Thursday, April 22, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that how we feel about what we have said after we speak is an accurate reflection of the texture of the resonance we have just radiated into the world through our mouths. Consider that we can use this felt-feedback to teach ourselves how to speak in a way that opens, not closes, our own heart. Consider that when we speak in a manner that opens our own heart - all our words become heart-opening for others.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Communication. Consider that the resonance of our communication is transmitted not so much in what we say, but in how we say it - which is intimately connected to why we say it. Consider that the feeling we transmit when we communicate with anyone has a more lasting impact and consequence than the way we arrange our words. Consider that if the content of our communication is not aligned with the felt-aspect of it - confusion arises within the listener - drastically diminishing the efficiency of our intent to communicate. Consider that this is why we sometimes speak and yet do not feel heard - or why others communications may not make any sense to us. Consider that communication with anyone either brings us closer or pushes us apart - that our spoken words are always doing one or the two.

HEART INTENT: Transformation. Consider that one of the most powerful tools of transformation is the lipped hole that exists just below the nose. Consider why the word 'sword' contains the word, 'word'. Consider that we either speak as a love warrior or a fear worrier. Consider that with an awakened use of the human mouth upon the planet right now - by connecting the mouth to the heart before letting it project what is just randomly rattling around the head - we may accomplish the awakening of the human race at light-tongue speed. Consider the human mouth as a portal: out of it comes love, or hate - safety, or fearfulness - communion, or division - presence, or distraction - heartfelt connection, or mental mishmash. Consider the mouth as our most accessible tool of transformation - for ourselves, and for all who enter the range of our voice. Consider the value - when speaking - in giving another peace of mind, instead of a piece of our mind.