Sunday, March 7, 2010



Only the blessed recognize The Lover
and bow in deepest respect and gratitude
at the possibility of feeling God's embrace
and becoming whole again in the laughter
of eyes merged in passionate remembrance.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Lover. Phonetically, this word says, "love her", and is likely intended as "love Her". Consider the presence of 'The Lover' to be a whispering kiss directly from God's lips. Consider that this sensual whisper does not enter our lives to endorse unconscious societal programming like marriage, breeding, home front maintenance, and career development. Consider that for the right price, we can always acquire a wife or husband willing to perform these societal duties. Consider that The Lover does not come crashing into our heart just to indulge our addiction to co-dependency. Consider The Lover as being an unbridled emissary of God, with blazing sword of fiery passion, declaring, "I cannot be boxed, labeled, organized, understood, tamed, controled, and trained to project appropriate appearances - I am here only to remind you of what love is, and to give you yet another opportunity to choose Her mystery, instead of you blindly repeating your programmed history."

HEART INTENT: Source. Consider that humanity is deathly ill, dropping to its knees in shuddering, frail weakness, barely able to splutter coherent words from its dry, scorched mouth, and all because it has been 'led to believe' that Source, at all costs, must be denied, and that in It's place, false idols be erected. Consider how eagerly we now worship our cathedrals, our money, our bloodied crucifixes, our mosques, our holy symbols, our promising presidents and pop stars, our orange robbed leaders, our televisions, our sports teams and modern mechanical devices. Consider how we give them all so much attention that they become outwardly 'as God' to us. Consider that to accomplish this consistent energetic flow of outward adoration requires great effort and vast investment in inner resources. Consider that it also requires our continually shutting off of our momet-to-moment felt-awareness of what our authentic Source really is. Ain't no real Mojo in idol/idle worship. Consequenctly, we as a species are exhausted...or is that "ex-Sourced-ed". Nor wonder the manufacturers of viagra cannot keep up with the demand? Do we have the courage to again invite The Lover to reenter our manufactured lair of holy lies to once again attemp to seduce us into our heart's resuscitation?