Saturday, February 27, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that all natural structures upon earth hold within themselves intelligent construct and capacity far more complex than any manufactured technology - and that until we real eyes this - we project our awareness away from - instead of inject our awareness into - what love is.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Structure. Consider that all natural form represents a variety of containers for deliberately stored intelligence - and that when we acknowledge all natural form accordingly - with love, honor and respect - we discover ourselves to be living in the midst of a galactic library. And, that when we real eyes this about ourselves - and learn how to tap inward through in-sight - this is called 'being in-formed'.

HEART INTENT: Direction. Consider that the word 'information', when engaged with phonetically, reads as "in formation". Consider the word 'acknowledgement' as an abbreviation for the instruction, "meant to access knowledge". Consider this possibility: When the population of planet earth is awakened to the reality that each individual in form is a self-contained, complete, majestic living library - and when our education systems have as their core intent the acknowledgement of this through the awakening of the individual to the endless mysteries of this inner exploration - then nature also naturally opens her vaults of insight without necessity for scalpel or microscope - and then we truly move harmoniously 'in formation' with each other. Could all that is naturally created be endless versions of love wrapped in an earth-in jar?