Thursday, March 11, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that whether we react or respond to any aspect of our blossoming experience rests purely upon the color and texture of our intent.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Activity. There is a great mis-conception that 'the realization of beingness' somehow negates the experience of engaging actively in the world. Many discovering and exploring spirituality declare, "I am just going to be, and let the universe make its move." For some of us this is just another way of saying, "Wow! I have now found a really good reason to justify being lazy." Consider that we are the universe - and that life calls upon us to act - to engage - and to participate fully in this grand adventure. Consider also that there are two frequencies of activity - response and reactivity. Consider that we are 'being' all the time, whether we are aware of it or not - whether we are engaged in activity or not. Being is what we are. However, it is likely that when we are not aware of our beingness - our activity is reactivity - and that when we are - our activity is responsible. Doing nothing may be responsive action too - it all depends upon our intent.

HEART INTENT: Intent. What is intent? I have people write me emails wanting to discuss in great detail what I am writing here - whether it is valid or not - or whether it is true or not. They want to analyze, criticize, and philosophize. They want to know if their 'point of you' is valid? Yet, initiating more mental distraction is not the intent of these writings. These writings are placed here as points of inspiration intended to fuel the felt-fabric of our personal intent. If we connect with them, and are inspired or moved into a different 'point of view' through them - this is wonderful. Consider that our intent is largely driven by our current 'point of you', and that whenever this shifts, we then have added colors for refining and redefining the hues of our current intent. However, if these writings mean nothing to us, this is valid too. Then, we disregard them and move on. They are presented here daily as a gift for the navigation of intent - this is all. However, this does require the realization of what intent is. So, what is intent?