Thursday, March 25, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider how amazing this human experience is? Consider this human experience to be like an infinite maze leading nowhere other than into more and more and more infinitely amazing corridors of shapes, colors, and textures. Consider that being amazed by it is to become lost in this infinite maze. Consider that the only way out of the maze is to cease our fascination with it, and instead to become curious about what has the capacity to contain the whole maze.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Container. Consider this organic compartment we call 'the body' to be as 'a container'. Consider that without it we cannot contain an awareness of our current human experience. Consider that for the most part we are fascinated only by the infinite facets of our human experience - as opposed to the miraculousness of this body having the capacity to contain that which has the capacity to contain an awareness of it all. Consider that we explore this fascination for our human experience by peering into everything that continually manifests around us - into the plants, animals, rocks, water, air, sky, galaxy, each other, etc. Yet, how many of us peer as curiously into that which has the capacity to contain that which has the capacity to contain an awareness of it all?

HEART INTENT: Excavation. Consider that we are ancient miners come deliberately into this point of experience because there is the rarest of treasures which can only be mined here, now, while in this. Consider a human lifetime as a fleeting moment in which something priceless - like an infinitely facetted jewel of eternal radiance - is temporarily contained. Consider that while moving through this fleeting moment we have an opportunity to excavate this jewel with our awareness, and then by wearing it upon our heart, able to eternally absorb and radiate its infinite qualities. Consider however that we all come into this rarest of experiences knowing that almost everyone who tries to accomplish this task is bedazzled into complete distraction and amazing amnesia by the endlessly dancing radiance cast by this jewel. Consider therefore, that instead of excavating it with our conscious awareness, we become completely disorientated by its breath-taking radiance and all the light and shapes it casts. Consider that we then aimlessly stagger about trying to catch and accumulate its reflections and so get caught up in the consciousness of 'what is mine, mine, mine' - rather than remembering ourselves as ancient miners mining for that which has the capacity to contain it all.