Tuesday, March 23, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that some of our current moments of felt-disconnection, mental confusion, and physical disorientation are not simply because creation is entering meaningless, haphazard chaos, but because by blindly riding the mechanical rhythm of the machine we have become strangers to consciously participating in the authentic energetic intent of this moment.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Inward. Consider that the whole of creation is a sentient life form which is continually breathing - in and out, in and out. Consider that when creation breathes out we experience a rejuvenating, flourishing, revitalizing flow moving through all experience. Consider that when creation breathes in we experience what appears to be a dismantling, decaying, disrupting flow through all experience. Consider the out-breath as seeding and the in-breath as harvesting. Consider that when we try to breathe out when we ought to be breathing in - we become winded, confused, and disoriented. Consider that because our current calendar is not based on a connection to the natural cycles of creation - that because it is intended to support only the continual mass manufacture of machine-consciousness - that we no longer have a clue as to whether we are breathing in or out. Consider how many millions now stumble blindly across this planet - winded, confused, and disorientated. Consider this moment of creation and ask the heart: "Are we in the midst of a great out-breath, or are we in the midst of a great in-breath?"

HEART INTENT: Harvest. Consider that a time of harvest is not a time to gather everything - but only that which has blossomed into fruiting. Consider that there is only a certain time period for the farmer to gather the harvest before it spoils. Consider that although the farmer would love to gather the entirety of the crop - that the gathering of unripe or worm-infested fruit is not only wasted time and energy - but that it serves only to bitter the quality of the overall harvest. Consider that it is time now to gaze outward upon our creations and to discern what is blossoming into juicy fruit from what is unripe and worm-infested. Consider that it is time to gather what is ripened, to carry it gently inward into the heart-space upon our harvest baskets of felt-perception, and to place it upon the altar of completion. Consider that the harvest is first completed before the dance of the celebration banquet begins.