Sunday, March 21, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the rhythm of the heart conducts the ceremony of the Soul.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Rhythm. Consider that every expression of the vibrational as it is manifest in creation has a unique rhythm to it. Notice how when we focus upon any manifestation's rhythm - instead of our mental stories about why its here and what it does and what we like or dislike about it - then everything begins to reveal itself as part of a dance. Consider that although we may not be able to visibly perceive the rhythm that we are - because it is challenging to look at ourselves from an external point of view - that we can access this awareness about ourselves through 'feeling it'. Consider that the felt-aspect of our experience is our direct portal into a union with our own unique rhythm. Consider that when we let go of our own stories about why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing, and what we like and dislike about ourselves - and instead allow ourselves to sink fully into the felt-aspect of our experience - we directly enter an awareness of the dance The Dancer dances through us.

HEART INTENT: Ceremony. Consider that 'a ceremony' is any experiential vehicle we use to enter a direct awareness of, and capacity to, consciously ride not only our personal rhythms - but also those of the earth, its creatures, and of the entire cosmos that blankets us. Consider that it is through ceremony that we experientially realize the connectedness of all creation's rhythms as being a dance we are intimately part of. Consider that ceremony is also a way to individually and collectively experientially show our gratitude to The Great Dancer that dances us all. Consider that when we forget to perform our ceremonies, and hence forget why they are given to us in the first place, that we lose not only our awareness of this interconnectivity, but also a great opportunity to express gratitude experientially. Consider that one of the reasons we are such a troubled species is that so many of our ceremonies have been forbidden and forgotten, and so we now dance wearily to music that for the most part connects us to nothing more than another plug in another wall. Consider calling our ceremonies back to us, and sending out a blessing of gratitude to those who still honor The Great Dancer in this magical, experiential way.