Friday, June 4, 2010


Right now I do not feel moved to write anything about anything. I am going to honor this and for the time being allow this Daily Intent blog to be complete. Thank you for reading. I have enjoyed writing it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We humans have a funny relationship with space. We don't really like it. From the moment we are born we spend almost our whole experience trying to fill it up. The more we try to fill it up, the emptier we feel. The more we allow it to be, the fuller everything becomes.

As soon as we become aware of space, we fill it. We fill it with movement, thought, and emotion. As soon as we become aware of space, we add to it. We just cannot leave it alone. We do not recognize the right of space to be empty. We think our job is to change it. We fill it with the endless array of objects we manufacture, with opinions, and with feelings we assume necessary.

We react toward space as if it is broken, as if it needs to be fixed, as if its natural state is to be filled with anything except what it is.

We so misidentify with space that we believe it is 'out there'. We are immersed in space but we still think we have to build rockets to explore it. We are immersed in space but we still think we have to build microscopes and telescopes to see it properly. We attempt to dissect it into known particles so we can understand and control it. We think if we can change it we will accomplish something. We try to blow it up to make it more useful.

For some reason we do not like the feeling of space. We are like fish swimming around who'd rather be dry. We are at war with what we are in, and so we are at war with what we are.

Space cannot be defeated because it is not trying to win.

We, and everything that is and is not, swim in space. Space provides everything room to be. Space contains us just as we do it.

By allowing everything to be apart, space holds everything together in its perfect place. By allowing everything to be a part, space enables everything to be of the whole.

Space may well be called 'the final frontier', because although we can never be empty of it, we have yet to consciously let it in. When we are at peace with space, we are peaceful.

Space is graceful. Space is grace. It accomplishes everything without saying or doing anything. Not a corner or nook or cranny of all creation lies outside its embrace. Without taking credit, it holds all life. It holds life so humbly that its service is invisible.

As we consciously reenter a felt-awareness of space, and allow it to be, and love it as the cradle of everything, we relax, open, and expand.

Space is peaceful. We are full of space. Space is full of us. Space comes in peace.

Dearest beautiful, tender, loving, endless space ... thank you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Peace only surfaces as a felt-experience when we stop manipulating our experience. When all manipulation behaviors cease there is space, openness, no end being aimed for - simply awareness riding the currents we call living. But the moment one muscle, thought, or emotion is manipulated - the experience tenses and all sense of peacefulness evaporates.

Ceasing manipulation does not mean no action unfolds. Action is still flowing freely as an expression of awareness, but as a listening, watching participation. Awareness loves to move. Awareness is curious. But when we manipulate it we are ‘moving awareness’, as opposed to ‘being moved by it’. We are deliberately moving it because we cannot be with where it already is. We are trying to steer it into something else - we have assumed another destination. We are living in the land of 'elsewhere'. Then there is no rest. There is only rest here, now, in this.

Manipulation is fighting awareness. Fighting awareness is exhausting - it is same as being at war with ourselves. Fighting awareness sickens us. Awareness has its own rhythm, its own way of getting things done, and its way cannot be understood or formularized. Awareness is peaceful when watched and listened to, and when followed without manipulation. Then there is still movement, motion, stillness, and activity. But this momentum is ‘a response to the innate curious intelligence of awareness’, not ‘an attempt to use thinking to control and dictate it’.

The challenge is being able to recognize awareness apart from the babbling of the mental body. Once we recognize awareness in a way we are able to allow it to move freely, an immediate felt-experience of peacefulness returns. This is because awareness is peaceful. Even in the midst of vast activity, awareness is peaceful, present, watching, listening, participating through curiosity, devotedly following the mysterious dance we call living.

Monday, May 31, 2010


We are fascinated by prophecy. One of the challenges about communicating visions from within one Age to another not yet come, or receiving visions from a past Age for the one we are now in, is language. If we take the language too literally we may sometimes miss the obvious. We are told somewhere for example that when we approach our point of evolution - the make or break moment for our species - that we shall see 'lights in the sky'. I wonder if this points to the possible increasing pulse of The Northern Lights from solar activity as we now head toward what is predicted to be an unprecedented solar maximum peaking in 2012. It is likely we shall see The Northern Lights stretching way beyond their normal territories, especially if we have the type of solar activity NASA has predicted. This will surely light up our skies. I wonder too about the prophecy somewhere that 'the seas will turn to blood'. I wonder about this as I look at the TV images of the color of the oil-covered ocean in The Gulf.

I wonder if I can recognize the signs within my own personal experience - and if I have the will and capacity to respond by getting my own Temple in order.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sometimes the sprouting seeds of a new creation are obscured by our still focusing on what we want - on what we thought was supposed to happen to bring us into the future we hoped was manifesting. Yet, when we stop and enter the moment, and allow what is happening right now to speak to us nakedly, without our wantings attached to it, we may feel the sprouting possibilities arising all around us. Remember that many people, events, and precious moments come to us only for a brief moment in time, to be as bridges from the tired and worn into the rediscovered and reborn. A bridge is only fully seen and appreciated when we have allowed it to carry us safely across. We become attached to the bridge because it carries us above the turbulent waters - but we must let go of it so that we may enter the quiet and peaceful fields where the seeds of a new creation sprout. These new seeds await our gentle tending. We are their bridges.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes an experience confronts us which appears as a 'T' junction - as a point seemingly requiring decision between 'this or that'. Sometimes it is impossible to choose, because either choice appears to have fallout. One feels 'torn'.

In moments like these there is a beauty in sitting within the energetic experience of seemingly 'being pulled apart' - of seemingly 'being pulled in two opposite directions'.

Often we discover that it is more a case that we 'think we have to make a choice', than that a choice is actually required in the moment. We may discover that our feeling the need to make an immediate choice is simply a disguised means to bring an immediate end the uncomfortable sensation of being plied open.

There is an alchemical beauty in remaining in the midst of this seeming inner turmoil without actually 'making a choice' - especially when an immediate choice is not really required. Instead of using 'a decision' as a means to alleviate inner discomfort, we instead sit in the midst of the experience and allow the uncomfortable felt-texture time to digest.

Digestion of the felt-experience brings nutrition that energizes clear insight. Only then is any action we take or choice we make a response, as opposed to a reaction.

When we allow this felt-discomfort to digest, we discover that the T-junction actually becomes a profound crossroad.

Monday, May 10, 2010


It’s funny how we have mirrors in the bathroom - a place where we cleanse. Mostly we use a mirror to engage with the physical surface of our human experience.

It was a great day when I realized that a mirror has many applications - other than checking the condition of the face. One of my insights about this came about through a realization that there are many aspects to the expression of my experience in this world. I discuss this as 'the C.A.S.T.' in Being Our Companion - which is available as a Free Download on The Presence Portal.

As well as realizing that there are many facets to my capacity to express an experience in this world - I also realized that when I am about to initiate something important in my life, I often tell everyone about it - except me. I call upon the support of the world but I forget to ask the many aspects of my expression to support a cohesive, unified intent.

What I also realized, through hindsight, is that often I experience self-sabotage within my experience because the different aspects of my expression appear to have conflicting intent. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how simple it is to combine my inner resources into one cohesive flow is.

For example, I am now currently preparing for a trip. This requires jumping on and off planes, moving through all sorts of infrastructure, meeting a whole range of new people, sharing personal insight, etc. Of course I discuss this upcoming journey with others - which is part of this experience - but now I also make sure I go to the mirror and say something like:

"Hey everybody - we are off on a journey together. I would love for you all to come along and participate in this experience. I know you all have something to add to and receive from it. My overall intent in entering this experience is ... I am inviting you to support this so we all have a wonderful time. Thank you. Onward!"

I was initially surprised when I first applied this how individuals, events, and circumstances unfolded in a miraculous way to support and not sabotage. It awakens tangible synchronicity. I now realize that when I only rely on what I perceive upon the surface of things for assistance, that I am unnecessarily limiting possibility.

I now know that talking to my posse in the mirror about what I am currently up to is a vital step to seeding success for any intent - and I am grateful for this awareness.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yesterday I received a visit from Oom [Uncle] Johannes, a Medicine Man whose calling is the use of wild herbs, and his apprentice, Antoinette Pienaar. In time I will share more about my encounters with these two wonderful human beings.

While we sat in the garden drinking tea, Oom Johannes was admiring the manner of the cats as they prowled about the cactus. Then he told us a story about something that happened when he used to be a farm laborer. He speaks only in Afrikaans - so this is a translation:

"One day the boss called me and said I must grab a sack from the shed. I took it to him and he filled it with the kittens from a litter this beautiful cat had had a few weeks back. I watched him as he then threw the sack into the water tank. He then turned to me and said that when they stop struggling I must bury them. I told him 'No'. I told him what he had done was a terrible thing, and that he must complete the task. He became angry. I told him that what was really terrible was that he did not even know he has just attacked his own Soul. He got angry with me because I would not obey him. But I didn't care, I was not going to join him in his madness. I then told him his behavior was a prayer to God for help. I said that in a short time from now God was going to help him because he was hurting himself and he didn't even know it."

Oom Johannes said a couple of months passed and one day he walked passed the porch and saw the farmer crumpled in a chair like a broken pile of sticks, sobbing like an abandoned child.

"I asked him what was wrong. He looked up at me with great pain in his eyes. 'Both my sons have just been killed in a car accident...' he sobbed. Well, I looked at him straight in his eyes and said: 'God has answered your prayer Mister.' He looked at me in shock and asked how I could say such a thing? I told him that he now felt exactly what the mother cat felt - and that his sons had received the same experience he had forced upon the kittens. I told him this was God's way of helping him to feel. I told him what makes us foolish is not a lack of brains, it being unable to feel what it is we are doing. I told him God is going to help us all feel so we can stop behaving like fools."

Saturday, May 8, 2010


There was a time in my life when I assumed I had to take drastic measures to initiate a powerful cleansing within my experience - like fasting for days - or installing some rigorous practice in my daily experience, or something like this. I assumed I had to add something to my experience to cleanse something from it.

This was until life put me through experiences in which routines I followed daily were suddenly removed and I was faced with points of emptiness that had otherwise been filled with supposedly necessary 'spiritual activity'. I then went through a period in my life when I examined the routines that made up my day and asked myself: "Are these indeed 'route ins' - or are they carefully placed, disguised escape hatches used to hide any empty space in my day?"

This was when I discovered that even the seemingly most noble activities, like meditation, following 'a correct diet', and reading some inspiring literature each day, could be used as escape routes from the moment. I realized how I can use my most trusted spiritual practices and disciplines as reactivity - as a means to cover up emptiness, stillness, silence, and simply being with what is.

Then I went through a period in my life when I deliberately removed activities that I had assumed essential for my so called 'spiritual wellbeing' - just to see what happened. This was hard initially. I felt guilty. I deliberately stopped practices I had been devoted to for many years. In stopping my daily engagement with these I discovered that some of these activities also had attached emotional signatures, and their associated belief systems, that were fear-driven.

Do I become 'a bad person' if I do not meditate every day? Do I feel guilty if I do not go to my weekly yoga practice? Am I judging my spiritual status by the activities I engage in?

I have discovered that any activity in my life that I have entered that was initially born out of a reaction to inner suffering must be examined in this way. Initially, they enable me to become more aware and find a sense of balance, but if I begin to rely upon them - instead of my inner resources - like a child's security blanket - as the means by which I keep feeling okay - they can also become an anchor holding me fast in an energetic cul-de-sac.

There is a point in our journey when responding as consciously to the felt-resonances of the moment we are in becomes powerful enough. Then we engage in our practices from this point - as opposed to scheduling them religiously throughout our day or week regardless of what is unfolding.

Examining the intent of our daily routines - by sometimes removing them from our experience for a period - and then experiencing 'how we feel about this' when we do - often opens the door to powerful emotional cleansing.

Friday, May 7, 2010


In February this year I had an experience which once again illustrated the limitations of functioning primarily from the head - or from the mental body, as I like to call it. I was going about my day doing my thing when suddenly the entire resonance of my experience shifted. Here in Aberdeen it was extremely hot, dry, and dusty. Yet my senses appeared to tune into a completely different environment. I felt like I was in a sub-tropical, temperate, moistened, lush, green, fertile atmosphere - the kind of place one would associate with a paradise island getaway. Not only did I experience this as a distinct physical location, but my entire mood shifted into a feeling of complete peace, expansion, freedom and radiating joyfulness. It was such a sudden shift that I was swept away by it for a few moments - my whole being sighed, "Ahhhhh - this is it!"

Then, as swiftly as it had unfolded, it evaporated, or dissolved, or withdrew. I sat on the couch, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Was it a memory? I noticed that when I asked this question my thoughts and visualizations searched for a reference point, and eventually took me directly to a time in Mexico when I had lived as close to a paradise-type lifestyle as I have yet come. Was I remembering this? I must be, I told myself.

But as much as my mental body grasped for a past point of reference, another more subtle knowing kept affirming it was an event yet to be - but at the same time one already occurring. The more I entertained this idea, the more I felt sure this was indeed the case. Accordingly, my mental body then started figuring out what this meant. Is this some place I am supposed to move to? Am I going to leave Aberdeen and live closer to the coast? I knew that whatever this environment was that had whispered so clearly into my current experience felt completely aligned with my being that I absolutely had to go and live there.

For about three days I swam through the memory of this encounter. Its resonance stuck to me like honey on my skin. Suddenly Aberdeen felt inhospitable and intolerable. I started having conversations with myself, my mother and friends about leaving - about possibly moving nearer to the coast. I even thought about taking a map out to examine the South African coastline for possible locations. Not that I could afford to move mind you. Not that I had even contemplated the immensity of making such a sudden change in my life.

Then, early one morning while sitting quietly with one of the cats on my lap, I burst out laughing at my behavior. I realized yet again that there is nowhere to go and nothing to do but to meet the moment I am in right now and respond to it.

I then recalled a conversation I had once had with a wise old man in Mexico. In it he had said to me: "There are two earths you know Miguel, and this is what people living in this one do not know. There is the earth made by our madness, and there is an earth made by God. This earth made of our madness is dying, and in the next few years many are going to die with it, and many are going to shift their awareness into the other one. They will wake up there as if out of a sleep and this will all have been a strange dream. But we cannot shift to the other one by running away from this one. This one is the portal into that one. We enter that one by fully embracing the madness of this one. I am already happy with my madness, so I often walk in that other one," he smiled matter-o-factly. "Where do you think the ancient heaven is Miguel?" he asked. "Right here, right now, right in this. The portal opens right where we are when we are right where we are."

The mental body can only contemplate probability. It projects what is likely to happen based upon what has already happened. The heart however is able to contemplate possibility. The head tells me, when I have experiences like this, that there is something I need to do to make it happen - some other place I need to go.

My heart on the other hand assures me that any shift within my personal paradigm is determined by what I am being now - not what I am doing now. The heart tells me that the shift is not based solely upon what happened in the past - but on what unfolds right within the moment I am in now. The head wants to move the radio around the room to change channels. The heart knows that the tuner is always right here, right now.

The gift of that experience is the feeling it placed within my heart. Now I know what the ancient heaven feels like for me. Now I have a point of navigation. When I am truly immersed in the moment, truly here, this is what it feels like. Delicious.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I recently recounted a story to my mother as to the likely reason I am a cat-lover. I am definitely a 'cat person' as opposed to a 'dog person'. But I am not a cat lover in that I look at pictures of cats or buy cat magazines - and I press 'delete' anytime someone emails me cute cat pictures. Let's say I appreciate my cats, and those that cross my path in the course of my daily life.

During school I was for the most part an introvert. This being Mr. Anonymous continued into my University career - but only lasted about three months. One day I was sitting in a lecture auditorium - which also doubled as a performance theatre for drama students - listening to a talk on Management of Human Recourses by the professor. There must have been about 200 students scattered throughout the seating, which rose up in front of the stage upon which his lecture podium was placed.

As we looked down upon the professor from our raised point of view, we noticed a black cat appear from the side of the stage curtain. It ambled casually onto the stage and sat down, looked around, and then began to clean itself as if no one else was in the room.

Naturally, the eyes of the entire class went to the cat. After a few moments it looked up, yawned, and languidly made its way to the side of the stage, down a set of stairs, sniffing at this and that, along the front of the stage, and then started casually strolling up the center isle. All eyes remained fixed on its progress. Some students actually starting to stand up or stretch in their seats to monitor the progress. The cat’s entire demeanor was 'cool and collected' to the point of being amusing. As it came level with the isle in which I was sitting, it made a right in my direction, walked through the legs of those sitting in the row next to me, arrived at my feet, jumped onto my lap, curled up comfortably, and promptly went to sleep. I was utterly amazed. A warm feeling washed through my entire body: I felt 'chosen'.

This was the first time in my life I felt so publically chosen by any person, event, or circumstance. Why me? Then I looked around and all eyes in the room where on me. Why him?

In that moment I went from Mr. Anonymous to 'the one the cat chose'. The cat remained coiled comfortably upon my lap almost throughout the entire lecture. Then without any warning - it stood up - stretched - hopped down, and in moments was gone from sight. From that moment onward total strangers said "Hi" when walking passed on campus - so I started doing the same.

My entire university experience changed after that. Within six months I became what was at that time the youngest Debutantes Convener in the history of the university. This meant I was in charge of a few hundred first year female students whom I had to facilitate into public fundraising activities, parties, and all sorts of social occasions. A far cry from being Mr. Anonymous.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I traced that incident as being a significant turning point in my life - a moment in which a simple experience of acknowledgement by a cat transformed my entire perception of myself and the fabric of my social reality. Since then I acknowledge cats whenever they cross my path. I appreciate the power of their loving light, and they have also taught me the appreciate the power within mine.

We have no idea how a singular unexpected moment of acknowledgment can shift reality completely for another. Acknowledgement contains the power and radiance of loving light.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


One of the issues I have had to deal with since moving here to Aberdeen is beggars at my door. There is great poverty here. At times this ongoing interaction with those who have seemingly fallen through the cracks has broken my heart, driven me to distraction, brought out violent visualizations, and caused me to simply enter long states of having a locked gate and closed door policy regardless of who knocks.

The difficulty was in the continual juggling of my stance about this - in sifting of the parasites from those really requiring assistance - in trying not to give money to those who only spend it on drinking - and generally in dealing with continually being disturbed when busy or sleeping. Then there was the problem of when giving to certain people that a whole network of parasites awakens and the banging on the door never stops. And many of these beggars have no point of reference for personal space - because they have none - so 6.30AM on a Sunday morning is the same for them as midday on a Monday. Hunger does not wear a watch.

All through this experience I accepted mentally that every encounter was 'required' - and although I got this mentally - I more than often did not embrace this emotionally. Understanding something mentally doesn't necessitate that authentic application follows. Accordingly I would do what I thought was 'the right thing' - which may entail giving the person my loaf of bread - then 5 minutes later realizing I had no bread for my own breakfast. Or, I would become so annoyed that I would give them a lecture on their complete disregard for others space - and five minutes after their departure feel like an idiot. After all ,I was talking to someone who had an empty stomach, a hangover headache, and who had definitely not slept the night on a soft mattress in a safe place. It is unlikely matters of 'personal space' are very high on their agenda.

Recently I made a conscious shift with regards my interaction with beggars. I asked for guidance about this and I received the insight. It has changed everything for me. What I saw is how I had made this issue all about them. How can I possibly begin to mentally deal with the reality of begging as a whole? Beggars are also so 'wanting' and 'needy' that it is easy to get sucked into their vortex of drama. My insight was that this is actually 'all about me' - not them. Sounds selfish doesn't it? But it is not. It is about me because that is who I am left with once they leave. They get to walk off, but I have to return to my desk or wherever in my home and spend time with the one who just got pissed off at the door!

Now, when they bang on my door, initially I do not place my attention upon them at all - and if I find myself reactively projecting - I pull the awareness right back into my own body and heart - and make sure the encounter is generated from this point of view. Nowadays it has become such a conscious practice that I do not open the door until I am fully in my body, present, and function directly out of the moment that I am in - not the one I was in when I was previously irritated - or the one I assume them to be in. If I feel I cannot show up - then I give myself permission to not open the door at all.

What I realized when I started applying this approach was that the main reason this issue had previously annoyed me so much was because every call made by beggars was a call to me to show up in the moment - with what is happening right now in this world - as opposed to what I was mentally occupied with in my manufactured world. It was a trigger awakening me to an emotional imprint related to my being overwhelmed by life because I was unable to be present enough to fully engage it. It was likely from a time when events around me as a child were so overwhelming that they sucked me into their distrubed vortex and left me a tattered shamble within mine. The actual point of imprinting does not matter - but the feeling triggered is now very obvious to me. By being able to be with this feeling, I am also able to be with unsolicited banging on my door.

I have discovered that since disciplining myself to not open the door until I am centered and grounded in the moment, that my encounter with these individuals is transformed. Even their way of engaging me is transformed. I no longer interact with them in a way intended to get rid of them, or to verbally challenge the reason for their presence on my doorstep. I have also discovered that I no longer over-give or completely dismiss - that my being absolutely present opens a middle pathway of interaction which is sensible, required, personal, and which leaves no trailing residual of emotional discomfort.

So now I no longer have beggars coming to my door - I have cleansing calls begging me to show up. A simple shift in my intent transformed what was infuriating into what is now a potential moment of increased personal possibility. If a bang on the door ends up in me being upset - that is about me - not the caller. I really am responsible for the quality of my experience. This is a relief to realize...again!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am discovering in my life experience that the balance between 'what is not working' and 'what is clearly on a roll' is definitely shifting. The former used to far outweigh the latter. At one point I had a life almost solely made out of focusing on 'what is not working'. Then, through emotional inetgration, I realized that what is not working is simply that requiring transformation. Instead of scratching my head and trying to mentally figure out how to make work what is clearly no longer working, I am now becoming aware enough within the situation to instead ask: "What transformation does this circumstance require?" The answer seldom comes immediately - as in mentally. Days sometimes pass, and there I am involved with something else, and the insight effortless pops through. When it does it feels obvious, as if it has always been here. It feels given and received. And, it usually comes from a place of 'and' - as opposed to 'or'. It is not that 'I must now do this or that' - it is more often a case of a bridge being built between 'this AND that'. It’s a different point of view. Then what appeared dead is reborn, inspired, and soon clearly on a roll again. When I take a moment to examine my personal and world experience honestly - I find many more indicators that many inspiring circumstances are now clearly on a roll. Yes, so much still requires transformation. My intent is that all of that gets caught up in this tide of creative change and becomes infectiously swept into waves of expanding possibility.

Monday, May 3, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the only obstacle standing between us and the realization that 'here on earth we are already in heaven' is the current nature of our relationship with mind.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Trinity. Consider that mind constitutes much more than the conventional perception that it is our thinking and understanding mechanism - or merely the functioning of our physical brain. Consider that the trinity of mind is that it is all that is physical, mental, and emotional. Consider that this human world we have made upon earth is a manifestation of mind projected in 3D - a projected manifestation that we live in, walk through, and mistakenly identify with. Consider also that what we are is not mind, that mind is a tool through which what we are compiles and engages with experience. Consider now the expression - "When we do not mind, it does not matter."

HEART INTENT: Consider that one of the causal points of our not seeing Earth as holy, and our not respecting, loving and cherishing Her accordingly, is the religious indoctrination leading us to believe that heaven is a place we only go to after death. Consider the physical, mental, and emotional pollution caused by this teaching.


Due to a power outage I was unable to access the computer for placing yesterday's intent. It was ACTION and WISDOM. Accordingly, as I was unable to do anything on this blog, my intent was - "Having the wisdom to actively be with what is."

Saturday, May 1, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: While many in the world may assume the 2012 portal is a moment in which something terrible happens to us, let us consider the possibility that it is actually a pre-determined moment upon our current timeline - like an upcoming universal live concert - in which we are invited to consciously broadcast what is most glorious about our humanity. Consider this as something that happens through us - not to us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Celebration. When we place our felt-awareness upon 22 December 2012 - how do we envision our experience? Are we hiding in a bunker or are we dancing to the most ecstatic live performance we have ever experienced? Are we contracted and trembling or are we openly vibrating? Are we mourning or are we celebrating?

HEART INTENT: Communion. Consider the possibility of a common heart-experience being triggered within every human that unifies our awareness in such a sacred way that the idea of having borders between countries becomes humorously ridiculous. What would such a communion event feel like within our own heart? Are we open to receiving this? Are we willing to contain such a possibility?

Friday, April 30, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that our ascension isn't anything we have to make happen - that rather it is something we are to participate in through our consciously allowing it to unfold - that it is as natural and organic as a flower blooming - and that our point of mastery is accomplished through our willingness to consciously receive this gift of grace without interference.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Ascension. Consider that every moment in our life - and every event in each moment - is deliberately unfolding with intent to bring us as present as possible with our highest potential. Consider that even though this may not always appear to be the case - that we do not have to recognize this to be so to fully participate. Consider that doing our best in each moment to respond to whatever is unfolding is our only required point of participation. Consider that allowing ourselves to feel what is happening to us as deeply as possible - without going into any stories about what we are feeling and why - is all that is required to self-facilitate efficient integration of our shift into our highest potential within any given moment.

HEART INTENT: Mastery. Consider that we are now fast entering the age of personal mastery. Consider that the causality of mastery is determined by our capacity to consciously ride the energetic radiance of the vibrational transmissions now washing through the emotional, mental, and physical expressions of our experience. Consider that when we consciously respond to the felt aspect of our experience - by allowing it to be as it is revealing itself to us - that the mental and physical aspects automatically become aligned with this response.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Sometimes all we can do is hold ourselves gently until the hurt dissipates - and sometimes this has to be enough.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Patterns. Consider that because of the emotional charge we have attached to certain past events - that when reflections of them occur in our life we recoil - not realizing these to be shadows of unresolved energetic patterns. Consider for example, when someone says something that triggers us deeply, that hurts us to the core, even though we know they did not mean to, it still can be hard for us not to resort to hurtful stories within our imagination - and to suddenly change the way we are relating to them. Even when we know they meant nothing by it - it is hard to not see them through the resonance of our own hurt. Consider that if we had no charge attached to what was said, their words would have moved through our awareness without any sudden explosion of emotional discomfort. Consider that such instances occurring now in our lives are simply energetic patterns surfacing for conscious integration. We feel it personally - yes - but taking it personally only leads us deeper into hurtfulness.

HEART INTENT: Gentleness. Consider that 'conscious integration of something' is the same as 'hugging an aspect of our experience'. Consider that when our experience most requires a hug is when it is hardest to embrace it - because the very encounter requiring conscious integration causes us simultaneously to recoil. Consider that when we are hurting internally, that the balm of gentleness radiated from our own heart toward whatever aspect of our experience is suffering, is causal. Consider that one of the greatest capacities worth developing is metaphorically holding ourselves gently while we are hurting - not to fix anything - not to try and make anything better - but just because it is the most loving response.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that when the willingness to integrate every aspect of our experience becomes a barometer for our ‘being on track’, we discover that the straight and narrow is a long and winding road.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Integration. Consider that the appropriate pathway for us in any given moment is the approach which most efficiently assists us in integrating whatever is happening through us in any given moment. Consider that as no specific pre-determined integrative approach is valid for every given moment – that our willingness to continually remain vulnerable to the requirements of present moment is possibly the only valid approach. Consider the experience of integration – the embrace of our physical, mental, and emotional experience into the wholeness of our vibrational being – to be the elixir of any living pathway. Consider also that because integration is a vital, living, felt-elixir – like an orgasm or laughter - that it only takes place in the present moment.

HEART INTENT: Pathway. Consider the present moment to be in itself a living pathway. Consider that we may choose a pre-determined pathway already complete with set mental rules, codes, and physical disciplines, but that to remain obedient to such a pre-determined pathway, we would then often have to ignore or overlook the actual requirements of the moment we are in. Consider that the requirements of the moment honor the moment – not any mentally pre-conceived ideas about the moment. Consider that mental rules, codes, and physical disciplines are only of value when they are designed to navigate us into present moment awareness – but once within this living resonance – our moment to moment life experience itself takes over as our point of navigation. Consider that while we live in the mental plane, only a selected portion of our life experience appears valid as constituting ‘our pathway’ – however - once entering present moment awareness – all of our life experience becomes as teacher and teaching.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider life as an experience in which 'being' becomes manifest as 'a being'. Consider 'awakening' simply as the process in which 'a being' remembers itself as being 'being' while still being 'a being'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Manifesting. Consider how intimately the ongoing manifestation of our experience is connected to our observing it.

HEART INTENT: Observing. Consider that the energetic radiation fueling our capacity to observe is what we call 'being'. Consider that as soon as we tell a story about what our observations manifest, we automatically switch from being 'being observing' to perceiving ourselves as 'a being observing'. Consider that through our stories we then also turn that which endows us with the capacity to observe and manifest into the image of 'a being', as opposed to simply being 'being'. Consider that being alive is the gift of being able to continuously slip between 'being' and 'being a being', and that there is a great love affair going on between the two 'points of you'.

Monday, April 26, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that those who truly enter Love’s Court are those who consciously court love.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Continuation. Consider that when courting Love consciously becomes the theme of our great adventure, then every experience we have becomes a point of continuation upon a journey we seek no end to.

HEART INTENT: Loyalty. Consider what it entails when we declare our loyalty toward Love.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider Grace as a portal which gives us the power to effortlessly activate change in any part of our experience that has been rigid for too long.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Opening. Consider what it feels like for parts of our life experience we assume stuck and calcified to experience effrortless opening to movement.

HEART INTENT: Grace. Consider Grace an unexpected gift of power that visits us from outside the dance of cause and effect.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that as the structures of our fearful time-based manifestations continue to dissolve in the storms of transition and transformation, the present moment offers itself as a loving harbor.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: The Present Moment. Consider the present moment as being a portal which connects everything happening around and through us to everything we are. Consider how what is unfolding in the present moment connects the reality of the temporary time-based experience - of past events and potential future consequences - to the permanence of 'the now' - the empty, silent, and still void out of which all creation emanates. Consider that while 'alive' we live continually in this present moment portal - though we may spend most of our life experience completely unaware that we do. Consider that our thinking can take us into dream states that appear real - and that we can then inhabit these dreams to the point we become completely oblivious of where and what we actually are. Consider that the blessing of the human body is that its activities are permanently anchored within the present moment portal. Consider how we can therefore use it as a means to navigate our way out of our mental dream state so we may return to what and where we really are. Consider the possibility that uncomfortable bodily symptoms are a mechanism used by the physical body to alert us that our awareness has strayed too far from the present moment portal. Consider that spending just 15 minutes twice a day holding our awareness within the present moment portal has a more beneficial causal impact upon our experience than months of thinking, analysis, and discussion - or any other attempt to mentally understand what can only be realized through direct experience.

HEART INTENT: Navigation. Consider ourselves to be pilots flying through the space-time continuum - time travelers, if you will. Consider our physical body as being our vehicle - our mental body as being our navigational apparatus - our emotional body as being our fuel source - and our vibrational body as being the pilot. Consider that most of us do not even switch our vehicle on. Consider that instead of consciously traveling anywhere in it, we instead use it to make money, to impress our neighbors, as a pleasure-palace for instant gratification, as a platform for watching other's experiences, as a financial support system and test-run-laboratory for the development of heartless chemicals and technologies, as a mannequin to sell fabric, as a breeding device for a labor force, as a mechanism for providing emotional content to those who cannot manufacture their own fuel, as disposable fodder for the wars of the completely insane, as a life-support system for television sets, and as a storage system for masses of completely useless information. Consider that our time machine only works efficiently at a particular frequency. Consider that frequency and 'frequent see' are the same. Consider that unless we consciously navigate our awareness toward and into the unified experience now being made possible for all through the portal of the present moment - we may inadvertently wake up and discover ourselves permanently docked in the madness of the fragmented reality currently being most frequently transmitted.

Friday, April 23, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that our capacity for gentleness becomes evident in how we take care of ourselves through moments when we don't appear to care for anything.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Love. Consider that the caliber of love we feel for ourselves shows its face most clearly when we are experiencing any sort of pain, discomfort, and suffering. Can we love ourselves when we feel afraid, angry, and sad? Can we love ourselves when we feel ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated? Can we love ourselves when we feel superior, arrogant, and righteous? Can we love ourselves when we feel hopeless, broken, and lost? Can we love ourselves when we feel bored, useless, and unproductive? Consider that if we can only love ourselves when we feel good, positive, and upbeat - then it is likely that our current perception of love is lacking in the elixir of gentleness.

HEART INTENT: Gentleness. Consider that there is no point in trying to not be upset when we are. Consider that there is no point in trying to not be afraid, angry, or sad, when we are. Consider that it is hard enough having to experience these emotional signatures without adding denial into the mix. Consider that the gentle heart always validates experience - yet also does not lose causal awareness by identifying with it. Consider that when we feel afraid, angry, or sad - or any felt emotional state which is uncomfortable - that this is an opportunity to cultivate gentleness toward ourselves, and to all currently exposed to our experience. Consider that when we feel sad we can still gently run ourselves a candlelit bubblebath. Consider that when we are angry we can still take ourselves for a gentle walk in nature. Consider that when we are afraid we can still gently prepare ourselves a tasty, nutritious meal. Consider that gentleness is the unconditional attribute of love which counteracts moments when everything feels hard - that gentleness is not manipulative - it does not arise to make anything better - it arises because it is gentle.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that how we feel about what we have said after we speak is an accurate reflection of the texture of the resonance we have just radiated into the world through our mouths. Consider that we can use this felt-feedback to teach ourselves how to speak in a way that opens, not closes, our own heart. Consider that when we speak in a manner that opens our own heart - all our words become heart-opening for others.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Communication. Consider that the resonance of our communication is transmitted not so much in what we say, but in how we say it - which is intimately connected to why we say it. Consider that the feeling we transmit when we communicate with anyone has a more lasting impact and consequence than the way we arrange our words. Consider that if the content of our communication is not aligned with the felt-aspect of it - confusion arises within the listener - drastically diminishing the efficiency of our intent to communicate. Consider that this is why we sometimes speak and yet do not feel heard - or why others communications may not make any sense to us. Consider that communication with anyone either brings us closer or pushes us apart - that our spoken words are always doing one or the two.

HEART INTENT: Transformation. Consider that one of the most powerful tools of transformation is the lipped hole that exists just below the nose. Consider why the word 'sword' contains the word, 'word'. Consider that we either speak as a love warrior or a fear worrier. Consider that with an awakened use of the human mouth upon the planet right now - by connecting the mouth to the heart before letting it project what is just randomly rattling around the head - we may accomplish the awakening of the human race at light-tongue speed. Consider the human mouth as a portal: out of it comes love, or hate - safety, or fearfulness - communion, or division - presence, or distraction - heartfelt connection, or mental mishmash. Consider the mouth as our most accessible tool of transformation - for ourselves, and for all who enter the range of our voice. Consider the value - when speaking - in giving another peace of mind, instead of a piece of our mind.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that when we authentically express ourselves from the point of what really moves us, the whole world moves through us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Expression. Consider that we are not here to get something, but rather 'to express the reality of something while here'. Consider that if we were indeed here to get something, there would be roof racks on hearses. Consider that it is only when we fully express what we truly are while moving through this world that we live on purpose. Consider that realizing what we are, and becoming open to an uncensored expression of this, is not accomplished by serving the agendas of others or of the world, but by consciously entering our own felt-heart-space, and through this intimate encounter, becoming aware of what it is that really moves us.

HEART INTENT: The Now. Consider that there is a subtle but very significant difference between 'the present moment' and 'the now'. Consider that the present moment is part of the current timeline we are on - a timeline which is continually connected to both a past and a future. Consider 'the present moment' as an unfolding experiential time-space continuum that anchors our expression as participants of this world. The present moment is where we currently are on this timeline - not where we think we are or where we would like to be. Consider that our current anchoring into the present moment is what causes us to still be here in this world when we wake up in the morning. Consider that fully entering an awareness of the present moment is also the required portal into our consistently being connected to an awareness of 'the now'.

Consider that 'the now' is not on any timeline - it knows no time, no past or future - it exists outside of the mechanisms of time and space and therefore of the events of this world. Consider that 'the now' may be experienced while in this world, but is an experience elevating us completely beyond the existence of it. Whereas the present moment is always changing according to where it is unfolding on the current timeline, 'the now' remains unchanged and immune to any time-based impact.

Consider that many mistakenly attempt to directly enter an awareness of 'the now' as a means to escape or avoid what is happening in 'the present moment'. Consider that the consequence of using 'the now' as an escape from living fully in this present moment is the eventual surfacing of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that reflect what is still currently unintegrated within that individual.

Consider that entering an awareness of 'the now' unfolds naturally and organically when we consciously and consistently enter present moment awareness by integrating the emotional imprinting which keeps us unconsciously anchored in the past events or future projections of our current timeline. Consider that entering an awareness of 'the now' is only beneficial and sustainable when accomplished through facing the moment to moment reality of our capacity to express ourselves authentcially in 'the present moment'.

Consider this - 'the present moment' is the point at which our expression manifests in this creation - 'the now' is the ultimate causality out of which this expression continually emanates.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that we do not have to tense up and become fearful every time we are birthed into a new or unfamiliar experience.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Structure. Consider that there are still many secrets within the human vehicle which remain hidden from the scalpel and microscope. Consider that possibility that the human body contains energetic circuitry that may be switched on and off depending upon what stimuli it is exposed to. Consider the possibility that much of our human vehicle's circuitry currently remains in the 'off' position. Consider that an adjustment in this condition is now being initiated through transmissions from celestial bodies like our beautiful, radiant, and intelligent sun. Consider that as the sun has the capacity to deliberately trigger and facilitate the occurrence of very specific planetary shifts through volcanoes, earthquakes, and rainfall patterns - so too does it have the capacity to deliberately activate as yet unused circuitry within the vehicular structure of individual human beings. Consider the sun as a parental structure deliberately facilitating a precisely-timed birthing of evolutionary shifts within the human paradigm - a bit like the heat in the oven which bakes the cookies.

HEART INTENT: Birthing. It is likely that if a child saw a woman giving birth in a conventional hospital environment, it would appear to the child as if something terrible is happening. Consider that there are methods of approaching birthing very different to what we have been fearfully conditioned to accept as appropriate and necessary. Consider that birthing is natural - not something fearful and dangerous - and that if women are allowed to remember and explore other ways of approaching this experience - the actual moment of birthing may be joyful and sensually pleasing - as opposed to fearful and painful. Consider that we, as divine children of the universe, are currently in the midst of 'a birthing experience'. Consider that part of our current discomfort may be that our approach to this birthing experience is from a fearful point of view - as opposed to embracing each unexpected part of it as a natural step in the evolution of our experience. Consider that humans do not have to move through this current tranformational portal all tensed up, fearful, and screaming - that there is possibly another way of birthing our conscious entry into manifesting the experience of living from causal awareness. Consider every now and then taking a deep, full breath - and then relaxing.

Monday, April 19, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the softening that occurs within the core of our experience when we experientially realize there is a time and place for everything, and that we are in the right time and right place for what we are experiencing right now.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Movement. Consider that there are three basic causal intents for initiating movement:
Manipulation - movement enforced through our intentionally rearranging the outer world.
Integration - movement initiated through our consciously resolving the impact of conditioning upon our inner world.
Allowing/Being - movement experienced through 'getting out the way' and allowing ourselves 'to be moved' by the organic flow of the vibrational.
Consider that there is also a forth movement, called evolution, in which our intent is gradually and organically moved from being manipulative, into being integrative, into the radiant beingness of allowing.

HEART INTENT: Rest. Consider that manipulators require rest so that they can regain the energy required to continually apply force upon their experience. Consider that integrationists require rest so that they may digest the consequence of their internally activated energetic adjustments. Consider that allowers live in a state of continual relaxation and so require little in the way of rest. Consider that being aware of the overall organic movement of evolution also permits us to rest from the intent of trying to force our way from being a manipulator into an allower without first moving through the experience of conscious integration. When we choose to live as an evolutionist, the rest flows organically.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider how consciously and fully we breathe as a barometer of how consciously and fully we live.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Initiation. Consider that the purest form of initiation into the sacred and divine mysteries is conducted not with outer tools, intricate words, symbols, outwardly applied modalities, or constructed mechanisms - but rather with what is already freely available and incorporated into the body of those being initiated - like our breathing.

HEART INTENT: Breath. Consider that as it is the breath which officially initiates the life experience of a human once leaving the womb, that breath in that moment is therefore the medium of initiation. Consider therefore that when we are ready to initiate a new phase in our personal unfolding - we are benefited greatly by our accompanying this moment with full and conscious breathing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that through addictively approaching our life experience through the abstract complexity of the mental body we have made fantastical and complex that which is really very simple and obvious.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Integration. Consider integration as the experience of resolution that unfolds when we remove the word 'heal' from our vocabulary, and in its place we use the word 'embrace'.

HEART INTENT: Indigenous. Consider that once upon a time the only 'Light of the World' was the sun in the sky. Consider that this was a time when there was no light in the darkness, other than the moon and the stars - and if they were not visible - nothing was. Consider that one day, the 'Light of the World', in the form of fire, came to earth in a manner that enabled us to have warmth, hot food, protection, and visibility in the darkest of nights. Consider how we first sat together around this fire at night - this representative of The Light of the World - and through its illumination we built a world - a world now so complex that it has lost awareness of whence comes 'The Light of the World' that made it. Consider that those who are authentically of indigenous consciousness are those who remember that the coming of The Light of the World into creation is not a fantastical religious story - but that it is indeed a tangible, primal event, recalled experientially each time we spend all night together or alone around the fire. Consider that there is no need to fear what will happen when 'the light of the machine' eventually fails humanity - for at this time an awareness of the truth and love of The Light of the world shall return fully into the human heart again.

Friday, April 16, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that there is seldom a question sincerely asked within the heart that is left unanswered - however - there is also seldom a relevant answer that arises according to the imposed mental schedule of the head.

HEART INTENT: Patience. Consider that patience is not a state of waiting, but rather a trusting resonance born of felt-knowing. Consider that patience arises naturally within the realization that there is a dedicated time and place for everything to be made manifest and known in the flow of creation. Consider the resonance of patience effortless to embrace once we discern the difference between 'what we want' and 'what is required'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Answers. Consider that the questions arising within us about the nature of our personal journey through this world do so so we may consciously and sincerely ask them, not so that we may attempt to mentally answer them. Consider that a question, when asked internally through the heart without any attempt to answer it mentally, becomes a powerful causal activity. Consider that asking in this manner automatically initiates the answer as an inevitable integrated physical, mental, and emotional encounter arising organically within the natural flow of our human experience. Consider that it is "ask and receive", not "ask and go get". Consider that all relevant answers to the unfolding of our experience are given, not gotten, and so require receiving, not getting.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: How does our perception of our human experience transform when we remove the word 'conflict' from our vocabulary and replaced it with the word 'cleansing'?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Conflict. What is conflict when we do not take it personally?

HEART INTENT: Cleansing. What is cleansed when we are able to laugh about a past event which initially appeared to us as a conflict?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the long-term benefits of installing the ceremony of first fully digesting any personally received insight until it weaves its resonance into our moment-to-moment behavior before selling it cheaply to another for the price of gaining momentary attention.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Ceremony. Consider that one of the primary intents of ceremony is to invite us into feeling as connected as possible with every facet of the life we are living. Consider that when we describe any experience we encounter as being 'magical' or 'mystical' or 'spiritual' or 'shamanic', it is because of a particular dimension of feeling it awakens within us. It feels different to our mundane experience. Consider that when the primary focus of our moment to moment experience becomes to feel our encounters as deeply as possible - then we automatically invite ourselves to live our life as an ongoing ceremony.

HEART INTENT: Insight. Consider that whenever we receive an insight that impacts us powerfully, in a manner that is life-changing, that the resonance of this impact is most prominent in how it causes us to feel. Consider that when we do not realize this, we may inadvertantly ride this insight into avenues of mental understanding, by thinking deeply about what it means, etc. Consider that this is likely the point at which the resonance of the insightful moment collapses into a diluted form. Consider that this is why we may feel we have lost the mojo of an insight when explaining it to another - because although the mental understanding we gain from any insight may easily be communicated - the felt-impact of initially receiving it seldom can. Consider that when we trade the gradual digestion process of first drinking deeply of the felt-impact of any insight for the instant gratification of communicating a mental understanding of it to another - we inadvertently evaporate its significance within our lives.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the only daily practice worth remembering, is to remember daily that which requires no practice.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Transition. Consider how everything within our unfolding human experience exists within a state of continual transition.

HEART INTENT. Grounding. Consider that nothing accomplishes grounding quite like experientially remembering that which knows no transition.

Monday, April 12, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the inspiring power that arises when we are brave enough to hold a vision of possibility, not probability.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Power. Consider that when we are emotionally upset by anything it is because an unintegrated memory of past trauma is being triggered. Consider that the moment this triggering occurs we reflexively enter altered states of reactive consciousness - reactive states we have labeled fear, anger, and grief. Consider that most of us only regain an authentic state of functioning once these altered states pass - and then are often ashamed or regretful as to how we conducted ourselves whilst impacted by them. Consider the power inherent in remaining aware that we are in an altered reactive state while moving through the resonances of these surfacing unintegrated memories. Consider that this in no way stops or changes the experience we are moving through - however - it does transform our interaction with it from reflexive reactivity to considered response. Consider that in this day and age maintaining empowering awareness whilst traversing altered states is a prized art form worth exercising.

HEART INTENT: Inspiration. Consider that how we engage our experiences is modeled for us by those around us throughout our childhood. Consider that through their example they inspire us to behave the way we do. Consider that the reflex that we are to react negatively when the events of life do to not go 'our way' is one of the behaviors we unconsciously incorporate through this type of inspiriation. Consider how, when we do not know where someone else is, or why they have not shown up as arranged, we just about always assume the worst. Consider how, when faced with any sudden uncertainty, we assume the worst without even considering alternate possibilities. Consider that those most inspirational right now are those who hold visionary awareness throughout the transformative times in which we live - those prepared to embrace the possibility that: 'the current spin cycle does not mean we are all spinning out' - but rather that 'the current spin cycle means we are finally rinsing out the deliberately surfacing traumas of the past so that we may emerge from this experience a species cleansed beyond belief'.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider how transformed our experience becomes if when gazing upon and appreciating the endless expressions of what God is, we simultaneously remind ourselves of the unseen, yet omnipresent, divine Expresser of it all? Is there any greater practice than continual remembrance?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Worship. Consider that as human beings we are hardwired to worship. Consider that worship is all we know and all we do. Consider that the trick we fall for is the belief that we are only truly worshiping when we enter our temples, churches, mosques, and sacred sites - or when we take a moment each day for prayer and meditation. Consider however that worship is simply the act of appreciation, and that appreciation is simply what we place our attention upon in an interested manner. Consider that in this light, it is likely we worship much that has nothing to do with what we have defined as being God for us. Consider how much interested attention and appreciation we give to our politicians and celebrities? Consider how much interested attention and appreciation we give to money, sex, and food? Consider how much interested attention and appreciation we give to our fears, to what angers us, and to what saddens us? Consider that we are actually in a state of worship 100% of the time - from the moment we awaken until we sleep - and that even while asleep we are worshipping through what we attend to in our dreams. Consider that mostly we worship an expression of what God is for us, not The Great Expresser.

HEART INTENT: God. Consider that no one can tell us what God is for us because what God truly is cannot be spoken - only personally experienced. Consider that there is no greater waste of time, energy, and mental distraction than trying to replicate someone else's experience of what God is. Consider that trying to 'understand' what God is, is simply a pointless mental distraction - a bit like an ant trying to comprehend quantum physics. Consider however that what God is may easily be felt within the heart by everyone, right now, and only now. Consider that there can be as many names for God as words we can make up, but that none calls an awareness of God into this moment as powerfully as an expression of unconditional love for ourselves and between one being and another. Consider that making a special time for God in our day as a step in the right direction - until of course we realize that such behavior simply reinforces the mistaken assumption that there can actually be a moment in which God is not. Consider that what God truly is does not require our belief, attention, or faithfulness to exist - God is anyway - God is any way - God is always - God is all ways. What else could possibly be?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that although we are now fast entering the vibrational portal collectively, that the quality of the way we navigate through it always remains personal, and is determined solely upon whether we react or respond to our own felt-experience of what is unfolding in each moment.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Vibrational. Consider that the manifesting flow from within the vibrational into and as our world experience first emerges as 'energies in motion' which we recognize and felt-states within our emotional body, which are then discerned into thought forms and visualized representations through our mental capacities, finally manifesting in form as tangible material events and circumstances we are able to engage sensationally. Consider that whatever imprinted patterns we contain within our emotional body therefore act as an energetic filter for this vibrational emergence - as a blueprint - and so pre-determine our perceived mental and physical emanations of its manifestation within our experience. Consider therefore that our entire world experience is a projection of the vibrational - that there exists nothing but the vibrational - but that how we personally perceive it is completely dependent upon the current energetic makeup of our emotional body. Consider that in this light, every human being is right now enveloped within the same shared emanating vibrational causality - that every human being on this planet is therefore having the exact same experience - one that only appears different to the individual due to the ongoing selective filtering of their personal emotional blueprint.

HEART INTENT: Portal. Consider that our entire human family, including the planet we live upon and all its other inhabitants, is fast approaching entry into a vast vibrational portal. Consider that this is not a portal as is communicated through the imagery of Hollywood special effects. Consider that our approach to the portal is experienced personally as our awareness reversing its direction along the vibrational flow of manifestation into the world as described above. Consider that it is therefore experienced by us as a movement of our awareness from within our physical world experience, through our mental condition, through the energetic make-up of our emotional blueprint, finally to seat itself within the radiance of our vibrational causality. Consider that there is no 'outer ring of light' or 'hole in the sky' that we are going to move through, but rather that we are the portal, and that our movement through it is experienced as a movement unfolding within ourselves. Consider that as we experience this inner movement, our outer world experience simultaneously reflects it - and that the way we perceive this refelction is as an ongoing outer projection of the current condition of our emotional blueprint. Consider therefore that we are naive to expect to see the portal as 'angelic beings standing on each side of some lighted doorway beckoning us in with hymns and praises'. Consider that until we consciously integrate the imprinted condition of our emotional body, what we see and experience as this portal doorway fast approaches is a felt mental and physical manifestation of our unresolved states of fear, anger, and grief. Consider that the increasing magnitude of chaos we perceive now escalating in the world is a consequence of our collective speeding up toward this portal doorway and the consequent collective mirroring of all the unintegrated emotional patterns of humanity. Consider that our witnessing of a collective escalation of fearful, angry, and grieving scenarios upon the planet is now unavoidable - however, that our participating in and with these individually is optional. Consider that our current relationship with our imprinted emotional condition - whether it be conscious or not - directly determines the quality of the approach we now make toward, into, and through the portal of our current evolutionary shift.

Friday, April 9, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that it is the establishing of an authentic resonance of unity within ourselves that awakens within us the most expanded definition of what constitutes 'our family'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Community. Consider the word 'community' as an abbreviation for 'communing in unity'. Consider that the resonance of authentic community arises naturally when each individual freely honors their way of connecting to our shared causality. Consider that it is our individual experienced awareness of our shared causality that naturally awakens unity-consciousness. Consider that once this point of shared causality is authentically established, no outer point of leadership, law, or governance of any sort is required. Consider that requiring leadership, law, and governance is as indicator that this point of shared causality has not yet collectively been authentically accomplished. Consider that when this authentic resonance of individual causal connection is accomplished collectively, all requirement for religious, political, economic, and any other form of outer social organization automatically dissolves. Consider that this is what it means that 'where there authentically is a collective awareness of what love is - there is no law' - and so 'where there is still law required - an authentic awareness of what love is has not yet been collectively established'.

HEART INTENT: Family. Consider that our peronal perception of what conbstitutes 'our family' is relative to where our awareness is anchored: When our awareness is primarily physically anchored, we perceive our family to be only our bloodline - the circle of relatives into which we are born. When our awareness is mentally anchored, we perceive our family to also include those who think the same way as we do about the world. When our awareness is emotionally anchored, we perceive our family to also include those who feel the same way as we do about the world. When our awarenes is vibrationally anchored, we perceive our family to be everyone and to also include all life forms. Consider that though we may love our family, we may not necessarily like them.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


PRIMARY, VIBRATIONAL & HEART INTENT: Peace & Peacefulness. It is obvious right now to anyone not living with their head in the sand that we are currently experiencing an escalation in all levels of our human experience. Each day, somewhere in the world, there is another earthquake, flood, mining disaster, political expose, financial crisis, public revelation of some form of unethical behavior, and massing civil unrest. Whole countries are splitting at the seams and resorting to violent retribution.

If we examine our immediate environment closely we shall witness the evidence of this shake-up right within our midst. What is happening upon the macrocosm of the world’s stage is also manifesting as the content of the conversation upon everyone’s tongues. Conflict and chaos in one form or another is now on the rise. Great change is afoot.

It is crucial right now to therefore to pay homage to an experience which appears to be taking a back seat while all of this unfolds: Peacefulness. Right now there is nothing more important than our daily remembering that the experience of peacefulness is a personally accomplished responsibility – not a right handed to us by any political, economic, social, or religious organization. The experience of peacefulness is always first encountered as a personally felt state, and only once personally felt, is it then radiated as a collective experience. Authentically felt-peace emanates only from within.

One of the greatest deceptions we play upon ourselves, individually and collectively, is our putting forward the notion that, ‘we need to make peace’. Have you noticed that nothing we have done throughout our entire documented human history in an attempt to ‘make peace’ has ever worked? This is because the very idea that ‘peace is something that can be made’, whether by war, discussion, debate, agreement, or signing of treatise, is deceptive and therefore misleading.

Any country or organization who claims to have accomplished peace through such means has in time demonstrated that all that was accomplished was ‘temporarily enforced control’, resulting only in people living for a time in quiet desperation and subdued states of passive aggressiveness, before discontentedly rising up again.

This is because peace cannot be ‘made’ – not in The Middle East, South Africa, Indonesia, or anywhere. Peace already exists within the experiential fabric of Creation. The felt-vibration we humans experience as peacefulness was created long before we showed up and will exist long after we have been replaced by another dominant species. The vibration of peace is everywhere. Peace is available even in the midst of war-torn countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and any other region currently enveloped in human conflict.

The absence of conflicted humans within any environment immediately reveals an obvious radiance of felt-peacefulness. Just because conflicted human behavior obscures this resonance does not mean it no longer exists.

We only continually enter behaviors and conversations intended to ‘try to make peace’ because we do not realize what authentic peace is. Because of our current states of physical, mental, and emotional turmoil, we do not realize authentic peacefulness as an experience we only ever feel personally. Instead we assume it to be some arrangement we make happen collectively, by agreement. This is not true. Peacefulness is ours to personally feel in any moment we choose, because it is a resonance that envelopes us wherever we are. However, it is up to us to choose to feel it.

Right now, in this moment, anyone reading this piece of writing may feel peaceful – if it is chosen. It is not an experience that someone has to organize for us through debate, discussion, or agreement. No other group has to be subdued or relocated for us to be able to feel peaceful. Such notions are ongoing detractions from the authentic realization of peacefulness. We do not have to make peace with anyone - we have to become aware of it as a feeling within our own heart, and then choose to occupy this awareness, no matter what.

We even express the obviousness of this truth within our language. We do not say, “I think peace” or “I do peace”. We say, “I feel peace”. And because no one – no peer, politician, priest, profiteer, parent, or partner has the capacity to feel anything on our behalf – no one is therefore responsible for our feeling, or not feeling, peaceful. Peacefulness is a felt-experience already given freely to every human. However it is our responsibility to choose to enter and contain this felt-awareness.

This of course is where it always becomes sticky. Peace is uncompromising. Either we choose to feel it – or we choose to feel something else. We cannot feel peaceful AND simultaneously entertain the feeling of being right and having our own way. We cannot feel peaceful AND simultaneously feel vengeful. We cannot feel peaceful AND simultaneously feel justified in having ‘the last say’. We cannot feel peaceful AND in any way behave hurtfully toward another human being or living creature. We cannot feel peaceful AND simultaneously enforce our will upon others. We cannot feel peaceful AND simultaneously have our religion be the only right way to commune with whatever God is for us. We cannot feel peaceful AND simultaneously take a side in any conflict.

Peacefulness also requires willing release. The price of feeling peaceful NOW - in this moment - is always determined by our willingness to integrate wounds perpetrated in the past. This is because anything happening within our life experience right now that inhibits us from entering the felt-awareness of peacefulness always has to do with something that happened in the past.

Right now, in this moment, if we choose it, we are welcome to feel peaceful.

The real question we are to ask ourselves is: “Do we really seek peace?” This may appear as an obvious question with an equally obvious answer – but it is not. Most of us may immediately answer that we do choose peacefulness, but when push comes to shove, we also feel justified in choosing to feel right, feel avenged, or feel in control - instead of feeling peaceful.

The reality is that no one stands between us and the feeling of peacefulness. We can experience this feeling right now. Peacefulness is a felt-resonance already created by whatever God is for us, not something that will one day be made by us humans. However, do we get up each day and choose to feel the peacefulness that is already created for us, or are we still mistakenly waiting for someone to ‘make peace happen on our behalf’?

Peacefulness only exists in the world when we choose to feel it right now within our own experience while we move through the world. There is no other way to encounter it authentically.

If we are not feeling peaceful right now, it is because we are not choosing to feel it. It is this simple. If we join the current flow of the masses and our personal experience deteriorates into escalating conflict, it is likely we are indignantly choosing to be right or to take a side in some ongoing human drama, rather than to feel peaceful. Remember the expression is, “Peace be with you”, not “Peace be with them”.

Remember also that being peaceful is not and never will be an experience realized as an organized group activity. It is always a choice made through embracing a mature level of personal responsibility. We cannot realize peace by voting it in, by enforcing it, by earning more money to afford it, or by taking sides to impose our version of the truth. We only receive a felt-awareness of it as a direct experience by consciously choosing to feel it and to live from within this felt-resonance as best we can throughout each day. If we do not personally choose to feel it, it does not enter our experience. Only when we choose it as “a feeling we consciously carry within our own heart” does it then radiate outwardly and impact the quality of our thinking and our doing.

Right now, as the masses of the world stumble unconsciously into escalating conflict and chaos, there is nothing more important than maintaining a personal awareness of what peacefulness really is. No one will pay us for being peaceful. No one will pat us on the back or write about our peacefulness in any journal. No one will give us The Peace Prize and hold a press conference about it. Authentic peacefulness will not become a news item in a world that still mistakenly believes ‘peace is something that has to be made’.

Peacefulness is a quiet, calm, chosen, felt-condition, resonating within the individual heart.

When we are able to awaken and enter each day remembering to choose to feel peaceful – even if only for parts of our day – then we are serving humanity by maintaining the clear light of sanity in the world when the masses are completely losing sight of it.

You are welcome to walk this day in peacefulness. Peacefulness is a gift of God’s Will to all, not the outcome of any human declaration. Its felt-resonance is a personal choice of the heart, not a political right accomplished through any organization.

Peace is available as an experience within you and me, right now. It is ours to choose. It always will be experienced only by choice.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that this structure we call the human body is simultaneously manufacturer, container, and radiator of the orgasmic point of light out of which all that is manifest is created. What happens when we consciously focus this orgasmic point of light beyond the programmed tasks of 'making babies' and self-gratification?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Support. Consider that we get so used to the structural support of our physical body that we are likely to take it forgranted, until it fails us. Consider that our physical body is a mirror of the condition of our emotional status. Are we flexible and flowing, or are we rigid and controlled? Consider the service our physical body plays in supporting a point of focus and anchoring of our awareness, and how, after all our projected explorations, it gives us a place to come home to. Consider the structure of our physical body to be 'the fabled time machine' our science fiction mentality thinks has to be manufactured as an external apparatus, and that for most of us, we take between 60 and 80 years to go nowhere in it. Consider the structure of the physical body to be an organic temple so magnificently constructed, that when entering it fully, one can consciously engage the causal point of all possible experience, and therefore through it, have access to any experience that has ever or will ever exist. To what extent have we explored its capacity?

HEART INTENT: Curiosity. Consider that the trick of the mental body is that it says, "Once I have seen one tree I have seen all trees, once I have seen one cloud I have seen all clouds, once I have seen one stone I have seen all stones, once I have seen one sunset I have seen all sunsets". Consider what happens when we intend to see a tree, cloud, stone, and sunset again as if for the very first time - like a child crawling into the garden alone for the very first time. Consider the possibility that every experience, every manifestation, every event, every human moment, is manifest out of something causally contained within the structure of the human body. Consider that any experiences of boredom with the world has nothing to do with the world itself - but with our loss of conscious connection with the causal point from which it is all manifest. Consider that when we reawaken our wonder for the orgasmic point of light out of which all experience emanates - we simultaneously feel the vibrancy and majesty of all that is manifest of it. Consider the possibility that life is intended to be erotic, and that if it is not, we are not yet truly alive.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the threads of forgiveness and loyalty as intimates in the tapestry of love.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Forgiveness. Consider that there is essentially only self-forgiveness. Consider that we now live in an age in which untold dimensions of past, unintegrated human experience surface for compassionate integration. Consider that for the most part we perceive this unfolding as 'the damming deeds perpetrated by others'. Consider that everything we currently observe in the world that causes us concern is ours to forgive within ourselves because we are the one currently being impacted by it. Consider that we do not have to analyze how any troubling event relates to us - that we do not have to identify 'the when and where' of this behavior within ourselves. Consider that for authentic self-forgiveness to commence only requires we be with it as unconditionally as possible because we feel a connection to it. Consider that it is our felt-connection to any currently unfolding event in the world that is both an indicator of our energetic ties to it, and of our current point of responsibility in participating in integrating it. Consider that forgiveness commences authentically when we ascertain where any outer event impacts us on a level of felt-perception, and then when we agree inwardly to be with these sensations without condition - without telling further stories about them or entering projected physical behaviors because of them. Consider that in this light the world stage then becomes as a banquet of possibility for accomplishing a vast magnitude of ongoing ''self-forgiveness.

HEART INTENT: Loyalty. Consider that our axis of loyalty is in honoring our personal unfolding experience as being the most current reflection from which we receive our most valid teachings and insights. Consider that these experiential reflections reveal themselves to us through the trinity of our felt-experiences, thought forms, and physical circumstances. Consider that we read our experiences by unconditionally watching our physical circumstances, monitoring teh chatter of our thought forms, and feeling all sensation and emotional vibration as compassionately as possible. Consider that by being loyal toward these personally generated experiential manifestations as if they are our most current and valid teachings empowers us to continually respond to them, whereas engaging them as if they are not supposed to be happening provokes only reactivity. Consider that through responding to them unconditionally we consequently receive the insight that enables us to navigate our human experience peacefully within the flow of the whole, whereas reactivity disconnects us from the flow and instead provokes a fragmented, conflicting, and chaotic perception. Consider that it is only when we intend loyalty toward the unfolding resonance of our own experience as being our sacred teaching that we have the capacity to radiate an authentic level of loyalty toward another, regardless of the experience they currently manifest.

Monday, April 5, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that we are born naked so we may choose what type of clothing we would like to wear. Consider that if we are all meant to dress the same way, a set uniform would be incorporated into the design. Consider our daily choice of clothing as a metaphoric declaration of our either bowing to the allegiance of another's agenda, or our dancing freely within the radiance of our created uniqueness.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Unity. Consider that authentic unity does not come about through one group or individual organizing everyone else with imposed law, regulation, or elected leadership. Consider that while we navigate our individual experience by following the imposed dictates of others - by blindly following anything or anyone - instead of listening to the song of our own heart - we miss out on the majesty of tapping into and contributing our unique peace to the puzzle. Consider that authentic unity is only possible when each individual tunes into their own divine inner connection with our shared causality. Consider that the consequence of everyone tuning individually into their connection with our shared causality, and taking their direction directly from our one common source, means everyone may live freely, manifest lives of superb uniqueness, and simultaneously still be flowing in harmony with the great orchestration of all life. Consider that authentic unity is only possible when everyone is encouraged and supported in manifesting their causally created uniqueness. Consider the manifestation of authentic unity the consequence of fully awakened and encouraged personal responsibility.

HEART INTENT: Offering. Consider that only when we learn how to individually and consistently tap into our common causality, and to then express creatively in the world what we personally receive through this divine connection, are we able to offer life the promised gift of our being here. Consider that while we live lives whose intent is governed by fulfilling the wants of others, we are denying ourselves the experience of fully fruiting into the unique creations we all are. Consider that we may live a whole life performing great and worthy deeds, and yet still arrive at the end of it to discover we did not bring our unique offering to the banquet of experience. Consider that each individual born into this world comes with a very specific offering, a unique color within the spectrum of the love-light, and that only when we listen intimately to the song of our own heart is this color shone brightly. Consider that our unique color radiates through every facet of our life experience the moment we validate the voice of our heart as being a direct dialogue with whatever God is for us. Consider that our unique offering to the world manifests through listening inwardly, not obeying outwardly.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the religious doctrine of the crucifixion as imposed upon and energetically imprinted into our hearts since childhood not as an imparting of a loving symbol of resurrection, but as a deliberate and ignorant assassination of our direct, personal, sovereign, inner access to God's Living Light through a fearful distorting of a fundamental truth about what really constitutes The Temple of The Living God.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Resurrection. Consider authentic resurrection as being a reentry into The Light of Life through an awakening to obvious Truth in a manner so shocking that it renders dead all that to which we have mistakenly held fast as our means for salvation. Consider this: Why would Jesus spend his earth life awakening us to the divinely created arrangement that the human body is the only Temple through which we enter into The Kingdom of the Living God, and then suddenly, after his 'ascension', change his mind 180 degrees, by declaring mysteriously through a detractor of this truth that an organized church be started in His Name, and that through it mass forced conversion be imposed through murdering crusades, that all self-reliant, earth-loving indigenous communities be systematically wiped out by the proclamation of this 'good news', that an uncountable number of women be burnt alive at the stake for honoring the earth as a sacred living being, and that this priestly, political, profiteering rampage across the planet be run in secrecy by rich, statue-worshiping, aged, clearly unhealthy, woman-hating, child-abusing men and the sexually subdued women ensconced into their patriarchal cult? Consider that Jesus also taught that by their deeds, not their words, shall they be known. Consider the deeds of organized religion throughout history and ponder whether any level of pontificating public apology changes for a moment the reality of whose interest these tentacles really serve. Consider that the declaration of having done public good deeds here and there does not serve to excuse those who simultaneously cover up henuious atrocities and continue to deceive themselves the trust and hearts of everyone everywhere. Consider the prieshood not a means by which one may obtain authentic forgiveness, but that in time, and through honest self-examination, they will themselves humbly and publicly ask for, and eventually, be receiving of it. Consider our unquestioning allegeince to organized religion simply as our mistaken worshiping of the shadow cast by that which is standing between us an awareness of God's Living Light.

HEART INTENT: Light. Consider that the only ‘sin’ [perceptual defect] with which we ought concern ourselves is our mistaken intent to try and discover out in the world of hand-built brick and mortar structures that which can only be discovered within our own divinely created, organic body-temples. Consider that lighting a candle in a building does not even for one moment serve to lighten the weight of the generational imprinting of fear, anger, and grief within our own hearts - just as being drawn into outer structures of brick and mortar by their temple bells does not in any way draw us any closer to tuning into the vibrational communication continually calling us from within the temple of our own skulls. Consider that bowing in front of a fancy cloth-draped and wine-goblet-laden alter does not for one moment develop within us the capacity to recognize within ourselves the profound majesty of the human heart as the authentic altar for altering our own experience. Consider that our continually distracted and fragmented search for Truth through priestly religious interpretations of their imposed doctrines does not for one moment develop within us the capacity for the inner one-pointed awareness that renders our whole body full of light. Consider that for every outer attempt to connect with our source through religiously imposed rites and rituals, there is an authentic inner equivalent being overshadowed through our compulsive addiction to projection. Consider this body-vehicle into which we are birthed to be the only authentic temple, our inner sacred heart the only authentic altar, our inner presence the only authentic priest, and our consciously riding the vibrations of light and sound continually resonating within us the only authentic pathway leading to an awareness of what we are, where we are, and what God us for us. Consider that only when any church liberates its congregation by revealing this is it honoring the life of Jesus. Consider The Kingdom of Sovereignty made possible by experientially realizing our direct inner access to what God is for us as the only Truth, Light, salvation, resurrection, and wonderfully freeing 'good news' that was shared openly and unconditionally with all by Jesus. Consider 'The Second Coming' as the experiential returning of this awareness into the heart of humanity.