Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am discovering in my life experience that the balance between 'what is not working' and 'what is clearly on a roll' is definitely shifting. The former used to far outweigh the latter. At one point I had a life almost solely made out of focusing on 'what is not working'. Then, through emotional inetgration, I realized that what is not working is simply that requiring transformation. Instead of scratching my head and trying to mentally figure out how to make work what is clearly no longer working, I am now becoming aware enough within the situation to instead ask: "What transformation does this circumstance require?" The answer seldom comes immediately - as in mentally. Days sometimes pass, and there I am involved with something else, and the insight effortless pops through. When it does it feels obvious, as if it has always been here. It feels given and received. And, it usually comes from a place of 'and' - as opposed to 'or'. It is not that 'I must now do this or that' - it is more often a case of a bridge being built between 'this AND that'. It’s a different point of view. Then what appeared dead is reborn, inspired, and soon clearly on a roll again. When I take a moment to examine my personal and world experience honestly - I find many more indicators that many inspiring circumstances are now clearly on a roll. Yes, so much still requires transformation. My intent is that all of that gets caught up in this tide of creative change and becomes infectiously swept into waves of expanding possibility.