Thursday, April 1, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that fear and conflict as two sides of a coin that is only well spent once we invest in the currency of causal change.

HEART INTENT: Conflict. Consider that all conflict is an indicator of inner resistance arising and manifesting outwardly as evidence of unintegrated energetic conditions within us that we are not yet consciously attending to. Consider that all conflicting experiences have as their make-up a physical, mental, and felt-component. Consider that for the most part our focus is upon any conflict's attached physical event or circumstance as well as the mental story we tell around it. Consider that all mental stories we tell around conflict have a sad, angry, and fearful resonance - and that by continuing to tell these mental stories we simply inject an increasing resonance of fear, anger, and grief into the associated physical event or circumstance. Consider however that the magnet which actually holds our attention fast to any point of conflict within our lives - causing us to wish we could repel the experience even though our attention is continually attracted to it - is the felt-resonance of the conflict. Consider that all points of conflict which arise within our field of experience only do so in an attempt to bring our awareness to this magnetic felt-resonance. Consider that by consciously integrating the felt-charge around any mental and physical manifestation of any conflict we neutralize its magnet component - and hence stop being attracted to and repelled by it - and hence clear its manifestation completey from our field of experience.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Fear. Take note that most of what we fear falls into one of two categories: One - a story/thought/idea/and imagining about something that might happen but that has not actually manifest as a reality. Two - a story/thought/idea/and imagining about something that already happened in the past and is no longer occurring in our current experience of reality. Take note that both of these categories represent experiences that are NOT occurring - and therefore NOT experientially real as unfolding events within our direct radiance of experience. Take note of how much we allow these murmurings about that which does not even exists outside of our stories/thoughts/ideas/and imaginings to influence the way we physically navigate and interact with our daily experience. Consider that the most prominent resonance around any fearful radiance is not actually coming from our story/thought/idea/imagining about it, but from the felt-frequency attached to it. Consider that this felt-frequency as an unintegrated piece of our timeline - an undigested memory - and that all our fearful stories/thoughts/ideas/and imaginings are the surfacing mental indicators of this undigested memory. Consider that when we react to these fearful stories/thoughts/ideas/imaginings by entertaining them to the point of self-hypnosis - we make them matter - and so encourage the possibility of their manifestation as physical symptoms and circumstances within our field of experience. Consider that when we instead respond to these fearful stories/thoughts/ideas/imaginings by consciously integrating the felt-aspect of their resonance - we neutralize the possibility of their manifestation - and in so doing - consciously dismantle fear.