Sunday, April 4, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the religious doctrine of the crucifixion as imposed upon and energetically imprinted into our hearts since childhood not as an imparting of a loving symbol of resurrection, but as a deliberate and ignorant assassination of our direct, personal, sovereign, inner access to God's Living Light through a fearful distorting of a fundamental truth about what really constitutes The Temple of The Living God.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Resurrection. Consider authentic resurrection as being a reentry into The Light of Life through an awakening to obvious Truth in a manner so shocking that it renders dead all that to which we have mistakenly held fast as our means for salvation. Consider this: Why would Jesus spend his earth life awakening us to the divinely created arrangement that the human body is the only Temple through which we enter into The Kingdom of the Living God, and then suddenly, after his 'ascension', change his mind 180 degrees, by declaring mysteriously through a detractor of this truth that an organized church be started in His Name, and that through it mass forced conversion be imposed through murdering crusades, that all self-reliant, earth-loving indigenous communities be systematically wiped out by the proclamation of this 'good news', that an uncountable number of women be burnt alive at the stake for honoring the earth as a sacred living being, and that this priestly, political, profiteering rampage across the planet be run in secrecy by rich, statue-worshiping, aged, clearly unhealthy, woman-hating, child-abusing men and the sexually subdued women ensconced into their patriarchal cult? Consider that Jesus also taught that by their deeds, not their words, shall they be known. Consider the deeds of organized religion throughout history and ponder whether any level of pontificating public apology changes for a moment the reality of whose interest these tentacles really serve. Consider that the declaration of having done public good deeds here and there does not serve to excuse those who simultaneously cover up henuious atrocities and continue to deceive themselves the trust and hearts of everyone everywhere. Consider the prieshood not a means by which one may obtain authentic forgiveness, but that in time, and through honest self-examination, they will themselves humbly and publicly ask for, and eventually, be receiving of it. Consider our unquestioning allegeince to organized religion simply as our mistaken worshiping of the shadow cast by that which is standing between us an awareness of God's Living Light.

HEART INTENT: Light. Consider that the only ‘sin’ [perceptual defect] with which we ought concern ourselves is our mistaken intent to try and discover out in the world of hand-built brick and mortar structures that which can only be discovered within our own divinely created, organic body-temples. Consider that lighting a candle in a building does not even for one moment serve to lighten the weight of the generational imprinting of fear, anger, and grief within our own hearts - just as being drawn into outer structures of brick and mortar by their temple bells does not in any way draw us any closer to tuning into the vibrational communication continually calling us from within the temple of our own skulls. Consider that bowing in front of a fancy cloth-draped and wine-goblet-laden alter does not for one moment develop within us the capacity to recognize within ourselves the profound majesty of the human heart as the authentic altar for altering our own experience. Consider that our continually distracted and fragmented search for Truth through priestly religious interpretations of their imposed doctrines does not for one moment develop within us the capacity for the inner one-pointed awareness that renders our whole body full of light. Consider that for every outer attempt to connect with our source through religiously imposed rites and rituals, there is an authentic inner equivalent being overshadowed through our compulsive addiction to projection. Consider this body-vehicle into which we are birthed to be the only authentic temple, our inner sacred heart the only authentic altar, our inner presence the only authentic priest, and our consciously riding the vibrations of light and sound continually resonating within us the only authentic pathway leading to an awareness of what we are, where we are, and what God us for us. Consider that only when any church liberates its congregation by revealing this is it honoring the life of Jesus. Consider The Kingdom of Sovereignty made possible by experientially realizing our direct inner access to what God is for us as the only Truth, Light, salvation, resurrection, and wonderfully freeing 'good news' that was shared openly and unconditionally with all by Jesus. Consider 'The Second Coming' as the experiential returning of this awareness into the heart of humanity.