Thursday, April 29, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Sometimes all we can do is hold ourselves gently until the hurt dissipates - and sometimes this has to be enough.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Patterns. Consider that because of the emotional charge we have attached to certain past events - that when reflections of them occur in our life we recoil - not realizing these to be shadows of unresolved energetic patterns. Consider for example, when someone says something that triggers us deeply, that hurts us to the core, even though we know they did not mean to, it still can be hard for us not to resort to hurtful stories within our imagination - and to suddenly change the way we are relating to them. Even when we know they meant nothing by it - it is hard to not see them through the resonance of our own hurt. Consider that if we had no charge attached to what was said, their words would have moved through our awareness without any sudden explosion of emotional discomfort. Consider that such instances occurring now in our lives are simply energetic patterns surfacing for conscious integration. We feel it personally - yes - but taking it personally only leads us deeper into hurtfulness.

HEART INTENT: Gentleness. Consider that 'conscious integration of something' is the same as 'hugging an aspect of our experience'. Consider that when our experience most requires a hug is when it is hardest to embrace it - because the very encounter requiring conscious integration causes us simultaneously to recoil. Consider that when we are hurting internally, that the balm of gentleness radiated from our own heart toward whatever aspect of our experience is suffering, is causal. Consider that one of the greatest capacities worth developing is metaphorically holding ourselves gently while we are hurting - not to fix anything - not to try and make anything better - but just because it is the most loving response.