Monday, March 15, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider light as the food of love.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Love. Consider that love is the only real starting and destination point - but that because it is eternal - neither of these points are fathomable. Consider that love is so big that it includes what we experience as evil, hatred, and ignorance. Consider that love patiently allows all scenarios to play themselves out because it knows that everything eventually comes home to rest in what it really is. Consider that love can be invited in like a guest but does not always arrive as 'an appropriate visitor'. Consider that love always sends in light to feed us with the awareness that we require to become its worthy hosts - so that when it arrives at our heart's door - we are ready to open up to ourselves.

HEART INTENT: Light. Consider light as being a coin whose other side is darkness. Consider the possibility that light is as full of life as an untamed, unpolluted, river flowing in an untouched part of the Amazon. Consider that we can intentionally dive into and swim in its radiant current, float upon and be carried by it, and gaze into and feed ourselves from it. Consider that light can be drunk pure like a glass of fresh water, or mixed into a variety of forms like tea, coffee, and countless other beverages. Consider that light can be bathed in to wash ourselves clean and playfully surfed upon like waves of the ocean. Consider that light can be an unexpected tsunami. Consider that light is deliberate. Consider that light is the garment in which love clothes itself so that it can be...anything.