Monday, February 22, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: It is through closeness and gentleness, with ourselves and others, that we realize why the heart was created.

HEART INTENT: Closeness. Few things bring us closer to another than listening without simultaneoulsy thinking about what we want to say next. Loneliness is a symptomatic consequence of fearing closeness with ourselves, and therefore with others. Few blessings surpass the experience of laughing naked in the arms of the one we love. The closer we come to ourselves the more spacious our lives feel. Dishonesty automatically smothers closeness.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Gentleness. There is a secret garden in God's Kingdom that only gentleness may enter. Our soft human skin is evidence that gentleness is our authentic nature. It is usually gentle people with whom we feel most at peace. The more gentle we are with ourselves - the more accomodating the universe feels. Practicing gentleness toward ourselves and others throughout our day leads to moments of unexpected magnificence. Hurrying automatically smothers gentleness.