Monday, May 3, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the only obstacle standing between us and the realization that 'here on earth we are already in heaven' is the current nature of our relationship with mind.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Trinity. Consider that mind constitutes much more than the conventional perception that it is our thinking and understanding mechanism - or merely the functioning of our physical brain. Consider that the trinity of mind is that it is all that is physical, mental, and emotional. Consider that this human world we have made upon earth is a manifestation of mind projected in 3D - a projected manifestation that we live in, walk through, and mistakenly identify with. Consider also that what we are is not mind, that mind is a tool through which what we are compiles and engages with experience. Consider now the expression - "When we do not mind, it does not matter."

HEART INTENT: Consider that one of the causal points of our not seeing Earth as holy, and our not respecting, loving and cherishing Her accordingly, is the religious indoctrination leading us to believe that heaven is a place we only go to after death. Consider the physical, mental, and emotional pollution caused by this teaching.


Due to a power outage I was unable to access the computer for placing yesterday's intent. It was ACTION and WISDOM. Accordingly, as I was unable to do anything on this blog, my intent was - "Having the wisdom to actively be with what is."