Wednesday, March 3, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that when we allow ourselves to fully enter the felt-aspect of our current human experience, by responding instead of reacting to it, we enter the center of an infinite spiral designed to support, nourish, and deliver us deeper into the mysteries of love.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Centeredness. Consider that deliberately spending time alone to validate the variety of felt-sensations continually rising and falling within our spiraling experience is a powerful means for accomplishing centeredness. Consider that living from within the assumption that 'we are alone in the universe', and that 'the variety of felt-sensations that continually arise and fall within our spiraling human experience are not supposed to be happening', is a guaranteed way to become completely flabbergast.

HEART INTENT: Inspiration. Consider that through our inner genetic library we have access to not only billions of years of accumulated insight, but that through our accumulated generational lineage we also have access to vast amounts of wise advisors. However, when we habitually behave as if our means of assistance is limited to only what is visible to our physical eyes, we inhibit ourselves from real eyes-ing this. Remember that when requiring inspired assistance we are to ask inwardly for guidance and confirmation [only once is necessary], and most importantly, we are to be patient while the pieces are put into place to accommodate our request. Consider that behaving as if we are alone in the universe is a self-defeating symptom arising from basing what is possible upon the limited capacity of our physical eyes. By the way, what does being a spiraling beam of in-formed light feel like?