Tuesday, March 2, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Is there any greater spirituality than experiencing a radiant spontaneous flow of unconditional glowing affection for ourselves and for each other?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Affection. Is love the ultimate affect of the ultimate cause? Is this why we also refer to loving another as having affect-ion for them? Remember the last time we felt the radiant glow of spontaneous affection for ourselves or for another? What is the causal point of this delicious glowing radiance? Is it possible that when we place our attention upon the causal point of an experience of spontaneous, unconditional affection, that we are simultaneously feeling what we are - and hence what God is for us?

HEART INTENT: Spirituality. We may have at times declared that "we are not spiritual” - or that another person is "not spiritual" - just because we or they do not engage in any specific spiritual practice. Is our sense of spirituality based on what we do, or on what we real eyes ourselves to be?