Friday, June 4, 2010


Right now I do not feel moved to write anything about anything. I am going to honor this and for the time being allow this Daily Intent blog to be complete. Thank you for reading. I have enjoyed writing it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We humans have a funny relationship with space. We don't really like it. From the moment we are born we spend almost our whole experience trying to fill it up. The more we try to fill it up, the emptier we feel. The more we allow it to be, the fuller everything becomes.

As soon as we become aware of space, we fill it. We fill it with movement, thought, and emotion. As soon as we become aware of space, we add to it. We just cannot leave it alone. We do not recognize the right of space to be empty. We think our job is to change it. We fill it with the endless array of objects we manufacture, with opinions, and with feelings we assume necessary.

We react toward space as if it is broken, as if it needs to be fixed, as if its natural state is to be filled with anything except what it is.

We so misidentify with space that we believe it is 'out there'. We are immersed in space but we still think we have to build rockets to explore it. We are immersed in space but we still think we have to build microscopes and telescopes to see it properly. We attempt to dissect it into known particles so we can understand and control it. We think if we can change it we will accomplish something. We try to blow it up to make it more useful.

For some reason we do not like the feeling of space. We are like fish swimming around who'd rather be dry. We are at war with what we are in, and so we are at war with what we are.

Space cannot be defeated because it is not trying to win.

We, and everything that is and is not, swim in space. Space provides everything room to be. Space contains us just as we do it.

By allowing everything to be apart, space holds everything together in its perfect place. By allowing everything to be a part, space enables everything to be of the whole.

Space may well be called 'the final frontier', because although we can never be empty of it, we have yet to consciously let it in. When we are at peace with space, we are peaceful.

Space is graceful. Space is grace. It accomplishes everything without saying or doing anything. Not a corner or nook or cranny of all creation lies outside its embrace. Without taking credit, it holds all life. It holds life so humbly that its service is invisible.

As we consciously reenter a felt-awareness of space, and allow it to be, and love it as the cradle of everything, we relax, open, and expand.

Space is peaceful. We are full of space. Space is full of us. Space comes in peace.

Dearest beautiful, tender, loving, endless space ... thank you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Peace only surfaces as a felt-experience when we stop manipulating our experience. When all manipulation behaviors cease there is space, openness, no end being aimed for - simply awareness riding the currents we call living. But the moment one muscle, thought, or emotion is manipulated - the experience tenses and all sense of peacefulness evaporates.

Ceasing manipulation does not mean no action unfolds. Action is still flowing freely as an expression of awareness, but as a listening, watching participation. Awareness loves to move. Awareness is curious. But when we manipulate it we are ‘moving awareness’, as opposed to ‘being moved by it’. We are deliberately moving it because we cannot be with where it already is. We are trying to steer it into something else - we have assumed another destination. We are living in the land of 'elsewhere'. Then there is no rest. There is only rest here, now, in this.

Manipulation is fighting awareness. Fighting awareness is exhausting - it is same as being at war with ourselves. Fighting awareness sickens us. Awareness has its own rhythm, its own way of getting things done, and its way cannot be understood or formularized. Awareness is peaceful when watched and listened to, and when followed without manipulation. Then there is still movement, motion, stillness, and activity. But this momentum is ‘a response to the innate curious intelligence of awareness’, not ‘an attempt to use thinking to control and dictate it’.

The challenge is being able to recognize awareness apart from the babbling of the mental body. Once we recognize awareness in a way we are able to allow it to move freely, an immediate felt-experience of peacefulness returns. This is because awareness is peaceful. Even in the midst of vast activity, awareness is peaceful, present, watching, listening, participating through curiosity, devotedly following the mysterious dance we call living.

Monday, May 31, 2010


We are fascinated by prophecy. One of the challenges about communicating visions from within one Age to another not yet come, or receiving visions from a past Age for the one we are now in, is language. If we take the language too literally we may sometimes miss the obvious. We are told somewhere for example that when we approach our point of evolution - the make or break moment for our species - that we shall see 'lights in the sky'. I wonder if this points to the possible increasing pulse of The Northern Lights from solar activity as we now head toward what is predicted to be an unprecedented solar maximum peaking in 2012. It is likely we shall see The Northern Lights stretching way beyond their normal territories, especially if we have the type of solar activity NASA has predicted. This will surely light up our skies. I wonder too about the prophecy somewhere that 'the seas will turn to blood'. I wonder about this as I look at the TV images of the color of the oil-covered ocean in The Gulf.

I wonder if I can recognize the signs within my own personal experience - and if I have the will and capacity to respond by getting my own Temple in order.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sometimes the sprouting seeds of a new creation are obscured by our still focusing on what we want - on what we thought was supposed to happen to bring us into the future we hoped was manifesting. Yet, when we stop and enter the moment, and allow what is happening right now to speak to us nakedly, without our wantings attached to it, we may feel the sprouting possibilities arising all around us. Remember that many people, events, and precious moments come to us only for a brief moment in time, to be as bridges from the tired and worn into the rediscovered and reborn. A bridge is only fully seen and appreciated when we have allowed it to carry us safely across. We become attached to the bridge because it carries us above the turbulent waters - but we must let go of it so that we may enter the quiet and peaceful fields where the seeds of a new creation sprout. These new seeds await our gentle tending. We are their bridges.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes an experience confronts us which appears as a 'T' junction - as a point seemingly requiring decision between 'this or that'. Sometimes it is impossible to choose, because either choice appears to have fallout. One feels 'torn'.

In moments like these there is a beauty in sitting within the energetic experience of seemingly 'being pulled apart' - of seemingly 'being pulled in two opposite directions'.

Often we discover that it is more a case that we 'think we have to make a choice', than that a choice is actually required in the moment. We may discover that our feeling the need to make an immediate choice is simply a disguised means to bring an immediate end the uncomfortable sensation of being plied open.

There is an alchemical beauty in remaining in the midst of this seeming inner turmoil without actually 'making a choice' - especially when an immediate choice is not really required. Instead of using 'a decision' as a means to alleviate inner discomfort, we instead sit in the midst of the experience and allow the uncomfortable felt-texture time to digest.

Digestion of the felt-experience brings nutrition that energizes clear insight. Only then is any action we take or choice we make a response, as opposed to a reaction.

When we allow this felt-discomfort to digest, we discover that the T-junction actually becomes a profound crossroad.

Monday, May 10, 2010


It’s funny how we have mirrors in the bathroom - a place where we cleanse. Mostly we use a mirror to engage with the physical surface of our human experience.

It was a great day when I realized that a mirror has many applications - other than checking the condition of the face. One of my insights about this came about through a realization that there are many aspects to the expression of my experience in this world. I discuss this as 'the C.A.S.T.' in Being Our Companion - which is available as a Free Download on The Presence Portal.

As well as realizing that there are many facets to my capacity to express an experience in this world - I also realized that when I am about to initiate something important in my life, I often tell everyone about it - except me. I call upon the support of the world but I forget to ask the many aspects of my expression to support a cohesive, unified intent.

What I also realized, through hindsight, is that often I experience self-sabotage within my experience because the different aspects of my expression appear to have conflicting intent. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how simple it is to combine my inner resources into one cohesive flow is.

For example, I am now currently preparing for a trip. This requires jumping on and off planes, moving through all sorts of infrastructure, meeting a whole range of new people, sharing personal insight, etc. Of course I discuss this upcoming journey with others - which is part of this experience - but now I also make sure I go to the mirror and say something like:

"Hey everybody - we are off on a journey together. I would love for you all to come along and participate in this experience. I know you all have something to add to and receive from it. My overall intent in entering this experience is ... I am inviting you to support this so we all have a wonderful time. Thank you. Onward!"

I was initially surprised when I first applied this how individuals, events, and circumstances unfolded in a miraculous way to support and not sabotage. It awakens tangible synchronicity. I now realize that when I only rely on what I perceive upon the surface of things for assistance, that I am unnecessarily limiting possibility.

I now know that talking to my posse in the mirror about what I am currently up to is a vital step to seeding success for any intent - and I am grateful for this awareness.