Friday, April 9, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that it is the establishing of an authentic resonance of unity within ourselves that awakens within us the most expanded definition of what constitutes 'our family'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Community. Consider the word 'community' as an abbreviation for 'communing in unity'. Consider that the resonance of authentic community arises naturally when each individual freely honors their way of connecting to our shared causality. Consider that it is our individual experienced awareness of our shared causality that naturally awakens unity-consciousness. Consider that once this point of shared causality is authentically established, no outer point of leadership, law, or governance of any sort is required. Consider that requiring leadership, law, and governance is as indicator that this point of shared causality has not yet collectively been authentically accomplished. Consider that when this authentic resonance of individual causal connection is accomplished collectively, all requirement for religious, political, economic, and any other form of outer social organization automatically dissolves. Consider that this is what it means that 'where there authentically is a collective awareness of what love is - there is no law' - and so 'where there is still law required - an authentic awareness of what love is has not yet been collectively established'.

HEART INTENT: Family. Consider that our peronal perception of what conbstitutes 'our family' is relative to where our awareness is anchored: When our awareness is primarily physically anchored, we perceive our family to be only our bloodline - the circle of relatives into which we are born. When our awareness is mentally anchored, we perceive our family to also include those who think the same way as we do about the world. When our awareness is emotionally anchored, we perceive our family to also include those who feel the same way as we do about the world. When our awarenes is vibrationally anchored, we perceive our family to be everyone and to also include all life forms. Consider that though we may love our family, we may not necessarily like them.