Friday, April 16, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that there is seldom a question sincerely asked within the heart that is left unanswered - however - there is also seldom a relevant answer that arises according to the imposed mental schedule of the head.

HEART INTENT: Patience. Consider that patience is not a state of waiting, but rather a trusting resonance born of felt-knowing. Consider that patience arises naturally within the realization that there is a dedicated time and place for everything to be made manifest and known in the flow of creation. Consider the resonance of patience effortless to embrace once we discern the difference between 'what we want' and 'what is required'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Answers. Consider that the questions arising within us about the nature of our personal journey through this world do so so we may consciously and sincerely ask them, not so that we may attempt to mentally answer them. Consider that a question, when asked internally through the heart without any attempt to answer it mentally, becomes a powerful causal activity. Consider that asking in this manner automatically initiates the answer as an inevitable integrated physical, mental, and emotional encounter arising organically within the natural flow of our human experience. Consider that it is "ask and receive", not "ask and go get". Consider that all relevant answers to the unfolding of our experience are given, not gotten, and so require receiving, not getting.