Sunday, April 11, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider how transformed our experience becomes if when gazing upon and appreciating the endless expressions of what God is, we simultaneously remind ourselves of the unseen, yet omnipresent, divine Expresser of it all? Is there any greater practice than continual remembrance?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Worship. Consider that as human beings we are hardwired to worship. Consider that worship is all we know and all we do. Consider that the trick we fall for is the belief that we are only truly worshiping when we enter our temples, churches, mosques, and sacred sites - or when we take a moment each day for prayer and meditation. Consider however that worship is simply the act of appreciation, and that appreciation is simply what we place our attention upon in an interested manner. Consider that in this light, it is likely we worship much that has nothing to do with what we have defined as being God for us. Consider how much interested attention and appreciation we give to our politicians and celebrities? Consider how much interested attention and appreciation we give to money, sex, and food? Consider how much interested attention and appreciation we give to our fears, to what angers us, and to what saddens us? Consider that we are actually in a state of worship 100% of the time - from the moment we awaken until we sleep - and that even while asleep we are worshipping through what we attend to in our dreams. Consider that mostly we worship an expression of what God is for us, not The Great Expresser.

HEART INTENT: God. Consider that no one can tell us what God is for us because what God truly is cannot be spoken - only personally experienced. Consider that there is no greater waste of time, energy, and mental distraction than trying to replicate someone else's experience of what God is. Consider that trying to 'understand' what God is, is simply a pointless mental distraction - a bit like an ant trying to comprehend quantum physics. Consider however that what God is may easily be felt within the heart by everyone, right now, and only now. Consider that there can be as many names for God as words we can make up, but that none calls an awareness of God into this moment as powerfully as an expression of unconditional love for ourselves and between one being and another. Consider that making a special time for God in our day as a step in the right direction - until of course we realize that such behavior simply reinforces the mistaken assumption that there can actually be a moment in which God is not. Consider that what God truly is does not require our belief, attention, or faithfulness to exist - God is anyway - God is any way - God is always - God is all ways. What else could possibly be?