Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes an experience confronts us which appears as a 'T' junction - as a point seemingly requiring decision between 'this or that'. Sometimes it is impossible to choose, because either choice appears to have fallout. One feels 'torn'.

In moments like these there is a beauty in sitting within the energetic experience of seemingly 'being pulled apart' - of seemingly 'being pulled in two opposite directions'.

Often we discover that it is more a case that we 'think we have to make a choice', than that a choice is actually required in the moment. We may discover that our feeling the need to make an immediate choice is simply a disguised means to bring an immediate end the uncomfortable sensation of being plied open.

There is an alchemical beauty in remaining in the midst of this seeming inner turmoil without actually 'making a choice' - especially when an immediate choice is not really required. Instead of using 'a decision' as a means to alleviate inner discomfort, we instead sit in the midst of the experience and allow the uncomfortable felt-texture time to digest.

Digestion of the felt-experience brings nutrition that energizes clear insight. Only then is any action we take or choice we make a response, as opposed to a reaction.

When we allow this felt-discomfort to digest, we discover that the T-junction actually becomes a profound crossroad.