Saturday, March 27, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that becoming enlightened is a consequence of embracing darkness by illuminating ignorance.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Communication. Consider that our world experience is a hive of continual communication. Consider that the intent of any communication arises intimately from within the intent of the communicator. Consider that all communication is made of three layers - physical appearance, mental parameters, and felt-signatures. Consider that the causality of all intent is birthed initially from within the felt-resonance of its communicator, and that only then is it discerned into appropriate mental parameters and physical appearances. Consider therefore that one is only mislead by any communication when attempting to discern the intent of a communicator by only examining it through its mental components and physical appearances. Consider that mental components and physical appearance can be deliberately misguiding, but that felt-components are always valid. Consider that it is therefore recommended to always examine the felt-parameters of any communication to discern its true intent.

HEART INTENT: Light. Consider that the intent of light is to shine as much radiance upon what it encounters so as to freely reveal to all what is core and therefore causal. Consider that light conducts itself in this freely revealing manner because it knows that the core and causality of all is love. Consider that whatever parades itself as 'being light', but still behaves in a manner as to subtly withhold what it has, or require qualification for its imparting, or use manipulation as a means to garner attention, is not of light. Consider that such energies, though parading as light, are ignorant of what light truly is, and can only become of any value once light is shone upon them. Consider that the polar opposite of light is dark - which is beautiful in its majesty - and that the energies devoid of lightness are not of darkness, but are of ignorance. Consider that darkness works consciously in tandem with light, whereas ignorance is simply unaware of it.