Friday, March 26, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that authentic personal stability is only possible once we remain consistently in response mode toward our felt-relationship with 'what is'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Stability. Consider that experiencing stability within ourselves, and hence within the radiance of our experience, is directly determined by how we relate to the continually changing felt-aspect of our experience. Consider that 'an unstable person' is one who has lost the capacity to respond to what they are feeling in each moment, and who consequently translates the felt-aspect of their experience into a mental construct and physical behavior that is incompatible with the world around them. Consider that personal stability arises only when we embrace what we are feeling in each given moment as being valid and therefore required. Consider that stability arises not from an intent to always feel good - but from with the intent to become a good feeler.

HEART INTENT: Impact. Consider that the vibrational realm is constantly in a state of flow through us. Consider that what we are as human beings is the vibrational manifest as a constant outward flow. Consider that the purest way of personally encountering the vibration [that we are] is through feeling it flow through us. Consider therefore what the consequences are if our capacity to feel is tangled and numbed through unconscious self-control, self-sedation, and self-manipulation. Consider how this continual self-censoring may manifest as internal physical blockages and ongoing mental resistance. Consider addictions, allergies, accidents, and diseases as manifestations of such impact. Consider that the simple practice of consistently validating what we are feeling in each moment - by allowing the felt-aspect of our experience to be - whether what we feel is comfortable or not - as being a constructive step toward diffusing unnecessary impact.