Tuesday, March 30, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider what great power there is in becoming a faucet that refuses to spout fear. Consider what great service we perform when the flow of fear stops with us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Power. Consider how the reflex of running toward one experience as a means to fearfully flee another renders us not only powerless, but also willing pawns in the play of fearfulness. Consider that while we allow fear to be a means by which we navigate our experience, we behave in a manner that sows and therefore manifests fearful scenarios. Consider that anyone or anything deliberately using 'the fear of what may happen' as a means to direct our attention and decisions is misusing power. Consider that when we do this to ourselves - by telling ourselves fearful stories of 'what may happen' - that we are misusing our own power. Consider that when we open our mouths and speak to another human we are either spreading seeds of love, or fear - and that there is great power in both. Consider how responsible we are being with 'the power of the word' emanating from within us in each conversation. Consider that hearing about fearful happenings, or possible fearful happenings, and then unnecessarily passing this information on to others, is unloving. Consider that to speak about fearful events that have not yet manifest as a means to 'have an interesting conversation' is to blindly and irresponsibly sow seeds of fear into the heart of the listener.

HEART INTENT: Darkness. Consider why it is we humans have been conditioned to be afraid of 'the darkness'? Is it because there is great power in darkness that some self-appointed few feel we ought not have access to? Consider that there is a distinct difference between 'darkness' and 'ignorance'. Consider 'darkness' as the necessary friction upon which of the motion of light takes hold to move us into an awareness of love - and 'ignorance' as the manipulation of the friction inherent in darkness as a means to manifest fear. Consider that those who use darkness as a means of fearful manipulation only do so because they are devoid of any awareness of love. Consider that we have, as a consequence of the agenda of a self-appointed loveless few, been historically conditioned to deny and override the power of our own beautiful darkness, and therefore access to a vast portion of our own sovereign power. Consider that calling what we have just been through and are now awakening out of "The Dark Ages" is deceptive and subtly turns us against our own beautiful darkness. Consider that it is more appropriate to call this passing period, "The Age of Ignorance". Consider how much power there is in re-examining and integrating our relationship with darkness.