Thursday, March 18, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that just as playfulness is the automatic radiance of a light heart - it too is the heart's light. Shine in, on, and out.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Enough. Consider that the one word and concept children are not introduced to in our schooling systems is the word "enough". Consider that the dire financial state of our world right now is a consequence of our capitalistic consciousness not having the word "enough" in its vocabulary. Consider that while we do not bring resolution to the fear, anger, and grief within our heart, nothing in this outer world experience can ever be "enough" for us. Consider that the lack of peace experienced by humanity is the consequence of our inability to know when we have "enough ". Consider that realizing what "enough" means necessitates our being able discern the difference between what we want and what we require. Consider that there is only enough of everything for everyone on planet earth when we each individually install and awareness and use of the word "enough" into our personal experience.

HEART INTENT: Play. Consider that when we forget we are always playing, then on some deep inner level we are sadly straying. Consider that even the most serious actor performing the most serious, tragic, dramatic interpretation, is still playing. Consider that playfulness is the frequency most vulnerable to inspiration, insight, communion, laughter, health, abundance, and personal growth. Consider that playfulness brings out the child within the adult - and that it is the child - not that adult - which is made in the image of whatever God is. Consider that it is only when we have become addicted to our drama that we experience playfulness as annoying.