Monday, March 1, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that planet earth always informs everyone who is to be impacted by the next major earth shift, but that it is highly unlikely she is going to use a cell phone or television or the internet to alert us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Communication. Consider that just as we have mouths and ears, we are also born with the capacity for inner communication. Consider that all the blueprints for the technologies that have become our current habitual means of outer communication originate from within mind. Consider that nothing originating from within mind - that is then manifesting as structured form outwardly - has the capacity to become superior to our collective authentic point of causality. Consider that if we honestly believe and behave as if a cell phone or the television is the only way to 'stay in touch and in tune' - then we have turned an idea emanating from mind into a perceptually imprisoning limitation. Do we bother to develop, explore, and receive telepathic communication when infatuated with fancy new telecommunication devices?

HEART INTENT: Planet Earth. Consider that our planet is a living being lovingly created to deliver us, like an all-embracing mothership, into and through dimensional shifts deliberately intended as catalysts for our evolution. Consider that as she approaches these new frontiers, she lovingly communicates through in-sight how we are to manage our ongoing experience so as to acclimatize ourselves to and through these changes. Consider that she receives her instructions directly from the sun, and then broadcasts them to us individually, electro-magnetically, via felt-perception, as insight, through the portal of our heart. Consider that our outer technology is incapable of containing the subtle and intricate resonance of these vibrational communications - and that while we plug into our heartless mechanical devices as a means to assess our predicament - we remain deaf to her guiding song. Consider that when technology is bowed to as the compass from which we chart the course of our evolution - like sailors caught unawares - we may become hypnotically entranced by the digital song of a soulless siren. What would happen if farmers behaved as if their farming implements where supposed to inform them when, where, and how to plant seed?