Tuesday, March 9, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the liberation of our eternal, vibrant, crystaline essence requires a spontaneous, self-loving, anointing of ourselves as being untainted and holy in our innocence.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Anointing. Consider that one of the drawbacks of any religious order is its assumption that it gets to tell us what is holy and what is not, what is God and what is not, and what is loveable and what is not. Consider that we have the right to anoint ourselves and the radiance of our experience as being holy without requiring permission from sexually frustrated men and women wearing long black dresses and sporting disapproving foreheads. Consider that we have the absolute right to reach into the depths of our own heart, there to grab handfuls of love-soaked stardust, and to scatter it indiscriminately with random child-like enthusiasm upon all as being holy. Consider that whoever says we do not have the right to anoint ourselves and our experiences accordingly simply needs a hug and a pointer to their own bag of stardust.

HEART INTENT: Expression. The dragon loves to curl up in the dark caverns of the earth, to swim lazily through the deep water of the ocean, to fly playfully through air, and to laugh like thunder with bursts of fire. The dragon is the doorway into the elemental Kingdom where all life shimmers, alive, vital, in luminescent auric radiance. When George killed the last dragon he wept like a child as he watched the slain beast transform into the beautiful blood-soaked Queen of the Earth's Spirit. "I sleep now," she whispered to him as she slowly closed her tearful eyes. "I sleep until you rediscover your innocence." And so The Kingdom remains hidden while we witness The Boredom drag on, and drag on, and dragon. What great trickery has led us to believe that our innocence belongs to some future judgment?