Tuesday, February 9, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: When we invite our day to ride upon the same felt-resonance as we do when going on a first date with someone we barely know - then we expose ourselves to the nourishing vitality of being alive.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Interaction. Only the virus of complacency allows us to assume we will be with someone we love again tomorrow - and that what needs saying today can be put off until then. The feeling of loneliness is a sign we are standing at the doorway of our own sacred heart - inviting ourselves to feel this energetic state fully without tampering with it is the asking that this door be opened unto us. Consider the expression, "Whenever two or more gather - I am there" - and how it places the value not on us acting individually, but upon the current emantating from within our interactions with each other.

HEART INTENT: Mystery. Remember that whenever life feels boring, it is most likely because in that moment we have somehow managed to convince ourselves that we understand everything about it. The biology of mystery emanates from the realization that the womb is but a physical portal ushering our awareness into this particular experience - not the point at which it begins. Are we brave enough to call into being a moment that reveals to us experientially that absolutely nothing is as it appears?