Monday, March 8, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that there is something comforting in realizing that only a mental body could conceive of there being an actual 'beginning' and possible 'ending' within the hallways of eternity. If we take a quiet moment, we can feel that such a notion is ridiculous.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Continuation. Consider that all our busyness - that our plots and plans, our prophecies and fantasies, our mechanics and marvelous magic, our victories and tragedies, our hopes and haunting and ingenious strategies, our fears and frothing phlegm-filled dichotomies, our wars and wages and pulpits and stages, our designs and deliberations and dashing destinies - are all simply something to do to avoid the inevitable realization that whatever it is that is going on cannot be stopped. Don't take my word for it - try and stop it if you will - and then watch as it effortlessly changes into something else. Best to enjoy the ride as heartily as possible - for it continues, and continues, and continues.

HEART INTENT: Ancient. Consider that our physical world - no matter how solid - eventually crumbles into stardust - and so we cannot identify the ancient part of what we are by looking for it with our physical eyes. Consider also that all our thoughts - no matter how animated and profound - eventually become silent emptiness - and so we cannot hope to grasp an awareness of our ancientness with our elaborate thinking. Yet, if we are open to the possibility, we can feel how ancient we are - not by accessing any beginning - but by feeling there is no beginning at all. Love is forever.