Friday, February 12, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: There are no new beginnings in eternity - there are simply punctuated reawakenings into the power inherent in accepting full responsibility for the making of our own choices.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Choice. Consider that continually stating, "We are doing what we are doing because it is the will of the universe", is more often than not a convenient way to avoid the responsibility inherent in making a deliberate choice. In each moment the accumulated experience of our entire existence offers us the momentum to make the most loving choice - which is not necessarily the same as making the most obvious or easiest choice. Is it possible that the capacity for choice is given to us as a way to rise above our addiction to enslaving ourselves by worshipping whatever we do not comprehend?

HEART INTENT: Nurturing. When we integrate the Yaqui Indian teaching, "The highest path is attained when we realize that the intent of every outer medicine is to awaken within us the capacity to become as medicine", then we access the frequency of authentic self-nurturing. Consider that the frequency of self-nurturing and personal responsibility are so interwoven - it is unlikely they can ever be separated. Is it possible that the capacity for self-nurturing is given to us as a way to rise above our addiction to enslaving ourselves by handing the responsibility for our experience over to others?