Monday, March 29, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the role or revelation is to un-shroud the seemingly forbidden mysteries, to dethrone the decoys of history, to disgrace the lucrative financial devices of self-appointed divinity, and to reinstate all life as sovereign upon the divine playing field of eternity.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Heaven. Consider what happens to a being who concludes their allotted experience of 'living in time' through the portal of physical dissolution - which we call 'death' - but who does not feel completed? Consider that the creative capacity of any being is that if something really matters to them - then it really matters - it really materializes. Consider how this creative capacity comes into play for a being who has completed a 'life in time' experience, but for whom the sense of incompleteness around that experience still matters. Consider that even though they have already shifted beyond the limiting experience of time-based polarities and into a unified multi-dimensional eternity, that they do not yet realize this, because they reflexively use their creative capacity to continually re-manifest the entirety of their already concluded experience in such a way that they are able to seemingly enter and reengage it. Consider that they continue to interact with this 'mattering mirage' until they 'see the light' - until they realize they are already 'dead' to it - and it to them. Consider that one does not have to die to go to heaven - but that one has to realize one is already dead to all past experiences in time. Consider that what Hell really is, is a perceptual condition in which heavenly beings are convinced that they still have to die to arrive where they already are. Maybe this is why we are all dying to go to heaven rather than presently resting in peace? The promise of heaven is a hell of a thing...

HEART INTENT: Breath. Consider for a moment that our breathing only exists in this present moment - that there is no breath in the past or in the future - as each breath only takes place right now. Consider how long a human being remains physically manifest without breath. Consider how powerful breath is - that even second-hand breath has the capacity to facilitate a drowned and recently departed human into returning into their physical experience. Consider how breath draws life in. Consider why we have called it, "the breath of life"? Consider that when one deciphers the historic religious terminology - Baptism of The Holy Spirit - and translates it into updated present moment vocabulary - it reads, Initiation of The Whole Breath - or - Consciously Connecting Our Breathing. Consider that the historic translation of our religious literature from Greek uses the word Spirit - whereas translation of our religious literature directly from Aramaic uses the same word as meaning Breath. Consider the difference between these two expressions: "To enter The Kingdom of Heaven one must be reborn of Spirit", and, "To enter The Kingdom of Heaven one must be reborn of Breath". Consider that the missing peace in the puzzle may be - as the expression rightly indicates - "right in front of our noses". Consider this too in relation to the expression, "The Kingdom of Heaven is now at hand".