Sunday, March 28, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Would we have it be our frantic examination of the details of the dream in a fearful attempt to understand its mechanisms that awakens us? Or, would we have it be the silent love song of the warming morning light, the beckoning of bird chatter, and the touch of the divine lover which stirs our slumber and dissolves the dancing marionettes of our fantasizing mind?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Love. Consider that all our past lovers have been momentary glimpses into the facets of a jewel that is our ultimate divine inheritance. Consider that when we stay with another out of duty, or because we fear being alone, or because we think we will not find another who will put up with us, that we are simply making do with a single dusty facet - with a semi-precious stone - instead of opening ourselves to receive our destined treasure. Consider all the different, tender, beautiful qualities we have experienced while in the arms of our lovers past, and consider the possibility of all of these becoming simultaneously embodied into one majestic, eternal, encounter. Consider all our past lovers as deliberate waves rolling in to announce and gradually prepare us for the imminent arrival of a great, passionate tsunami. Consider whether we are open to such a possibility, or whether we would rather remain safe and settle for less, or whether we would rather entertain remorse by continually turning backward and hankering for what is clearly passed.

HEART INTENT: Ancient. Consider this life in time to be a dream in which we fell asleep as if drunken with deeply hallucinogenic wine. Consider how while in a dream everything we experience appears real, possible, and as the only reality. Consider how, in a dream, when experiencing a nightmare we run without questioning, and when experiencing joy we laugh without hesitation. Consider how surprised we sometimes are when we awaken and discover that what we have been experiencing as real is but a fleeting inner hallucination - one that is completely forgotten by the time the coffee steams. Consider the possibility that there is something we are about to awaken to that is so ancient that it has no beginning, and so all-encompassing that it has no ending. Consider that although we may sometimes feel that something ancient may now be completely lost to us - that it still remains as present and close to us right now as does the body, breath, bed, lover, room, home and life that quietly contains the fleeting hallucination of any deep sleeping dreamer.