Wednesday, April 7, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that this structure we call the human body is simultaneously manufacturer, container, and radiator of the orgasmic point of light out of which all that is manifest is created. What happens when we consciously focus this orgasmic point of light beyond the programmed tasks of 'making babies' and self-gratification?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Support. Consider that we get so used to the structural support of our physical body that we are likely to take it forgranted, until it fails us. Consider that our physical body is a mirror of the condition of our emotional status. Are we flexible and flowing, or are we rigid and controlled? Consider the service our physical body plays in supporting a point of focus and anchoring of our awareness, and how, after all our projected explorations, it gives us a place to come home to. Consider the structure of our physical body to be 'the fabled time machine' our science fiction mentality thinks has to be manufactured as an external apparatus, and that for most of us, we take between 60 and 80 years to go nowhere in it. Consider the structure of the physical body to be an organic temple so magnificently constructed, that when entering it fully, one can consciously engage the causal point of all possible experience, and therefore through it, have access to any experience that has ever or will ever exist. To what extent have we explored its capacity?

HEART INTENT: Curiosity. Consider that the trick of the mental body is that it says, "Once I have seen one tree I have seen all trees, once I have seen one cloud I have seen all clouds, once I have seen one stone I have seen all stones, once I have seen one sunset I have seen all sunsets". Consider what happens when we intend to see a tree, cloud, stone, and sunset again as if for the very first time - like a child crawling into the garden alone for the very first time. Consider the possibility that every experience, every manifestation, every event, every human moment, is manifest out of something causally contained within the structure of the human body. Consider that any experiences of boredom with the world has nothing to do with the world itself - but with our loss of conscious connection with the causal point from which it is all manifest. Consider that when we reawaken our wonder for the orgasmic point of light out of which all experience emanates - we simultaneously feel the vibrancy and majesty of all that is manifest of it. Consider the possibility that life is intended to be erotic, and that if it is not, we are not yet truly alive.