Monday, April 19, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the softening that occurs within the core of our experience when we experientially realize there is a time and place for everything, and that we are in the right time and right place for what we are experiencing right now.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Movement. Consider that there are three basic causal intents for initiating movement:
Manipulation - movement enforced through our intentionally rearranging the outer world.
Integration - movement initiated through our consciously resolving the impact of conditioning upon our inner world.
Allowing/Being - movement experienced through 'getting out the way' and allowing ourselves 'to be moved' by the organic flow of the vibrational.
Consider that there is also a forth movement, called evolution, in which our intent is gradually and organically moved from being manipulative, into being integrative, into the radiant beingness of allowing.

HEART INTENT: Rest. Consider that manipulators require rest so that they can regain the energy required to continually apply force upon their experience. Consider that integrationists require rest so that they may digest the consequence of their internally activated energetic adjustments. Consider that allowers live in a state of continual relaxation and so require little in the way of rest. Consider that being aware of the overall organic movement of evolution also permits us to rest from the intent of trying to force our way from being a manipulator into an allower without first moving through the experience of conscious integration. When we choose to live as an evolutionist, the rest flows organically.