Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sometimes the sprouting seeds of a new creation are obscured by our still focusing on what we want - on what we thought was supposed to happen to bring us into the future we hoped was manifesting. Yet, when we stop and enter the moment, and allow what is happening right now to speak to us nakedly, without our wantings attached to it, we may feel the sprouting possibilities arising all around us. Remember that many people, events, and precious moments come to us only for a brief moment in time, to be as bridges from the tired and worn into the rediscovered and reborn. A bridge is only fully seen and appreciated when we have allowed it to carry us safely across. We become attached to the bridge because it carries us above the turbulent waters - but we must let go of it so that we may enter the quiet and peaceful fields where the seeds of a new creation sprout. These new seeds await our gentle tending. We are their bridges.