - is the art of accomplishing our potential to experience authentic and integrated unification through honest, uncensored, uncompromising self-examination.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the liberation of our eternal, vibrant, crystaline essence requires a spontaneous, self-loving, anointing of ourselves as being untainted and holy in our innocence.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Anointing. Consider that one of the drawbacks of any religious order is its assumption that it gets to tell us what is holy and what is not, what is God and what is not, and what is loveable and what is not. Consider that we have the right to anoint ourselves and the radiance of our experience as being holy without requiring permission from sexually frustrated men and women wearing long black dresses and sporting disapproving foreheads. Consider that we have the absolute right to reach into the depths of our own heart, there to grab handfuls of love-soaked stardust, and to scatter it indiscriminately with random child-like enthusiasm upon all as being holy. Consider that whoever says we do not have the right to anoint ourselves and our experiences accordingly simply needs a hug and a pointer to their own bag of stardust.

HEART INTENT: Expression. The dragon loves to curl up in the dark caverns of the earth, to swim lazily through the deep water of the ocean, to fly playfully through air, and to laugh like thunder with bursts of fire. The dragon is the doorway into the elemental Kingdom where all life shimmers, alive, vital, in luminescent auric radiance. When George killed the last dragon he wept like a child as he watched the slain beast transform into the beautiful blood-soaked Queen of the Earth's Spirit. "I sleep now," she whispered to him as she slowly closed her tearful eyes. "I sleep until you rediscover your innocence." And so The Kingdom remains hidden while we witness The Boredom drag on, and drag on, and dragon. What great trickery has led us to believe that our innocence belongs to some future judgment?

Monday, March 8, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that there is something comforting in realizing that only a mental body could conceive of there being an actual 'beginning' and possible 'ending' within the hallways of eternity. If we take a quiet moment, we can feel that such a notion is ridiculous.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Continuation. Consider that all our busyness - that our plots and plans, our prophecies and fantasies, our mechanics and marvelous magic, our victories and tragedies, our hopes and haunting and ingenious strategies, our fears and frothing phlegm-filled dichotomies, our wars and wages and pulpits and stages, our designs and deliberations and dashing destinies - are all simply something to do to avoid the inevitable realization that whatever it is that is going on cannot be stopped. Don't take my word for it - try and stop it if you will - and then watch as it effortlessly changes into something else. Best to enjoy the ride as heartily as possible - for it continues, and continues, and continues.

HEART INTENT: Ancient. Consider that our physical world - no matter how solid - eventually crumbles into stardust - and so we cannot identify the ancient part of what we are by looking for it with our physical eyes. Consider also that all our thoughts - no matter how animated and profound - eventually become silent emptiness - and so we cannot hope to grasp an awareness of our ancientness with our elaborate thinking. Yet, if we are open to the possibility, we can feel how ancient we are - not by accessing any beginning - but by feeling there is no beginning at all. Love is forever.

Sunday, March 7, 2010



Only the blessed recognize The Lover
and bow in deepest respect and gratitude
at the possibility of feeling God's embrace
and becoming whole again in the laughter
of eyes merged in passionate remembrance.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Lover. Phonetically, this word says, "love her", and is likely intended as "love Her". Consider the presence of 'The Lover' to be a whispering kiss directly from God's lips. Consider that this sensual whisper does not enter our lives to endorse unconscious societal programming like marriage, breeding, home front maintenance, and career development. Consider that for the right price, we can always acquire a wife or husband willing to perform these societal duties. Consider that The Lover does not come crashing into our heart just to indulge our addiction to co-dependency. Consider The Lover as being an unbridled emissary of God, with blazing sword of fiery passion, declaring, "I cannot be boxed, labeled, organized, understood, tamed, controled, and trained to project appropriate appearances - I am here only to remind you of what love is, and to give you yet another opportunity to choose Her mystery, instead of you blindly repeating your programmed history."

HEART INTENT: Source. Consider that humanity is deathly ill, dropping to its knees in shuddering, frail weakness, barely able to splutter coherent words from its dry, scorched mouth, and all because it has been 'led to believe' that Source, at all costs, must be denied, and that in It's place, false idols be erected. Consider how eagerly we now worship our cathedrals, our money, our bloodied crucifixes, our mosques, our holy symbols, our promising presidents and pop stars, our orange robbed leaders, our televisions, our sports teams and modern mechanical devices. Consider how we give them all so much attention that they become outwardly 'as God' to us. Consider that to accomplish this consistent energetic flow of outward adoration requires great effort and vast investment in inner resources. Consider that it also requires our continually shutting off of our momet-to-moment felt-awareness of what our authentic Source really is. Ain't no real Mojo in idol/idle worship. Consequenctly, we as a species are exhausted...or is that "ex-Sourced-ed". Nor wonder the manufacturers of viagra cannot keep up with the demand? Do we have the courage to again invite The Lover to reenter our manufactured lair of holy lies to once again attemp to seduce us into our heart's resuscitation?

Saturday, March 6, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that we are entering an era where physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing are the greatest of treasures, and that without them, our awareness of everything else gradually diminishes.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Fortune. Consider that we cannot be more fortunate than to have our life experience flow effortlessly in tune with what the vibrational intent of the universe is for us personally - and that by opening ourselves to an awareness of this - we simultaneously invite spontaneous health and wellbeing. How fortunate are those who realize how to live in peace in spite of the world's ongoing drama? And, how fortunate are those who realize the importance of love, no matter what?

HEART INTENT: Cleansing. Consider that just as pure living water cleanses and revitalizes the body, that tears - whether from laugher or sadness - when allowed to flow - do the same for the heart. Consider that one of the greatest turning points upon our evolutionary adventure is when we realize that food has the capacity to not only be delicious - but also to be as medicine. Consider that one of the greatest nutrients that serves simultaneously as an antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-depressant, anti-feeling-disempowered, and anti-lacking-awareness, is breathing fully and deeply as often as possible.

Friday, March 5, 2010



The heat of fully-felt recollection
that radiates from the fire of open-hearted reflection
melts away cold moments that come calling
when we are alone with ourselves 
and wraps these exposed parts
in a cozy blanket of integration.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Completion. Consider that the experiences of the past we still cannot release into peacefullness are those in which we on some level feel we were not fully present - and that we hold fast to them hoping to find one clear moment in which to give them our undivided felt-attention. Consider that one clear moment of undivided felt-attention has the capacity to resolve many years of diluted felt-distraction and distrubance. Consider that we can glance upon any unintegrated moment of our past and call to us one clear felt-moment for its resolution - but that when this felt-opportunity presents itself - best we surrender to it - by feeling it completely.

HEART INTENT: Reflection. In reflection all things take on a different hue to the moment in which they actually occurred. In reflection we can paint them this way and that - we can mentally embellish and censor. But what cannot be altered is how they impacted our felt-perception in the moment of their unfolding. We can sedate and control our awareness of this initial impact by resisting feeling it - or blanket it with manufactured feelings we would rather be experiencing. However, given one clear felt-moment, we can also allow ourselves to embrace and fully integrate the initial felt-impact by allowing its existence be consciously validated. Consider that in The Book of Life nothing that has ever happened goes away - it either becomes a seamless part of our accumulated experience - or a continually pushed away, thorny thing-a-ma-jig.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: What does it feel like to experience the intensity of earth-shifting momentum, and to simultaneously maintain the sturdy awareness of being grounded to the core?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Momentum. Consider that in this day and Age it behooves us to love the feel of the word 'momentum'. Phonetically, the word momentum broadcasts as, "moment - Aum". Consider that the energy of unstoppable momentum is acquired through tuning as consistently as possible into the vibrant felt-resonance of the present moment.

GROUNDING: Grounding. Notice how creatures who don't know anything about 'what is considered appropriate and what is not' love to stretch out and roll about upon the uncovered surface of the earth. Consider that it is only possible to be grounded 'now', and that when we are feeling ungrounded, it is because our attention is adrift somewhere in the endless corridors of the mental plane. Consider for a few felt-moments the majesty of the magnetic intesity and massive momentum continually initiated by the core of our planet. What sound does it make?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that when we allow ourselves to fully enter the felt-aspect of our current human experience, by responding instead of reacting to it, we enter the center of an infinite spiral designed to support, nourish, and deliver us deeper into the mysteries of love.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Centeredness. Consider that deliberately spending time alone to validate the variety of felt-sensations continually rising and falling within our spiraling experience is a powerful means for accomplishing centeredness. Consider that living from within the assumption that 'we are alone in the universe', and that 'the variety of felt-sensations that continually arise and fall within our spiraling human experience are not supposed to be happening', is a guaranteed way to become completely flabbergast.

HEART INTENT: Inspiration. Consider that through our inner genetic library we have access to not only billions of years of accumulated insight, but that through our accumulated generational lineage we also have access to vast amounts of wise advisors. However, when we habitually behave as if our means of assistance is limited to only what is visible to our physical eyes, we inhibit ourselves from real eyes-ing this. Remember that when requiring inspired assistance we are to ask inwardly for guidance and confirmation [only once is necessary], and most importantly, we are to be patient while the pieces are put into place to accommodate our request. Consider that behaving as if we are alone in the universe is a self-defeating symptom arising from basing what is possible upon the limited capacity of our physical eyes. By the way, what does being a spiraling beam of in-formed light feel like?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Is there any greater spirituality than experiencing a radiant spontaneous flow of unconditional glowing affection for ourselves and for each other?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Affection. Is love the ultimate affect of the ultimate cause? Is this why we also refer to loving another as having affect-ion for them? Remember the last time we felt the radiant glow of spontaneous affection for ourselves or for another? What is the causal point of this delicious glowing radiance? Is it possible that when we place our attention upon the causal point of an experience of spontaneous, unconditional affection, that we are simultaneously feeling what we are - and hence what God is for us?

HEART INTENT: Spirituality. We may have at times declared that "we are not spiritual” - or that another person is "not spiritual" - just because we or they do not engage in any specific spiritual practice. Is our sense of spirituality based on what we do, or on what we real eyes ourselves to be?

Monday, March 1, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that planet earth always informs everyone who is to be impacted by the next major earth shift, but that it is highly unlikely she is going to use a cell phone or television or the internet to alert us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Communication. Consider that just as we have mouths and ears, we are also born with the capacity for inner communication. Consider that all the blueprints for the technologies that have become our current habitual means of outer communication originate from within mind. Consider that nothing originating from within mind - that is then manifesting as structured form outwardly - has the capacity to become superior to our collective authentic point of causality. Consider that if we honestly believe and behave as if a cell phone or the television is the only way to 'stay in touch and in tune' - then we have turned an idea emanating from mind into a perceptually imprisoning limitation. Do we bother to develop, explore, and receive telepathic communication when infatuated with fancy new telecommunication devices?

HEART INTENT: Planet Earth. Consider that our planet is a living being lovingly created to deliver us, like an all-embracing mothership, into and through dimensional shifts deliberately intended as catalysts for our evolution. Consider that as she approaches these new frontiers, she lovingly communicates through in-sight how we are to manage our ongoing experience so as to acclimatize ourselves to and through these changes. Consider that she receives her instructions directly from the sun, and then broadcasts them to us individually, electro-magnetically, via felt-perception, as insight, through the portal of our heart. Consider that our outer technology is incapable of containing the subtle and intricate resonance of these vibrational communications - and that while we plug into our heartless mechanical devices as a means to assess our predicament - we remain deaf to her guiding song. Consider that when technology is bowed to as the compass from which we chart the course of our evolution - like sailors caught unawares - we may become hypnotically entranced by the digital song of a soulless siren. What would happen if farmers behaved as if their farming implements where supposed to inform them when, where, and how to plant seed?