Monday, February 8, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Remember that if we are still waiting for the world to open a space for us so we may rise up and become everything we feel we can, then we have not yet realized the value and sacredness of our own heart.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Emergence. Consider that every emergency has two distinct frequencies imbedded into it - one that sinks into fearfulness, and the other that rises up upon what the word phoneticially communicates: an opportunity to emerge and see. Remember it is our heart, not the accolades of others, that calls us to step out from the quagmire of the distracted masses and into the radiant spotlight of impeccable personal responsibility.

HEART INTENT: Accommodation. Remember that what makes the world beautiful is variety, and that what eats away at our ability to realize this is the foolishness of comparison. Consider that is easy and convenient to reactively engage with another's childhood imprinting - however it takes valor to willingly peer beyond this temporary energetic stain and instead call out their eternal innocence.