Tuesday, March 16, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: What is it that inhibits us from opening fully and receiving the awareness of what we already are?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Portal. Consider that everything we require to thrive, to evolve, and to blossom into our fullest created potential is already given - and that our task NOW is to open as a portal and receive this. Consider that receiving is the key frequency of the portal that we are. Consider that it is easy to give, because the giver has full control. Consider that every human being is a portal, already fully installed with the capacity to manifest immortality consciousness here on earth. Consider that one cannot want and receive. Consider that 'wanting' and 'controlling' are the same word. Consider that everything we believe we want is what keeps our portal from opening. Consider that the words 'portal' and 'receiving' are one and the same.

HEART INTENT: Receiving. Consider that when someone does something for us like paying for our meal, and we then say to them, "Thank you for this, it will be on me next time" - or we insist on paying them back right then or buying them a gift to show our appreciation - what it really means is we have not received. Consider that receiving fully eliminates all wanting to reciprocate - there is only felt-gratitude - and this is enough. Consider that receiving authentically is receiving - not receiving and immediately making plans to give back. Consider that making immediate plans or promises to reciprocate is a disguised way of controlling/manipulating the experience - of not allowing the other to be able to give freely and fully. Consider that this desire to manipulate the giver stems from a deep feeling that we do not deserve to be loved. Consider that if we do not allow others to give freely, that we do not even begin to open the portal we are so we may receive our divine inheritance.