Wednesday, March 17, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that there is not one among us who does not respect, admire, and yearn to be the human who has the power to unflinchingly assert themselves when the moment calls for such resolve.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Assertiveness. Consider that when we have not resolved our imprinted emotional states related to conflict, we consciously and unconsciously are repulsed by, and so inadvertently magnetize, the resonance of aggression within our field. Consider that the manifestations of aggression around us continue until we integrate our imprinted fear, anger and grief connected to conflict. Consider that these manifestations we call 'aggression' do not simply evaporate when we integrate them - because integration does not mean, 'to get rid of' - it means, 'to embrace fully'. Consider that once we integrate aggression, the self-same energy is transformed into a capacity for assertiveness. Consider that there is zero emotional aggression in storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and tsunamis - that these are all examples of nature asserting herself when required. Consider that unless we are able to assert ourselves when required, we remain limp replicas of our intended potential.

HEART INTENT: Force. Consider the great forces that come to play upon our lives, just like the hammer of the blacksmith upon the sword that is repeatedly bathed in searing flame. Consider how these forces temper us, and that when we cannot integrate and therefore contain them - we lose our temper. Consider how some religions have made the blacksmith invisible by calling the hammer 'God' and the flame 'the Devil', and so have fractured and confused our capacity to view our experience from an integrated point of view. Consider that to become 'a sword in the hands of Love' there are moments when we are required to receive the blows of the hammer, feel the heat of the flames, to be sheathed in quiet stillness and silence, and to be willing to be unleashed to slice exposed flesh upon the battlefield. Consider that authentic power comes from realizing that every part of this great play is the body, mind and heart of what God is. Consider that power - the power that unleashes storms, shatters with earthquakes, erupts with volcanoes, hurtles with tornadoes, and flattens with tsunamis, is only placed in the heart of those who are not afraid to assert themselves when required.