Sunday, March 14, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the tenderest way for us to reveal to any other what is important to us is to be it.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Example. Consider that those who choose to keep their mouths closed and instead allow the quiet radiance of their felt-activity to be their Soul's primary communication are the ones who impact us causally. Consider that 'teaching by example' is to live according to the resonance of, 'I be the living vision I seek to transmit to others'. Consider that communicating by example is the only form of instruction that is non-interfering, non-manipulating, non-dictatorial, and non-disempowering. Consider that even though the word may be regarded as greater than the sword – that the quiet deed always dwarfs any amount of words.

HEART INTENT: Tenderness. Consider that nothing robs the experience of restful sleep and pollutes the heart's awareness of peace more than deliberately hurting another. Consider that disciplining of children through physical punishment arises from a heart devoid of tenderness, and that this approach only gives rise to hurt adults hurting each other and their children. Consider that only through the full realization of tenderness does the lion lie down with the lamb. Consider that the realization of tenderness cannot be fully embraced while meditating alone in a cave. Consider that innocent lovers wrapped in each others soft naked flesh is God's felt-portal for feeding the world' heart with the awareness, presence, and importance of tenderness.