Sunday, February 28, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that creativity devoid of love is easy to identify, because its consequences are wasteful, selfish, and destructive. Consider that creativity devoid of love simply becomes 'manufacture' - and that any heartless, mindless, soulless machine can accomplish this. Consider that when we behave this way, then this too is what we become.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Creativity. Consider that when we label ourselves as being 'a professional healer', we inadvertently condemn ourselves to living in a broken world and to propagating 'the business of spirituality'. If we are currently using this label - are we willing to evolve beyond it? Consider that what God truly is cannot be broken, injured, or mortally wounded, and therefore that which is 'manifest in The Image' requires no healing. So what is it we are actually healing when we declare, 'we are healing'? Consider that our destiny is to become God-like - to become 'as creators' - not to become 'as full time fixers of others'. Is it therefore possible to view the experience we call 'healing' as a temporary integration point through which we awaken from our experience of sheepishness into self-shepardary? Is it possible healing is simply a temporary interaction we are having with our evolving experience, as opposed to an ongoing occupation with what we are?

HEART INTENT: Flexibility. Consider that the part of us that will not bend to fresh insight - to the spontaneous calling of the moment - is the part of us that currently offers the greatest break-through. Consider that when we break-up with someone [or with ourselves]- we are simply dismantling a calcified circumstance that is inhibiting our ongoing elevation. Consider that our '5-year-plans' are simply fearful mental blueprints designed to reactively program our tomorrows according to the unresolved impact of our yesterdays. Is it possible that the present moment contains everything we require to consciously and creatively navigate our experience, and that the radiating of endless, spontaneous creativity is simply the tapping into an eternally available fountain that effortlessly springs from our trusting in this?

Saturday, February 27, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that all natural structures upon earth hold within themselves intelligent construct and capacity far more complex than any manufactured technology - and that until we real eyes this - we project our awareness away from - instead of inject our awareness into - what love is.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Structure. Consider that all natural form represents a variety of containers for deliberately stored intelligence - and that when we acknowledge all natural form accordingly - with love, honor and respect - we discover ourselves to be living in the midst of a galactic library. And, that when we real eyes this about ourselves - and learn how to tap inward through in-sight - this is called 'being in-formed'.

HEART INTENT: Direction. Consider that the word 'information', when engaged with phonetically, reads as "in formation". Consider the word 'acknowledgement' as an abbreviation for the instruction, "meant to access knowledge". Consider this possibility: When the population of planet earth is awakened to the reality that each individual in form is a self-contained, complete, majestic living library - and when our education systems have as their core intent the acknowledgement of this through the awakening of the individual to the endless mysteries of this inner exploration - then nature also naturally opens her vaults of insight without necessity for scalpel or microscope - and then we truly move harmoniously 'in formation' with each other. Could all that is naturally created be endless versions of love wrapped in an earth-in jar?

Friday, February 26, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: What if we realize that from this point onward, individually, we truly have the heart-felt capacity to inspire a different outcome to the one many still collectively assume we are all are head-ing for?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Activity. Consider that there are two sides to all our worldly activity - the trinity of causality - silence, stillness, and invisibility, and the trinity of manifestation - noise, movement, and appearance. Now, consider that there are also these two sides to our human presence in this world - the trinity of our causality, and the trinity of our manifestation. Consider that the part of us that is manifest is what we perceive through the five senses of the body - and that the part of us which is causal we perceive through the sixth sense - the felt-capacity of the heart. If this is possibly true - how do we shift the reality of any assumed outcome?

HEART INTENT: Inventiveness. Infinity being what it is means there is always [all ways] a different way to approach anything we are currently involved in. Funny how we tend to settle upon one way and convince ourselves 'this is it', and that we are even willing to go to war to defend 'our way'. Is it possible that our belligerent defense of what we think is right and true arises simply from 'being one-sided'? And, could it be that 'being one-sided' about anything is simply a symptom of our inability to perceive and consciously engage with the common causality of all that is manifest? Consider that by percetually transforming 'always' into 'all ways' we unhinge any assumed outcome and open a magical doorway into unlimited possibility. Is there a possibility that always feeling is the magical opening to feeling all ways?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: One can wish for no greater friendship than with another who has truly made friends with themselves.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Union. Contemplate that phonetically, this words says, "You in you." Consider that one of the greatest indicators of entering the resonance of union is when we are at peace with the felt-aspect of our ongoing experience - no matter how it feels. What happens when we validate every second of our ongoing experience as being required - and receive it not only as our most precious teaching - but also as the intended palette upon which we illustrate the miracle of life?

HEART INTENT: Friendship. Consider that few accomplishments surpass developing the capacity to be our own best friend. When our lover is also truly our friend, a great journey becomes possible. Take note that the people who genuinely become our longest, dearest, timeless companions upon the road of life, are those who want nothing from or of us. Consider perceiving authentic friendship as a vehicle that extends beyond the borders of this phenomenal world - and that those who are our deepest friends now, have always been so, and will always be so. Remember that we do not have to hold onto a true friend - for our love for them always brings us back together, and in doings so, reminds us that in our heart we can never be separated.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: There are few experiences as uplifting as resolving of what heavies' the heart.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Elevation. No one has to tell us what lifts our spirits and what brings them down - just as there are few who can explain why we often behave as if we are the only one on earth who doesn't possess and act upon this insight. The most exciting elevation comes from strapping on rocket boosters and conveniently forgetting that what is forcefully blasted upward must at some point plummet downward. The most rewarding and reliable elevation is through a consistently applied, quiet, solitary routine [route in]. This however requires ongoing undisplayed sacrifice.

HEART INTENT: Sacrifice. It is often the case that being willing to truly let go of what we think we most want is the most accelerated way to receiving what we absolutely require. Sacrifice does not mean anything unless what we are sacrificing really means something to us. Staying present requires continually sacrificing our stories about the past and the future for the love of the living adventure taking place in this moment. It is likely that life is simply a journey in which we gradually have to sacrifice everything we think we possess until we are possessed only by love.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Committing to doing any vibrational practice consistently - every day - no matter what [no matter what materializes within that day] - is the key to the door that unlocks the illuminated realization of what we are - and of what we are not. Consistency is the key. It is the taking of a routine and endowing it with the power to be as a 'route in'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Consistency. Consider that the word 'consistency' phonetically contains the phrase, "consist in see" - which is another way of saying, "contains insight" - which is another way of saying, "see what it contains". The causal cycles of our universe are consistent. The mechanisms of the heavens do not take holidays, or breaks, or time-outs. They are consistent. They continue no matter what as a way of revealing the most profound secret: that what drives them is superior to the matter in which these cycles are consistently reflected. Authentic consistency deletes the word 'until' from our vocabulary.

ILLUMINATION: Illumination. Consider that essentially what we are is 'illumination', and that our seeking for ourselves - or for 'the truth' - is simply a search for the light switch. Yet, we spend our time trying to figure out if this light switch is more superior to that light switch. We debate which light switch is the true one, and which is the misleading one. "Is this light switch the appropriate color and shape, and is it located at the right position on the wall?" we ask. Yet, none of this comparative noise accomplishes anything. For all we are required to do is reach inward and flick the switch through what has already presented itself. Our route in has already presented itself. And, the illumination is already here - as us - we do not have to make that part of it happen. We are simply required to participate in revealing the glory of our majesty. 'Consistency' - the 'no matter what' principle - is the flicking of the light switch.

Monday, February 22, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: It is through closeness and gentleness, with ourselves and others, that we realize why the heart was created.

HEART INTENT: Closeness. Few things bring us closer to another than listening without simultaneoulsy thinking about what we want to say next. Loneliness is a symptomatic consequence of fearing closeness with ourselves, and therefore with others. Few blessings surpass the experience of laughing naked in the arms of the one we love. The closer we come to ourselves the more spacious our lives feel. Dishonesty automatically smothers closeness.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Gentleness. There is a secret garden in God's Kingdom that only gentleness may enter. Our soft human skin is evidence that gentleness is our authentic nature. It is usually gentle people with whom we feel most at peace. The more gentle we are with ourselves - the more accomodating the universe feels. Practicing gentleness toward ourselves and others throughout our day leads to moments of unexpected magnificence. Hurrying automatically smothers gentleness.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Only when we learn to recognize and retire the pirate within ourselves can we take down the corporate logo that is our skull and crossbones flag, wade to shore through the tumultuous waves of our own emotional autopsy, and find a quiet place to rest in peace upon the tranquil shady shores of a loving motherland.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Contentment. Consider the essential difference between the indigenous earth-honoring consciousness and our modernized, capitalist mentality: the former display a lifestyle that radiates the words 'thank you' and 'enough', whereas the latter behave like fallen angels hovering hungrily around a bottomless goldmine shaft. When we do not know the meaning of the word 'enough', we cannot know the meaning of the expression 'thank you', and then no matter in what fancy modern attire we camouflage ourselves, we remain heartless headhunters - invaders who justify rape and pillage as a means to get ahead.

HEART INTENT: Amend. Amend is a impactful word - it contains the words 'mend', 'end', and 'Amen'. Consider that we each are the eyes and ears of God, born into this particular moment with great purpose, here to track down the trails of heartless manipulation that lead only to torment and horror. Yet, this divine hunt simply becomes more Hollywood unless it takes place within the cavities, chambers, and passageways of our own heart-space. To claim to see ourselves as we truly are, without first recognizing and amending the manner of our own ongoing manipulation of everything around us, is to see only a projected spiritual fantasy. Consider that it is only through honestly recognizing the wild, restless, beast, rampaging within, and gently calming and integrating it through unconditional awareness, that anything is truly amended. Amen.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: When we honor whatever appears to die, like appreciating a good meal whose plates have been cleared from the table, the mouthfuls of the moments we have swallowed are able to digest with grace and gratitude, and the nutrition received is allowed to birth as life anew.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Death. Death sweeps the dust of a finished matter out of our current awareness, but when we hold on too tightly, we feel like her broom is taking us with her. Death changes this into that and that into this - but when we mistakenly search for ourselves in this or that - we become fearful that death will change us too. Death tucks the things away that keep us from coming home to ourselves - just as life returns them all when we do. Death switches off the light so we may sleep to what is complete, and the one who lingers too long after the party is over always feels sad and alone.

HEART INTENT: Energy. We can feel it, we can think it, we can taste it, we can touch it, we can hear it, we can smell it, we can see it, we can speak it, we can dance it, we can eat it, we can paint it, we can play it, we can breathe it, we can walk on it, we can swim through it, we can fly through it by riding in it, we can cook it and eat it, we can lose it and repeat it, we can freeze it and then heat it, we can defend ourselves from it and then defeat it, we can mould it and then worship it, and we can tuck ourselves in and snuggle to sleep in it. No matter the intricacies of its mysteriously eternal dance, energy is simply infinitely versatile goop that allows consciousness to stick around long enough to become aware of itself.

Friday, February 19, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Starting over begins with a change of heart - and if this felt-adjustment is truly accomplished - the rest follows organically - sometimes like a slight shift in the breeze that fortells a change in the weather - and sometimes like the explosive discharge of an errupting, pent-up geyser.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Activation. Every moment of every day is a fertile portal into an as yet unseen potential. We diminish our capacity to tap into this eternal well of opportunity by viewing what is currently possible through the eyes of past failure or future fear. This moment is the only place in eternity that harbors the possibility for rebirth. This moment is a well-spring of living water waiting to be consciously tapped - always pregnant with nourishing possibility. And, the plug which releases its bounty is uncapped through feeling. If we can feel the fullness of what we intend rebirthing in this moment - and contain this felt-experience within our heart - we have successfully uncorked its potential.

HEART INTENT: Starting over. Consider that the only place and time to start over is right here, right now. We 'might' start over tomorrow. We 'could have' or 'should have' started over yesterday. Yet? What may make starting over right now appear challenging is we may assume we have to first physically do something - and this may feel too hard - or we may question whether we have the required will power. Or, we may assume we first have to mentally figure something out - and we may not have confidence that we have the necessary intelligence. However, to authentically start anything over requires making a shift at the causal point of our experience of what we seek to rebirth. This means that any rebirth must first take place through transforming where its current condition is anchored as a felt-expression within our heart. Authentic change is activated by first consciously inviting a change in how we feel about what it is we seek to rebirth.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: A master is one who has received a vision so vast that there is no valid pathway open to them other than to forever remain a student.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Mastership. The deepest level of mastership is born from embracing the attitude that we are at all times at the helm of our own mothership - regardless of whether this is true or not. Any form of outer worship - if not at some point consciously shed like an old skin - inevitably short-circuits the integrity of inner mastership - and instead manifests outwardly as some form of warship. A resonance of mastership arises when continually being willing to take the first step in a direction no one appears to have walked - even if it leads nowhere.

HEART INTENT: Visioning. When we set upon activity with the intent to have things be the way they once were - we are dreaming - but when we set upon activity that inspires us to discover as yet unexplored dimensions of the way things really are - we are visioning. The most efficient way to anchor a vision is to feel it physically within our body-vehicle - and then to repeatedly call it into manifestation by consistently exploring the textures of this felt-sensation. The trick to staying immune to the virus of complacency is to remember that no matter how awesome and all-encompassing any vision is in the moment of its revelation - there is always more - and there always will be.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Is it possible that it is only when we unconditionally receive what we are feeling in this moment upon the tongue of our sacred heart, that we are at the altar as God created it and receiving Holy Communion directly from God's fingers - and that all else is simply make-belief?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Alter. Consider that there is no holier temple than our created physical body, and that there is no mightier altar than our given sacred heart - for when a human heart is truly altered - then everything changes for that human. Why is it we are so willing to bow to altars which do not alter much except the content of other's pockets and the influence of another's organization? Consider that we do not alter our experience of anything by changing it, but by changing the way we are being with it.

HEART INTENT: Communion. It is interesting that the word 'commune' when spoken phonetically says, "Come you in". Is there any greater communion than when we are able to be with ourselves without invalidating the experience we are having? Is it possible that the immensity of the sustained felt-experience accessible through our sexuality holds one of the keys for activating vibrational Holy Communion with God, ourselves, and another - and that anyone placing fear upon or around this experience is purposely or inadvertently blocking this particular doorway?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: If we are silent enough, still enough, willing enough, and vulnerable enough, we can feel the existence of a majestic, eternal kingdom, in which radiant immortals peer upon our manufactured world as if standing around a pool watching fish.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Untamed. What if the part of ourselves that we know - the part of us that is tailored to fit neatly into our societal environment - is merely an artificially manufactured appendage - like a stick used by a blind person? Try for a moment to feel if there is something else to our reality - something currently hidden - like a misplaced item we do not even realize is missing - something magical that our world has been living without for thousands of years? What if recovering this magical awareness requires only our feeling of it - coupled with our willingness to believe that what we feel is real?

HEART INTENT: Revelation. If we were offered the awareness of a revelation so vast that it would completely shatter all our currently held historical, spiritual, religious, societal, political, and economic truths - would we be open to receiving it? What if everything we have been told about the history of humanity is a masterfully manufactured ruse that keeps us from rediscovering our true capacity? What if our current human experience is like that of staged strangers dancing with each other at a masked ball, and that the mask we wear is whatever religious belief system we are born into? Are we prepared to take off our mask so we can see and reacquaint ourselves - or do we prefer the reality born of cardboard, fluff, glue and glitter?

Monday, February 15, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: When I stand in front of you completely comfortable with how I feel about myself, you relax, and we invariably end up laughing about something.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Radiance. How do we know when we are approaching an authentic awareness of what God is? We are increasingly bombarded by the radiance and undulating ripples of innocent laughter. Consider that when we truly encounter and celebrate the radiance of our own innocence, we automatically recognize it in everyone we encounter. A smile can always be faked - because it is simply the appropriate movement of the lips - however the heart-warming feeling radiating from the genuine article cannot.

HEART INTENT: Accomplishment. Consider that being fully accepting of the felt-aspect of our experience is vastly more beneficial than accomplishing clear thinking or physical prowess. When we shift our attention from the nature of our 'falling over' into the mechanisms of our 'arising upward', we naturally become more buoyant. The nature of reality automatically opens the curtains upon its mysterious play the moment we realize we already are - a predicament no accomplishment, or lack thereof, ever alters.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: The greatest blessing is to unconditionally embrace what is, for this resonance of unconditional love is a gentle glance cast by God quietly marking all that is to peacefully reawaken into the delicious morning light of The Kingdom.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Embrace. Holding another in our arms is wonderful and lasts for a time, but holding another unconditionally within our heart is a blessing that lasts forever. Those who think upon us kindly even when there is nothing to be gained from it are those who truly have us in their heart's embrace. The power of unconditional love is that it acts as a fisherman's net - in the moment we make our transition through the portal, we effortlessly ensnare and bring with us all we have embraced in this way.

HEART INTENT: Blessing. It is commendable to offer a public blessing using our resources and mouth, but it has miraculous consequences when we transmit one silently and invisibly with the radiance of our loving heart. When we do what we feel is most loving for another, even though it is likely to cause them to feel contempt toward us, we offer a rare blessing. We are not required to explain ourselves to those who cannot yet comprehend, but we are required to behave according to the virtues of our comprehension while in their company.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: The process of authentically forgiving another only commences when we are willing to consider that their hurtful behavior is a reflection of how we are currently behaving toward ourselves.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Relationship. When we choose emotional growth, we allow every relationship to represent an outwardly reflected facet of our primary relationship - being the one we are having with our own heart. Choosing to continue to be with someone who deliberately hurts us has no reward the heart could ever value. The struggle to say "No" to another is often the struggle to say "Yes" to ourselves.

HEART INTENT: Reflection. We can see what we are being in this world by paying close attention to whom we are choosing to be with. The most challenging mirror to gaze into is the one that does not agree with us - yet an honest glimpse into such a place is rewarded with radiant beauty. When it comes to intimate relationships - we seldom settle for anything other than the way we are already treating ourselves. Not getting what we want from another is not the issue - it is the idea that we assumed our being with them was about 'getting' in the first place.

Friday, February 12, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: There are no new beginnings in eternity - there are simply punctuated reawakenings into the power inherent in accepting full responsibility for the making of our own choices.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Choice. Consider that continually stating, "We are doing what we are doing because it is the will of the universe", is more often than not a convenient way to avoid the responsibility inherent in making a deliberate choice. In each moment the accumulated experience of our entire existence offers us the momentum to make the most loving choice - which is not necessarily the same as making the most obvious or easiest choice. Is it possible that the capacity for choice is given to us as a way to rise above our addiction to enslaving ourselves by worshipping whatever we do not comprehend?

HEART INTENT: Nurturing. When we integrate the Yaqui Indian teaching, "The highest path is attained when we realize that the intent of every outer medicine is to awaken within us the capacity to become as medicine", then we access the frequency of authentic self-nurturing. Consider that the frequency of self-nurturing and personal responsibility are so interwoven - it is unlikely they can ever be separated. Is it possible that the capacity for self-nurturing is given to us as a way to rise above our addiction to enslaving ourselves by handing the responsibility for our experience over to others?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Is it possible that becoming everything we are able to be may first require being willing to greet everything we already remember of ourselves with love?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Ascension. Consider that the ascension of any aspect of our experience only commences when we perceive it as it is - as opposed to perceiving it as we want, hope, or wish it to be. Are we open to developing the capacity to transcend this seemingly mortal human experience without first having to lose or discard our physical vehicle?

HEART INTENT: Memory. Is it possible that it is simply unresolved memory that obscures clear perception? If we truly do not mind - does it still matter? It is quite probable that we use the same mechanism to remember the past as we do to remember the future, but that while our past remains unintegrated, this capacity remains one-sided.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Opening ourselves to achieving a wider perspective by recommitting to taking full responsibility for the one we currently occupy.

HEART INTENT: Responsibility. Do we think we came all the way through the cosmos into this particular life experience just to earn a living - especially considering that we are already alive? Consider the probability that we are carefully observed to ascertain how well we manage the realizations we have already accomplished before assistance is granted for more to become accessible. It stands to reason that if no one else can feel for us, then we are responsible for the way we feel.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Perspective. Remaining conscious of the power of perspective requires remembering in what varying shades the world can appear depending upon how we feel when we wake up in the morning. Consider that there is nothing like consuming a sufficient daily quantity of oxygen, water, and sunlight to brew up a healthy perspective. Isn't having a different point of view simply a matter of occupying a different 'point of you'? Remember the feeling emanating from your being the last time you felt on top of the world? You are welcome to sit upon this peak anytime you choose to feel like this.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: When we invite our day to ride upon the same felt-resonance as we do when going on a first date with someone we barely know - then we expose ourselves to the nourishing vitality of being alive.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Interaction. Only the virus of complacency allows us to assume we will be with someone we love again tomorrow - and that what needs saying today can be put off until then. The feeling of loneliness is a sign we are standing at the doorway of our own sacred heart - inviting ourselves to feel this energetic state fully without tampering with it is the asking that this door be opened unto us. Consider the expression, "Whenever two or more gather - I am there" - and how it places the value not on us acting individually, but upon the current emantating from within our interactions with each other.

HEART INTENT: Mystery. Remember that whenever life feels boring, it is most likely because in that moment we have somehow managed to convince ourselves that we understand everything about it. The biology of mystery emanates from the realization that the womb is but a physical portal ushering our awareness into this particular experience - not the point at which it begins. Are we brave enough to call into being a moment that reveals to us experientially that absolutely nothing is as it appears?

Monday, February 8, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Remember that if we are still waiting for the world to open a space for us so we may rise up and become everything we feel we can, then we have not yet realized the value and sacredness of our own heart.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Emergence. Consider that every emergency has two distinct frequencies imbedded into it - one that sinks into fearfulness, and the other that rises up upon what the word phoneticially communicates: an opportunity to emerge and see. Remember it is our heart, not the accolades of others, that calls us to step out from the quagmire of the distracted masses and into the radiant spotlight of impeccable personal responsibility.

HEART INTENT: Accommodation. Remember that what makes the world beautiful is variety, and that what eats away at our ability to realize this is the foolishness of comparison. Consider that is easy and convenient to reactively engage with another's childhood imprinting - however it takes valor to willingly peer beyond this temporary energetic stain and instead call out their eternal innocence.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: What if you could have an experience to show you that every human, plant, and living creature you have ever and will ever encounter is actually you in another guise - would you allow yourself to realize this?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Awakening. What if everything you have allowed yourself to believe about what is possible for you is less than a granule on the beach of what your potential truly is?

HEART INTENT: Destiny. What if every good thing that has ever happened to you so far are just ripples of a culminating event not yet manifest, but already firmly set in place? And, what if the ecstatic radiance of this culminating event automatically dissolves every limitation you currently perceive restricting you? And, what if there is absolutely nothing you can say, do, or think that can stop this from happening? Why? Because you deserve it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Remembering that sometimes there is no greater power than having the courage to hold our tongue when it is obvious that no amount of words will make the slightest difference.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Power. Trusting in our choices when the whole world is telling us otherwise. Not getting ourselves into debt just so we can get what we want just because we want it now. Realizing that if we never stand for something, we are likely to fall for anything. Staying present and fully aware while experiencing a deeply uncomfortable emotional state - without resorting to telling a story about it or projecting our felt-discomfort outwardly through reactive behavior.

HEART INTENT: Courage. Allowing someone we love to have their own experience even when it is possible they may hurt themselves. Still being willing to change our course of action in the midst of realizing we are making the wrong choice, even when we have already verbally committed ourselves. Allowing in, and being fully present with, our deepest fears, so we may integrate them by embracing them lovingly with our unconditional attention. Laughing at ourselves when we get too serious. Seriously, just laugh about it.

Friday, February 5, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Considering that what we eternally are is only clearly and consistently felt by us when we commit to responding to what we are feeling in any given moment as being valid.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Vibrational. Realizing that even though our experience is always shifting this way and that - there is something about us that always remains unchanged - and that it is therefore in our interest to make a best friend out of whatever this is. Contemplating how differently one behaves towards oneself and others when living as an immortal. Considering that nothing ever goes away - it simply changes into something else.

HEART INTENT: Trust. Realizing that whenever we question the validity of another's experience - it means that we are also undermining our own in this way. Considering that the continual payment of compliments is a camouflaged cry for help from one who is experiencing emotional bankruptcy. Contemplating that when we are able to integrate the truth that, 'we always have enough of what we require right now', then we can relax into the knowing that we always have enough. Remember all those times we fell, and then picked ourselves up again? So what's the problem now?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Realizing that the smallest of rivers does not have to hold onto anything to move forward, and yet, in time, everything it touches eventually comes with it.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Flow. Considering that the word 'flow' is the beginning of the word 'flower'. Contemplating that water is simultaneously one of the most powerful forces upon the planet, and also the most willing to go where there is least resistance. Realizing that 'feeling our way through' and 'flowing our way through' are the same, and that 'flowing' and 'allowing' are first cousins. Admitting that often the choice is between being right, or being at peace, and that the harder one is the higher road.

HEART INTENT: Harmony. Considering that awakening into a personal experience of living in harmony with others arises partly from our intent to apply felt-discernment. Inviting ourselves to first acknowledge what we have in common with those who appear disruptive toward us, before we place our attention upon our apparent differences. Realizing that the energies which appear to relish in dividing us only behave this way because they have no personal awareness of the one unified source that provides for us all. Seeing if we can whistle the tune Ebony and Ivory the next time we feel annoyed with anyone.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Asking for assistance to become increasingly sensitive to the daily transmissions of inner guidance which are custom-designed for our specific experience - and for having the wisdom - once consciously receiving these - to live them.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Wisdom. Remembering that there is always a bigger picture than the one we currently perceive, and that the bounty of this greater vision is offered freely to all willing to operate from this 'point of you'. Not fooling ourselves into believing that technology can take us where only the heart may enter. Realizing that judging the ways of the universe according to our current level of intelligence sets us up to fall short of what is possible.

HEART INTENT: Guidance. Reminding ourselves that we are welcome to live in an "ask and receive" universe, not only an "ask and go get" one. Considering that prime intelligence communicates with and to us through all aspects of creation, but that its voice is clearest when we tune into it through the feeling capacity of our heart. Realizing there is no truth greater than what reveals itself as true in any given moment. Opening to perceiving our physical body as being a profound organic transformer capable of receiving transmissions from as yet unseen dimensions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Opening ourselves to receiving whatever dastardly medicine we require to unleash with delirium the vibratory, unbuckled, rambunctious, creative-super-fantastic-being that we already are...or something of the ilk.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Art. Considering that when we perceive all of creation as an intended evolving art form, then only do we open our noggins to the expression, "Thou art in heaven". Taking a moment to appreciate the raving artistic genius behind every manifestation in the natural world - and that we are part of it. Being deeply grateful whenever we meet someone who still makes beautifully crazy things without thinking about what is to be gained financially from their activity.

HEART INTENT: Medicine. Realizing that anything that challenges our 'point of you' is very good medicine indeed. Remembering that a loving hug often accomplishes more than a whole string of well thought-out words. Not being fooled into believing that buying something for someone is the same as 'giving of ourselves'. Remembering that, 'laughter is the medicine we are after'. Accordingly, inviting the universe to make us laugh so hard that our knees buckle, our eyes water, and we wish our bladder wasn't so full.

Monday, February 1, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Realizing that when personally-felt peace is the causal point of our thoughts, words, and deeds, that the ongoing felt-resonance of personal peacefulness is an automatic consequence for us, and that encountering this felt-resonance of personal peacefulness then also becomes a heightened possibility for all with whom we interact.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Integrity. Considering that how we feel about anyone or anything is the causal point of the quality of our relationship with them - and that because no other can feel on our behalf - we alone are responsible for how we feel about anyone or anything. Realizing that 'maintaining our integrity' has nothing to do with aligning ourselves with some mentally pre-determined behavioral pattern - but rather with a moment-to-moment willingness to be aware of, and to take full responsibility for, the felt-consequences of our thoughts, words, and deeds.

HEART INTENT: Peace. Remembering that, in any given moment, feeling peaceful is a personal choice. Realizing that peacefulness - when transmitted to another through thought, word or action - has no lasting resonance unless it is already firmly anchored as a felt-experience within the heart of the transmitter. Remembering that actions truly sourced in felt-peacefulness have no desired outcome other than unconditionally sharing the resonance of felt-peacefulness. Considering that there is no peace in the world other than that which we feel right now in our own heart.

NOTE: Today we enter a magical time portal of peaceful possibility which remains open for 10 days - until Wednesday 10th. It may be characterized as: an extremely fertile period for seeding a personally felt awareness of what peace really is into our moment-to-moment experience. While traversing this portal, we are all equally vulnerable to the successful planting of felt-peacefulness into the core of our personal experience. The choice is ours.