Saturday, April 17, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that through addictively approaching our life experience through the abstract complexity of the mental body we have made fantastical and complex that which is really very simple and obvious.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Integration. Consider integration as the experience of resolution that unfolds when we remove the word 'heal' from our vocabulary, and in its place we use the word 'embrace'.

HEART INTENT: Indigenous. Consider that once upon a time the only 'Light of the World' was the sun in the sky. Consider that this was a time when there was no light in the darkness, other than the moon and the stars - and if they were not visible - nothing was. Consider that one day, the 'Light of the World', in the form of fire, came to earth in a manner that enabled us to have warmth, hot food, protection, and visibility in the darkest of nights. Consider how we first sat together around this fire at night - this representative of The Light of the World - and through its illumination we built a world - a world now so complex that it has lost awareness of whence comes 'The Light of the World' that made it. Consider that those who are authentically of indigenous consciousness are those who remember that the coming of The Light of the World into creation is not a fantastical religious story - but that it is indeed a tangible, primal event, recalled experientially each time we spend all night together or alone around the fire. Consider that there is no need to fear what will happen when 'the light of the machine' eventually fails humanity - for at this time an awareness of the truth and love of The Light of the world shall return fully into the human heart again.