Friday, March 19, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the moment we commit to standing - firmly yet compassionately - amidst the felt-resonance of the current condition of our heart, we are already accomplished.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Accomplishment. Consider that there are two points at which we are likely to gauge accomplishment - by how the world feels about us when we walk out our front door, and by how we feel about ourselves when we close our eyes at night to sleep. Consider that if we are only concerned with how the world feels about us when we walk out our front door - then we may not get as much rest and rejuvenation from our night’s sleep as is possible. Consider that if we are only concerned with how we feel about ourselves when we close our eyes to sleep - that we may naively leave our front door open when we go to sleep at night. Consider that when it comes to these two measurements of accomplishment, it is not either/or - it is 'and'. Consider that authentic accomplishment arises from how well we bridge our inner and outer world - but most importantly - that we bridge.

HEART INTENT: Authenticity. Consider that one of our greatest struggles when it comes to accomplishing the resonance of 'feeling authentic' is that we assume there is a preset list of moral markers that must be met for us to be declared authentic. Consider that this preset list of moral markers are passed onto us at a young age by those who also believe this, and who also received similar instruction at a young age from their parents and peers. Consider that the most accurate definition for authenticity is: "I am right now being true to what I am feeling right now". Consider that when we consistently respond to the felt-aspect of our experience as being valid - by responding as opposed to reacting to it - we remain within a resonance that is undeniably authentic. If we are afraid, angry or sad - we respond to our fear, anger or sadness by acknowledging it to be a valid experience - not mentally pushing it away because we are shackled by some pre-determined moral marker that tells us we are always supposed to behave "nice and happy". Consider that 'validation' means we do not take these feelings out unconsciously upon others or the world - instead we consciously ride these feelings into our heart and resolve them at their point of causality. Consider that authenticity only comes from authenticity.