Wednesday, March 10, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that realizing the potential of our shared unity is first encountered as a deeply personal experience. Consider that unless this realization is first accomplished personally, experientially, that any outer expression of organized collective unity - no matter how cozy - remains a shallow, window-dressed facade - a fleeting reactive projection of our unintegrated discomfort.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Unity. Consider that our point of unity does not come from perceiving each other through the eyes of what we do - but through the reality of what we are. Consider that what we are is love, and that our individual expressions here in this world, no matter how seemingly devoid of love, tie us all back to this same source. Consider that love is not an emotion or a behavior or a thought form - though it may be expressed through these mediums - but that love is actually a living, breathing, eternally dancing beingness like you and I, and that our individuality simply represents one of its bodily cells.

HEART INTENT: Potential. Consider that accomplishing the art of sincerely loving all life forms comes from realizing that no matter how another sentient beingness appears outwardly in front of us - when we look at them from within - we realize we all share the same unifying potential. Consider that this resonance of unifying love cannot be realized because we think it is a good idea, or because we are told it is the right thing to do, but only through sincere, successful self-examination. Consider that the greatest potential shared by all is the capacity 'to know love' - which is the same as having the capacity 'to know thyself'. Consider that the resonance of 'intimacy' - or 'into me and see' - is the art of accomplishing our potential to experience authentic and integrated unification through honest, uncensored, uncompromising self-examination.