Saturday, March 13, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that our lives are moved most deeply by those who witness us and our experiences as being valid - who being already at peace within the resonance of their own experience - bring only the resonance of peacefulness to embrace ours.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Containment. Consider that one of our greatest unconscious habitual addictions is reactivity. Consider that reactivity is now instinctual and accepted as normal human behavior. Consider that now, when anything happens that does not align itself with what we are already programmed to experience, we immediately make up a story about it, and after repeating this story to the point of self-hypnosis, act it out based upon this tale we tell. Consider that all behavior arising from these mental projections lead nowhere - that they only take us in repetitive circles. Consider that the bravest warrior is the one who challenges this inner madness so they may respond to creation, not continually react to it.

HEART INTENT: Alchemy. Consider that through imprinted programming and ongoing self-hypnosis we now collectively believe that transformation is only possible by deliberately changing what is happening - by first stopping whatever it is we seek to change, then redirecting its flow according to what we assume is appropriate. Consider that an alchemist is a human who discovers the consequence of radiating unconditional beingness throughout all their ongoing active interactions with creation. Consider that meeting such an individual is always a transformational experience. Consider that an alchemist is one who knows that nothing transforms through interference - that one cannot 'fight cancer' or 'fight crime' or 'fight poverty' - and accomplish anything other than more fighting. Consider that an alchemist is one who has perfected the art of participating fully and actively in all aspects of their experience - yet all the while holding as their inner intent the resonance and radiance of not-interfering beingness. Consider that having no faith in the resonance of beingness is the same as having no faith in what we are.