Thursday, March 4, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: What does it feel like to experience the intensity of earth-shifting momentum, and to simultaneously maintain the sturdy awareness of being grounded to the core?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Momentum. Consider that in this day and Age it behooves us to love the feel of the word 'momentum'. Phonetically, the word momentum broadcasts as, "moment - Aum". Consider that the energy of unstoppable momentum is acquired through tuning as consistently as possible into the vibrant felt-resonance of the present moment.

GROUNDING: Grounding. Notice how creatures who don't know anything about 'what is considered appropriate and what is not' love to stretch out and roll about upon the uncovered surface of the earth. Consider that it is only possible to be grounded 'now', and that when we are feeling ungrounded, it is because our attention is adrift somewhere in the endless corridors of the mental plane. Consider for a few felt-moments the majesty of the magnetic intesity and massive momentum continually initiated by the core of our planet. What sound does it make?