Friday, March 5, 2010



The heat of fully-felt recollection
that radiates from the fire of open-hearted reflection
melts away cold moments that come calling
when we are alone with ourselves 
and wraps these exposed parts
in a cozy blanket of integration.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Completion. Consider that the experiences of the past we still cannot release into peacefullness are those in which we on some level feel we were not fully present - and that we hold fast to them hoping to find one clear moment in which to give them our undivided felt-attention. Consider that one clear moment of undivided felt-attention has the capacity to resolve many years of diluted felt-distraction and distrubance. Consider that we can glance upon any unintegrated moment of our past and call to us one clear felt-moment for its resolution - but that when this felt-opportunity presents itself - best we surrender to it - by feeling it completely.

HEART INTENT: Reflection. In reflection all things take on a different hue to the moment in which they actually occurred. In reflection we can paint them this way and that - we can mentally embellish and censor. But what cannot be altered is how they impacted our felt-perception in the moment of their unfolding. We can sedate and control our awareness of this initial impact by resisting feeling it - or blanket it with manufactured feelings we would rather be experiencing. However, given one clear felt-moment, we can also allow ourselves to embrace and fully integrate the initial felt-impact by allowing its existence be consciously validated. Consider that in The Book of Life nothing that has ever happened goes away - it either becomes a seamless part of our accumulated experience - or a continually pushed away, thorny thing-a-ma-jig.