Saturday, March 20, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that being graced with an intimate vibrational experience with another does not occur in our experience to cause us to cling. Consider that it comes as a gift to awaken within us the capacity for ongoing gentle release. Consider that intimacy with another comes to bless us with the realization that the state of vibrational connectedness can never truly be 'gained' or 'lost' as it is the permanent reality underlying the fabric of our every moment.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Closeness. Consider that our sexually intimate relationships with another are the ones that tend to impact us the most because when we have such an encounter we temporarily merge our shared vibrational causality. Consider that this temporary vibrational merging reminds us more of our authentic state - that of vibrational connectedness with everything - than almost any other available human experience. Consider that when we cannot let go of a past sexual companion - even though they are no longer with us - that it is not they whom we miss - but rather the energetic felt-resonance of this vibrational connectedness. Consider that as long as we yearn for such a past encounter, we remain closed to receiving another that is now knocking, seeks to be opened to, and welcomed in.

HEART INTENT: Release. It was Timothy Leary who said, "Grab hold tightly, let go lightly." Consider that within this wise expression is transmitted the reality that everything which comes, goes, and that when it is happening, we are to dive in deeply, but when it is complete, we are to gracefully continue upon our way. Consider that when we are unable to release our attachment to another with whom we shared profound closeness, it is because we entered that experience seeking to get something and therefore in an unconscious, blinkered state of wanting - rather than in an open, untangled state of receiving. Consider that while we - through our unsatisfied wanting - are unable to truly release whomever of the past we hold fast, we simultaneously obstruct an aspect of our felt-awareness of peace and completion within this moment. Consider how graceful release leads to receiving, how receiving leads to peaceful completion, and how peaceful completion keeps us vibrationally receptive.