Friday, March 12, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that we do not have to do anything to make this moment happen - it is already and always here. Consider that we are simply invited to receive it as fully, consciously, and gracefully as possible. Consider that it is in this conscious receiving that our vitality is eternally enlivened.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Application. Consider that any healthy form of daily application simply serves to remind us of our ultimate causality - the source of all vitality. Consider that it does not matter what we choose as our daily application - but that it is beneficial we shower whatever practice it is with heart-felt gratitude for it being part of our current experience. Consider that many have no tools and are currently bouncing off the walls. Consider that to view our daily application as a 'praying of our awareness into nowness' is to bless it and to simultaneously disentangle it from our mental obsession with only doing that which brings 'results'. Consider that our daily application - our daily moment of praying of our awareness into nowness - does not have to accomplish anything - its presence within our experience is already its own reward.

HEART INTENT: Vitality. Consider that as the vitality of this entire galaxy tosses and turns into exponential increase - it is beneficial to consistently ground and center. Consider that our awakening into a day of disentangled restless discomfort does not mean something is wrong. It may simply be an indicator of increased vitality available to us that we are not yet competently containing. Consider that simply placing our attention upon the core of our planet, and then upon the majesty of our radiant sun, and then holding our awareness in these to locations simultaneously for a few moments - facilitates the balancing of our current felt-sense of our flow of causal vitality.